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2019-08-27 16:30:54 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Fucking feds

2019-08-27 16:32:38 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Marry your gf yet? @Matthew

2019-08-27 16:33:51 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Nice, wedlock is an abomination against God, you have 9 months to repent.

2019-08-27 16:35:26 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

State server In was in for shut down because one of the guys got a bit rowdy when it came to shitposting.

2019-08-27 16:36:08 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

So I deleted the account and made a new one with exactly the same name because I am smart.

2019-08-27 16:43:34 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No, the guy got a knock on the door, everyone else panicked and scattered, if the server was shut down by discord or if the owners shut it down I dunno.

2019-08-27 16:47:18 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Hello Billy, do you take more regular showers now?

2019-08-27 16:56:10 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Probably once every year?

2019-08-27 16:56:29 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It's a lot of trouble unless I am hurting somewhere

2019-08-27 16:57:30 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

You shower before and after the bath retard

2019-08-27 16:57:41 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

How else do you get the insulating foam off you?

2019-08-27 17:01:05 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Filter it and drink it, then fry the filter finings, you paid for the food to make the dead skitimings,

2019-08-27 17:03:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Prefer dry heat in summer

2019-08-27 17:03:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Also moderation in alcohol exists

2019-08-27 17:04:43 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Gonna make another kotatsu this year

2019-08-27 17:05:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I dont feel suicidal and I don't live in an open air hut so yes.

2019-08-27 17:07:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

We had this conversation last year, I keep the heat to 65 in the winter so it's nice to have a little pocket of a very warm place.

2019-08-27 17:07:46 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I can keep it warmer or I can save money and have a comfy place.

2019-08-27 17:14:24 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No, use Amazon JP to ship a kotatsu heater and bolt it to a table

2019-08-27 17:35:46 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

There's like a felt coating over it and it actually never gets above like 130Β°F

2019-08-27 17:36:10 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

You can touch it and youll be uncomfortable and back off but it won't barbeque you.

2019-08-27 17:36:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Don't be purposefully dense

2019-08-27 17:36:57 UTC [csg #off-topic]  
2019-08-27 17:39:44 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

He is being retarded on purpose don't indulge him.

2019-08-27 17:41:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Anyway Billy, a word of caution, it works well enough but is designed for 10 volts less. My sister is too much of a cheapskate to get a proper transformer and just has it always at like 8 instead of 10

2019-08-27 17:42:02 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

So probably not exactly safe despite using the same plugs.

2019-08-27 17:42:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

And the cord itself being rated to NA voltages

2019-08-27 17:43:56 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Oh yeah I forgot you're an unwashed Californian.

2019-08-27 17:44:21 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Man, all my notes on users are gone too

2019-08-27 17:44:23 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-27 17:45:14 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

How else do I keep track of people who keep changing names and profile pics?

2019-08-27 17:48:25 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Good boy

2019-08-27 19:39:03 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

That's my sister and it's a mac?

2019-08-27 20:42:52 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

>he's subscribed to moviebob

2019-08-27 20:43:00 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-27 21:48:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Let's talk about the best pizza

2019-08-27 21:51:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-27 21:52:01 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

And what pizza doesn't have tomato sauce?

2019-08-27 21:52:33 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It's just better hawwian pizza

2019-08-27 21:55:11 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I mean, there's always been really shitty movies about horrible products

2019-08-28 00:54:30 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Opinels are comfy but overrated given modern options

2019-08-28 02:52:55 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

There's not really, for 7ish in your fake money you have a very solid knife that really doesn't care how you sharpen it because it's so slim

2019-08-28 02:54:33 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It's jist that people will rave about it out performing knives 5 times it's cost, which is dubious at best

2019-08-28 05:43:09 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

The edge requiring absolutly no technique or skill to get really sharp is a good bonus too.

2019-08-28 20:52:51 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Withdrawal from the UPU doesn't effect small packet delivery under 1 kg there were already rate hikes in 2018 after USPS and China worked it out.

2019-08-28 20:53:05 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Fan fucking tastic I see discord still can't scroll

2019-08-28 21:51:04 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

That doesn't even make sense, upu is not a face.

2019-08-29 01:01:26 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-29 05:30:53 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Is it like a work around page ior ust another error message?

2019-08-29 05:55:32 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  


2019-08-29 05:55:45 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Dis you wind up buying the engine?

