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so that means they aren't following the doctrine much

2018-07-29 11:40:43 UTC  

They've changed the doctrine

2018-07-29 11:40:59 UTC  

Such that no one bothers the other

2018-07-29 11:41:26 UTC  

You can't even find the mosques using the deafening speakers like in other places

2018-07-29 11:41:53 UTC  

sure i mean kill kill kill kill kill the jews in every instance at all times or you go to hell can be modified to prancing hand in hand with them trough a meadow of flowers

2018-07-29 11:42:18 UTC  

many would say that that means they are not following the original intent of the book and the faith much though

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That is exactly what they are doing

2018-07-29 11:45:24 UTC  

Why is why now there are northern muslims coming over to change it

2018-07-29 11:51:23 UTC  

ahh good old "we are the biggest growing religion in the world right now, and those other flavoured muslims over there deserve death because of a difference in faith from a book so clear to understand that its even in the book that its clear to understand"

2018-07-29 12:05:45 UTC  

when they are alright

2018-07-29 12:12:00 UTC  

Seinfeld transcends cultures, man

2018-07-29 12:16:14 UTC  

The south was never fully "Muslim ruled" unlike the rest of India. I've wondered before if that might've made a difference. Just another speculative theory of mine so again probably crap.

2018-07-29 12:16:33 UTC  

_has never seen episode of Seinfeld_

2018-07-29 12:17:37 UTC  

That memri meme is fake, senny

2018-07-29 12:17:44 UTC  

That guy is English btw, from Luton. He was the main reason why Tommy Robinson came to prominence, for opposing the guy in that meme.

2018-07-29 12:18:28 UTC  

Well it's true that muslims didn't take over the south like the north

2018-07-29 12:19:05 UTC  

But I doubt that's what the cause is

2018-07-29 12:20:03 UTC  

Yes, I know.. I'm just saying

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My main theory, nothing to do with Muslims, is just that the south saw less bloody conquest. So had more peace time to create a thriving civilization. The north was always a battle ground being fought over by various conquerors. Then the interior of India is poor just because farthest from the coasts so interiors of giant nations are always poor.

2018-07-29 12:23:43 UTC  

India is a bit like Brazil that way. The south of Brazil is far more prosperous and socially cohesive than the north. Then a nation like Italy is the reverse, great north but shit south. Nearly every nation has some geographic imbalance like that.

2018-07-29 12:26:03 UTC  

Your statement about Italy is correct. Italians tend to look down on regions more south than themselves.

2018-07-29 12:26:26 UTC  

Because they're poor

2018-07-29 12:26:38 UTC  

turns out in the my little pony universe, the eternal spirit of tricks and deseit, called Discord
is jewish

2018-07-29 12:26:52 UTC  

well at least he said Oy Vey

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2018-07-29 12:28:17 UTC  

I was saying to someone recently, Discord is an odd name for this website/app as it's more about fostering communities (I know that sounds cringey) than about sowing discord.

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2018-07-29 12:28:37 UTC  

it's originally intended as a gaming chat system

2018-07-29 12:28:42 UTC  

to replace teamspeak and skype

2018-07-29 12:28:48 UTC  

and usually discord/discourse happens in games

2018-07-29 12:28:52 UTC  

so that clears in my book

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2018-07-29 12:29:02 UTC  

aye, although i do turn off the overlay every update they auto turn it back on for some dumb reason

2018-07-29 12:29:19 UTC  

I like the overlay

2018-07-29 12:29:21 UTC  

I always saw the name Discord as somewhat of a "cord cutting" analogy