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Y'all talking about how YouTube is gonna take down right leaning channels in an attempt to "Stop online terrorism"?

The Rebel media is working on a youtube alternate

Who else is?

Why would they care about phone verification?

Not that I'm a big fan of giving out my number


I mean being in the UK is a good way to hide from the feds

So if I want to be vetted I just ask for an <@&278459485687644161> ?


And does it have to be over voice or could it be using text


Well really Antifa is like anonymous in a sense that they don't have one single organization so it's possible some do in large scale events

I don't like the Orthodoxy

I'm all for Roman Catholic

@Dark-knight True. @Anony6498 I hate muslims. @Dark-knight has a point though. I'm for the religion

Not the leader

Can you prove that he said that?

I mean he sucks. But I don't think hed say that

That's how popes get shot

Why Am I even suprised

Of course I'm not a big fan of daylymail but still

He should be the one to say that

I'm doing pretty good as well


What exactly does @Pence Bot do?

Contract Killer: Sniper😂

Not a huge fan of demsocs

I mean I get that some forms of fascism are demsoc

And by the Discount Santa, all children were given coal. "Celebrate my children, for on this non-religious state holiday, you shall all receive the same gift because you are all equal. Now get back to work!"

I don't have met flashers on



The earth is a social construct

The sun is a deadly lazer

What did I miss

Something against fascism


Also what's the youth division and how do you join


Makes sense.

Fascism isnt for everyone but at least it isn't communism right?


Fascists have always been on the right


Not so much


They are center left though

Fascists are farther right

Natsocs are center left

Fascists are right

Hitler was more center left

That's how you know this is wrong😂


What do you mean by ""Third position" Ideas"?


Natsoc in essence doesn't have to be based around whites and the white race

Well even fascists will tell you where we are on the spectrum

And no

It doesn't have to be based around whites

It's socialism

It's state run

Natsoc has limited private property

@Sacrifico CA I know what im talking about

Believe it or not

The Weimar republic crashed Germany


It's not the Marxist socialism that we know today

But it is a form of socialism

With limited private property , "State run capitalism", lack of rights etc

But @Sacrifico CA certain rights are taken away

And yes

There are limits on private property

Well for one you had the state run capitalism

How about slowing down for a minute

I don't voice chat

Anyway, state run capitalism. The state dirrectly chose who could run buisnesses. That right there would be a limit of rights.

Why do you need voice if you don't mind me asking?

Also I don't voice

Actually yeah you know what where do I go to get vetted?

@N͝o҉ma̶d͘ Sca̢v̕eng͘er who do I talk to about getting vetted?

@Sacrifico CA I already answered part of the first and second




What's going down in the park?

Build sheilds

A guy actually fought off antifa with a pool que and a shield

He broke the que on an antifa member's back

And yeah

Good luck y'all

I got band stuff😂

But good luck defending America

And any person who stands against communism and the left

Just a tip guys

Don't go touring your AR for everyone to see and open carrying all of your pistols you can fit on your belt. Keep it non-violent unless nesiscary. Also wear go pros and hidden Cams. All in an attempt for yall not to get in trouble and them to get arrested and convicted

Wish I could make Unite the righr



Sorry just testing -something


Unrecognized micro state formed from a dying British colony


I wasnt insulting it that's just the facts

It was formed when the British colony was given freedom

It was unrecognized

Until a civil war happened between them I'm pretty sure

I said I'm pretty sure

Not certain

But yes technically a civil war


But technically they were considered as help

It was *Technically* a war between to different groups of the same country

There's a difference between a safe space and a place designed for something

Dumbass commie

It's on the website right?

I found this place by just researching to see if there was anything like antifa on the right and less crazy

Looked up anti-communist by coincidence and found the Twitter

Didn't 32% of POCs vote for Trump?


Another fascist

What about the FBI?


Anyone Who says the Confederate flag stands for racism should give me all their dollar bills

The Confederacy was more American than the Union

How about how the union violated the Constitution, provoked the Confederacy into war, and treated then horribly after. All while not actually freeing northern slaved until the war finished. Abraham Lincoln in today's standards would be a Democrat. The Confederacy fought for less central government, and rights the Constitution said they had

I don't advocate slavery

But then again a majority of Confederate soldiers didn't own slaves



He thought blacks were sub human

Can someone hit me with an invite link? I want to invite some fascist friends

I couldn't find a non expired one

Between NK threatening us with nukes and China on the brink of war with India I think the world is coming to an end



Infinity blade

I'm so sad I can't play that on IOS11

@everyone stay safe out there.

Don't leave

I respect the higher ups but we can't let antifa win another battle


Don't clash with authorities but March the city if you can

The driver has admitted to being antifa I think

@Anony6498 someone in the intwl server told me

That's why I didnt say it happened

I said I think

Vanguard is Fascist right?

@RedTexan5 - TX could I convince you to check out the UFP?

Well if anyone decides vanguard isn't for them here's a link to the UFP Amino fascists only please all non fascists will be removed under order of the Führer

Can't do text and they aren't getting today


What does that mean?


As far as I know

The post says Youth programs removed

The new vanguard account claims that Thomas has been removed

What server


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