2019-08-29 05:58:08 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  


2019-08-29 06:10:45 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Why not boat ship It?

2019-08-29 06:11:25 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

You live near a major freshwater port, even if it is not as hopping as itn as.

2019-08-29 06:28:58 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

You can always ask, they will probably just subcontract it out to a smaller forwarding company, cost more but it'll still be cheaper than airmail

2019-08-30 02:40:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Yeah, that was my first attempt at trying a new account

2019-08-30 02:41:13 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Burner email fucked up and locked me out.

2019-08-30 02:43:27 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

That was before I figured out you can just reuse names, forgive my tech illiteracy

2019-08-30 02:48:07 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Have you been drinking?

2019-08-30 02:48:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Yes, I already congratulated him and told him to repent and make an honest man of himself.

2019-08-30 02:49:25 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Lmao no

2019-08-30 02:49:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Godfathering is way too expensive

2019-08-30 02:50:40 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Man, it is annoying how as I get older I have to actually choose between getting drunk and being productive.

2019-08-30 02:51:20 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Greta is a good name.

2019-08-30 02:51:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Or Magatha

2019-08-30 02:52:25 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Full name for Maggie

2019-08-30 02:52:46 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Grandaunt is magatha

2019-08-30 02:53:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

You what?

2019-08-30 02:53:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Matt, lose weight in a healthy way

2019-08-30 02:54:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

That's dumber than when I took too many allergy medications

2019-08-30 02:56:01 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No, you can actually seriously damage yourself with too many laxatives.

2019-08-30 02:56:22 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Too many benydryls short of a whole bottle just knocks you out

2019-08-30 02:56:47 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Matt, try to eat fiber and water.

2019-08-30 02:56:54 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

What do you even eat?

2019-08-30 02:57:38 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Okay but that doesn't really explain the constipation

2019-08-30 03:04:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Imagine becoming anything bit slightly sleepy when cutting off caffine

2019-08-30 03:05:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Is it?

2019-08-30 03:05:48 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

That's about how much caffine I drink in coffee

2019-08-30 03:08:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Is it just spouting random answers now?

2019-08-30 03:09:17 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

God I hate the bit

2019-08-30 03:09:29 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

When is porco coming back and deleting it.

2019-08-30 03:12:50 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I should get more 190 proof alcohol.

2019-08-30 03:13:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Almost out and I need to do a final clean of the kitchen hoods before it gets too cold

2019-08-30 03:14:23 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Who doesn't have a kitchen hood?

2019-08-30 03:14:48 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-30 03:15:23 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

How do you cookand not have an inch of coagulatrd grease on your cealinceilings

2019-08-30 03:16:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Anyway, it's not too much work, you need to do basic maintaince tho

2019-08-30 03:16:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Clean it reguarly, change filters, keep birds out and scrub the hose and vent.

2019-08-30 03:17:38 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Birds in your vent suck a lot, like 3 bucks of mesh keeps them out

2019-08-30 03:18:12 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It's not

2019-08-30 03:18:34 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Basic wiring and you need to know how to cut clean holes.

2019-08-30 03:19:08 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It's worth exhausting it outside tbh.

2019-08-30 03:19:40 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

God matt is still at it like an unneuteredd cat.

2019-08-30 03:38:40 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Yeah, I come back and he has already given himself to the drink

2019-08-30 03:38:52 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

He was here before you

2019-08-30 03:38:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-30 03:40:08 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Man watching rossman' s live stream of his prospective new storefront is painful with how aggressively Semitic that realtor is

2019-08-30 03:44:30 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Probably just a fashion statement

2019-08-30 03:50:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Did you put on a wig and try to convince him you're one of his ex wives out for alimony?

2019-08-30 03:52:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I like old people who are old because they deserve it and not because they have been getting solid D's in self preservation and things are safe enough now it kind of works out

2019-08-30 03:55:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Probably jammed something and it suddenly started up again.

2019-08-30 03:55:48 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Older engines sometimes do that.

2019-08-30 04:03:23 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-30 04:03:54 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

How do you get that many apps and not want to kill yourself every Time you open your phone

2019-08-30 05:29:31 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I mean, it's clear your wife has a list.

2019-08-30 05:30:05 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Has she taken up an intrest in tracking old bullies and learning marksmanship from the trunk of a car?

2019-08-30 05:30:34 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Nice, were on the same page

2019-08-30 05:31:03 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Also wren? Like the bird?

