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>inb4 gets hacked by /pol/


praise kek

Kek Vult

Ave Trump

>rana veris

Send motherfucking nasa a bomb in the mail with a letter officially renaming it Pepe Veris


This is pol

we don't ask nicely

remember hwndu?

you have no authority over me


where are your spurdo emojis?


nice meme

why are you anti-Jewish

they fight the Muslims

America AND Trump is in favor of the Jews

and who do you prefer have the holy land?


or Jews

Pope Francis is a beta male

He wont organize

>this man

>Be retarded

>Fall on your head

>be exposed to weaponized autism

>Take pills

>Still not as retarded as this "Left wing extremist"









.net or .pl

either works

on 8chan

kill dem foos


so we kill them

end them

cut em off

raid their filthy asses

get as many people as possible there as possible

kill dem foos


they are degenerates

let's get them pissy

we have at least 5-7 people going now

we need more because we already have 4 bans

@Rose Thunks for the role

bretty good



cumunism killed over 100 million

>but muh holocaust killed le six million based jews XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

If anyone here would like to partake in shutting down communism in it's many disgusting aspects @everyone

it's a raid server

we raid people

the climate is getting colder

not hotter

in Canada we had snow in March

as I was saying


Green Mile was bretty good


check out the Boston Antifa facebook comments boi

Some serious meme magic

he will nut inside us

>nice phone there

>I'll gib 5 shekels

>literally gay marriage



the MOAB had to be used soon tho

they only have a 15 year shelf life

it was reaching it's end

more moabs for sure

there are more moabs dying

and better have them explode over QATAr

then Merica

Trump is like an alchemist

he turns mud into glass




NK is a joke

basically a fart in the ventilation

literally nothing

Trump can glass them easy

unless Kim jong un glasses himself first

>Failed nuke launch

>kills 90% of NK population because Kim Jong In made sure everyone was there to witness the nuke

In Canada, the PM is a cuck

he literally signed a bill that gives Muslims special rights

as if they were retarded

and not just savages

>pay reparations to the blacks for slavery

>give special rights to sand cunts for continuing slavery

>give yourself eternal shame


>NK ready to sink their own ships after their torpedoes blast through their own hulls

US ready to walk in and claim NK after seeing that everyone has already died from malnourishment

Trump to rename "East America"

There are a ton of things that must come before that

first things first

glass middle east


build the wall

+ deport illegals

then we worry about economics

what happened to Meme Train


seems AFK

haven't heard in 2 weeks

leader of the 10 cohort or some gay stuff like that

what show

that shitty CN show?

you need to take grasp of your life man

You cant be watching cartoons man

you wanna know what has physical comedy?


>you're not the boss of me


@Renaar That's what I think of your template



>pepsi supremacy

nah m8

Pepsi is a blue collar invention

plus at No Frills you get 15 cans for 4 bucks


are you going by pounds or chins

by chins


one there

stop plugging your channel


plugging your channel

If they liked it, they would find it themselves


she fugged

macron won by sucking too much sandnigger cock

>refugees are more important than our own citizens

>we need less islamophobia

>terrorism is a natural part of society, we should just deal with it

Vlad's fucking hot

I'd suck his impaler tbh

almost as daddy as Stephen the great

that nibba killed over 100,00 turks with a force of 40,000

Romania nibba


I honestly can't watch

my audio doesn't work

>implying Transylvania ever stopped being great

their tourism is popping

and apparently some guy was pushing Muslim tourists out of castle Bram

nibba what you saying

boi get off the marijewanus

I used to smoke 20 weeds a day

now I cough a lot


you a cucknadian as well

welcome to the club

it was a good guess tbh

boi dis shit cucked af

Jewdeau is the worst thing to happen to Canada since the NDP took over in British Columbia

they literally bankrupted the province

and increased the debt by 200 million

and raised taxes 3%

I didn't even know that was humanly possible



anyone wanna play rock, paper scissors?





paper scoosoers


win by default

pepsi is fucking beautiful cunt

Nah m8

fat really

the power of after effects

>dr pepper

kill yourself

for real

the hell does that mean


tf you sayin niqqa

catholic or bust my maties

you don't see protestants launching crusades

we need another Urban the 2nd

he held a fucking Islamic prayer

in the Vatican


I should run for pope

literally start next crusade

this time win indebatebly

because Islam is trailing far behind Christianity in numbers

drive them from the middle east

and fuck em off


We need to stop it quick

Crusade or bust

Vote External for pope 2050


everyone will

I'm hoping some event comes up soon where we have an excuse to kill them

like a holy war

or a banished religion when everyone finally gets around to reading into their shitty doctrines

Do away with the head scarf

and we'll talk

honestly I really want to kick someone's ass

I haven't gotten into a fight in years


but it seems pretty goofy

What level of comfort does it give

it's more like a drape that goes behind your head

and Crusaders packed light

the armor would over heat

in the desert

but the son shining on the helmet

would hurt

books made into shows

no go

that's a ballitsta

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