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Did someone say heresy?

~~I actually did make those two edits~~

~~Feel free to use 'em when necesary~~

But muh shekels

Wait... Holy shit Kraut und Tea is here?

No fuckin' way!

I 'd love to have a chat with him

I am actually thinking of starting my own youtube channel

Also in the Skeptic community



I've watched TAA a long time ago, now I've moved on to other folks

Heresy surpressed?

Surpress **_THIS!! O-)-C_**





Goddamnit, Chad

Why do you need so many cows?

Chad, dude, you have a problem

~~I'll see myself out~~


<:ancap:279102103413063690> Sup nigga


Anyway. You said there were a few Dutch Anticomms 'ere?

How's vetting work?

Holy shet!

Link the feckin' article, lad!

No, it's a habit of mine though






Pannenkoeken stroopwafel kut

>based gay

Aka: the wrong gay according to lefties

These aren't riots anymore

It's a civil war.

@DeusVolt ay can I get vetted? Note that I have to keep my voice down as it's nighttime here


@DeusVolt discord is messing up

Anything's better than communism

I kinda dislike the simple nature of their banner

"What should we have for logo?"

"Idfk, a black rectangle"


Doesn't mean that makes it look less lazy

That black rectangle flag is Bolivar's flag?

Sure, I'll run another work day on no sleep tonight

thx m8

I know a good series that touches on that subject

It's primarily about the Bronze Age Collapse, but it does talk about what came before that

Still waiting for them to do a series on Achaemenid era Persia

Weren't we supposed not to get Discord mods on our asses?

Best way to get this going is to make a temporary profile via a browser

No e-mail attached

Also oh shit nigga is that a moonman logo with a Confederate flag as backdrop?


An IRL friend of mine introduced me to that shit when I was staying over


Hey, maybe I should invite him over


🔥 🔥 🕋 🕌 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

🍿 🥃

They already think that anything right of Lenin is Nazism.

Yup inviting my pal over

Can I get an invite link <@&284498674887688192> ? Is for an IRL friend of mine, maybe two


Nevermind then

*It's a sad day when you don't get to talk about Darius II*

Favourite still is the founder of the Persian Empire though

Cyrus Achaemenid

Some historians argue that he truly deserved his title of "The Great"

It's been an interest of mine since childhood

Because I'm a Prince of Persia fanboy

Though more recently I started doing a bit more serious research into it

And found that Prince of Persia is riddled with inaccuracies and, supposedly, takes place in Post-Caliphate Roflstomp Persia

... Boooooo

Still, despite that, I still like the games

Though I never managed to finish Warrior Within due to gamebreaking bugs

Got pretty far, but then at one part where I HAD to go through, the game always froze

The soundtrack's amazing though, so there's that at least

Welp fuck guess ah'm Jewish now

Oy vey


Huh. I'll keep that in mind

Maybe pin it for ease of access? @Verm

I saw that ye feckin' sod

Dank je wel @Verm

My sincerest apologies, fellow of good comeradery, but I feel inclined to inform you that no altercation, physical or textual, need take place.



Don't even wanna share a continent with Sweden

Only good thing from there is Sabaton




Shitposting at 00:26 on a work night



Best meme

Meme of the century

The meme to change civilizations


Add some more tokens pozholsta

Tradition is our bulwark.

It endures forevermore.

<:fuhrer:279092344911953920> ich bin nicht amusiert

>"I'm not a communist"
<:you:294585231015542785><:FeelsGunMan:263470537320300545> <:pinochet:310645314514190347>


>I was only pretending to be retarded

Political compass, ye sod


**_The will to physically remove is rising_**


<:you:294585231015542785> <:FeelsGunMan:263470537320300545> <:pinochet:310645314514190347>

<:ancap:279102103413063690> <:nicememe:279101459977469953>

<:ancap:279102103413063690> Well done boys

If he'd just remove the hammer and sickle from his name he may've stood a chance

*Suddenly mass raid*


We got vetted chats, aye

*Thinking of funding free heli rides*

How much does his uniform cost?

I'll gladly take his role

I'm crossing the line

I'll get a different one

Einstein said that time is relative. That aplies in more than just a scientific way, apparently


What's going on?

Who runs that account?

I ain't, but I can see this putting the right-wing alliance in trouble

Call Leftie "fascism" what it is


This is gonna sow division in our ranks

I don't agree with fascism, but I can see that Leftism is a big enough threat to warrant teaming up to an extent

Putting that up just risks us losing this pretty fragile alliance


And Zyklon B their ass?

Now's not the time to bicker among ourselves

As much as up and down of the compass can oppose eachother, right now the war is between left vs right

Oy vey

Shut it down!

Let's calm down and come to a rational solution.

No, reopening Auschwitz is off the table

Let's move the talk over to <#278748397945618432> , so the prying eyes of unvetted lurkers don't see more of this


Anticom instagram posted a picture that compared Antifa to fascists

A sabotage of our alliance

Multiple people, admins are now looking for a culprit

I ain't a fascist, and I won't agree with them on many things, but there's one thing I know is that right now we have to team up to get rid of the Marxist snakes.

Division we can ill afford at a time like this

Pope of Kekism - Today at 9:15 PM
the enemy of my enemy is my friend i suppose

No, stop

That's how Lefties think when they get in bed with Islam


Because a small pol server I was in got a low-energy raid

So we raided back

But I genuinely wanted in on that /lrg/ so I ~~sucked some admin cock~~ kindly asked if I could actually enter for real

Natsocs are more to the middle and far up on the compass

Our goal is to physically remove Commies, so to speak

Here's my plan


At least according to Political compass

Centre-right authoritarian


Right wing

Now I'm beginning to doubt my own results

>Third position


🍿 🥃

Might I suggest to put this on hold for a minute while the newbies can get vetted

You'll be able to get into the Debate channel

<@&277856240418160640> Can people get vetted by answering questions in writing?

Sorry boys, you're gonna have to do voice

He can't

Not vetted

Then you're shit out of luck

The moderators

Reason given?

The culprit has shown his face

We can't afford a split in this pretty fragile alliance, lad

We need to stand united now more than ever

When commies are removed, then we can point our intellectual guns at eachother

Sure. Pm me the recipe

I'm gonna sleep, before I become even more of a lifeless husk

Good luck to our brave frontline soldiers in the US

Show them reds it's better to be dead!

You must be joking

Hi commie

Bye commie

Please exit via the helicopter on your right



Good luck ya sods

Ohey we got a Serb in here!

We need to have Antifa defunded ASAP

Report them to the federals

Redice has been hacked! @everyone
I repeat


23000 or so accounts comrpomised

Expect an antifa doxing campaign


Guy with a Confederate army flag got black bloc'd

Vanguard shields are holding the line

Founding Father is the owner of /lrg/ discord

Confirmed anti-commie

He was just meming you goys

Now we just need a link for him again

Sent to him


Henrik Palmgren tweeted it

Red Ice TV are /ourguys/

Antifa's got some wounded. Ruptly TV is behind left-wing lines

Antifa is moving up again!

Tear gas in Antifa vicinity

More wounded, presumably Vanguard



They're telling everyone to disperse

Our guys are behind Police lines

Clash near a staircase to the park

Arrests on both sides are apparently happening

Our guys advancing steadily

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