2019-08-30 05:31:10 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No animal names

2019-08-30 05:31:17 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

That'll encourage furry

2019-08-30 05:31:55 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Why not groundhog or forget me not or Posey?

2019-08-30 05:35:24 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

So your wife wants animals and you want vidya games

2019-08-30 05:37:46 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

>rasing a fucking poetry dork

2019-08-30 05:38:02 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No thats a visit from cps

2019-08-30 05:39:41 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I don't, I relate to the youthful exuberance of Greg.

2019-08-30 05:43:03 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

have you ever had hot beer?

2019-08-30 05:43:16 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Meh give it another couple months

2019-08-30 05:44:02 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I would reccomend you get a kotatsu but you have a whole 'reason to be safer' thing now.

2019-08-30 05:45:06 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I dont know what that song is but no.

2019-08-30 05:52:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Time for bed, cunt

2019-08-30 05:54:13 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

>tfw they actually sell caffine free energy drinks

2019-08-30 05:56:57 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I suppose it's like cola without the caffine.

2019-08-30 05:59:21 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It's not a really invasive process like decaffinating so the flavor is mostly the same

2019-08-30 21:38:33 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Ha it's a walking mule

2019-08-30 22:05:46 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Imagine being so devoid of any personality or charm yet be so desperate for attention you aggressively shitpost.

2019-08-30 22:10:00 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Hey tervy, what do you use to stop sweaks on desk chairs?

2019-08-30 22:10:36 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Using oil jand grease just drips everywhere and doesnt really fix the problem

2019-08-30 22:10:55 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-30 22:11:06 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Some of a gun I was worried it was coming from the wheels

2019-08-30 22:11:16 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

But that would be so annoying to replace

2019-08-30 22:14:50 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Oh, like the whole thing.

2019-08-30 22:14:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

In thought I would have to replace bearings

2019-08-30 22:19:09 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Chairs probably have diffrent sized shafts, don't be an autist demanding things spoon fed to hum

2019-08-30 22:19:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Tribit, you are undermining me.

2019-08-30 22:23:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-31 20:19:37 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Not like the sun stops existing in the winter.

2019-08-31 20:20:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Can get a surprising amount of energy from solar panels in the winter.

2019-08-31 20:24:29 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

To be fair how renewable are solar panals compared to nuclear

2019-08-31 20:25:29 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

And yeah, maybe in the US where there are barren tracts of wasteland that are sunny and warm but atvthat point the sheer acreage is going to destroy the suprisingly fragile ecosystem

2019-08-31 20:26:33 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Nature preserve, you start fuckong with water in that region and youre going to have a bad time.

2019-08-31 20:29:01 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Didnt they drop it because France told the eu to fuck off?

2019-08-31 20:32:50 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I dont keep up with euro news but france gets a major percentage from nuke plants and they are one of the larger economies so i would imagine they muscled it out. Belgium seems to be the main holdout against nuclear

2019-08-31 20:33:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Clean coalβ„’

2019-08-31 20:34:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Why is belgium so autistic about nukes?it looks like they are pretty much the only country that is pushing antinuclear shit.

2019-08-31 20:35:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

The french have like 60 plants tho

2019-08-31 20:37:40 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

>atomu cheekibreeku

2019-08-31 20:38:52 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Also lots of young people get thier heads pumped with nonsense regarding nuclear too. You can argue it is old fears but the internet is still there.

2019-08-31 20:57:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Economics are kind of a good way of saying its not environmentally viable with current methods tbh

2019-08-31 20:59:28 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I dont get it either, youre walking past it anyway, why are you just dropping it instead of holding onto 10 grams for 20 more feet?

2019-08-31 21:02:07 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Damn that is a lot of money comparative to here

2019-08-31 21:02:26 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Like max is 10 with glass bottles topping out at 20ish

2019-08-31 21:08:52 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I mean, as long as it keeps the streets clean.

2019-08-31 21:26:25 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I feel you on the sleeper train slowley dying.

2019-08-31 21:26:53 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I really cant justify one and a half days if travel when I could get a flight cheaper and be done in 4 hours

2019-08-31 21:28:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Trains are the worst of both world as you cant stop when you want to unless youre vancleef

2019-08-31 21:30:28 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It wont get better as they will retain the same dipshits who let it get bad. Privatized or public it doesnt matter if the people there dont care and hate thier job but refuse to quit

2019-08-31 21:38:48 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Would it?youre in a very small cabin fir 16 days

2019-08-31 21:43:01 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Suppose, I like to get to destinations, the travel can be in a dark shell fired from a giant cannon for all I care

2019-08-31 22:11:19 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Its a land cruise

2019-08-31 22:11:27 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Youre going on a worse cruise on land.

2019-08-31 22:12:50 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Holy fuck

2019-08-31 22:12:56 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-31 22:13:01 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-31 22:14:01 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-08-31 22:14:12 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Sell state secrets and ride to exile in style

2019-08-31 22:14:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Who even pays this

2019-08-31 22:15:36 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I want at least five minutes of petting his dogs for 66k

2019-08-31 22:16:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Any movie that uses human biomass as energy takes me out of immersion. people are the least efficient feedstock ever.

2019-08-31 22:17:30 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I'd donate at least 100 to that fund.

2019-08-31 22:19:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Its supposed to also be for Russians, you will be a rounding error.

2019-08-31 22:20:34 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I dunno tho. On one hand I'd want to drink as much as I can to make it worth it. But being too drunk to taste good whiskey is a crime.

2019-08-31 22:22:02 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I mean, if you split it with someone that would almoat make it worth it tbh.

2019-08-31 22:30:47 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Night tervy

2019-09-01 03:10:50 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Do you think 711 sells anchivies

2019-09-01 03:11:34 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No they dont, I am right down the road from one and they only have random tire shit and snacks.

2019-09-01 03:11:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I just came from there actually

2019-09-01 03:11:55 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Stop following me

2019-09-01 03:12:17 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Near a speed way?

2019-09-01 03:12:21 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

They are all over the US

2019-09-01 03:13:05 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No, this was always here.

2019-09-01 03:15:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Well technically it wasnt domestic terror.

2019-09-01 12:14:51 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

And apprently half a mil people

2019-09-01 12:46:09 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

You just combing through your newsfeed at this point?

2019-09-01 12:46:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Also of course vaping is bad for you, youre not supposed to put hot glycerin into your lungs

2019-09-01 12:50:27 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I would still say its probably safer than smoking provided its used in reasonable quantities as a cessation device.

2019-09-01 12:50:42 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

But people tend to replace habits instead of getting rid of them.

2019-09-01 12:53:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Even so the chances of chronic disease are probably elevated with vaping.

2019-09-01 12:53:18 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Also no

2019-09-01 12:53:22 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Its to make money

2019-09-01 12:53:31 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Or to spread thier opnion

2019-09-01 12:53:36 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Sometimes both

2019-09-01 12:54:17 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It was always this bad, you just have more resources to call out the bullshit now.

2019-09-01 13:04:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Hey @Tervy should I get a gasketless canner that I probably cant cook in because its alumium or get a gasket stainless I can put on double duty.

2019-09-01 13:06:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Well the concet of a fuckhuge 21 qtpressure vessel appeals to me

2019-09-01 13:08:07 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

But also they turn up with regularity on local classifieds so I think people buy them and then realize they have no use for it when they get a smaller easier to handle one.

2019-09-01 13:08:33 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Ideally there would be an OEM stainless steel liner.

2019-09-01 13:08:46 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-09-01 13:10:05 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Theres a delineation for canner and pressure cooker in the states, the aluminum one will come with the canning stuff

2019-09-01 13:11:05 UTC [csg #off-topic]

2019-09-01 13:11:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Im not aware of any that dont

2019-09-01 13:13:19 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

This has two, after a certain year, anyway.

2019-09-01 13:16:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Matt, it disappoints me you would think i would do something rash with a pressure cooker.

2019-09-01 13:17:07 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I would think after all this time you would assume me handier than that

2019-09-01 13:18:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I might end up getting an instapot as a 'gift'

2019-09-01 13:19:52 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No from my brother who bought one and then relapsed into making 10 pounds of chicken and broccoli at a time after he broke up with his gf

2019-09-01 13:35:53 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Probably not

2019-09-01 17:46:26 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Yes, not everything you dont like is a bannable offence

2019-09-01 17:46:29 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Oh wait

2019-09-01 17:46:52 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I just saw the dog thing, I thought you were talking about kimchi

2019-09-01 17:47:22 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No dont

2019-09-01 17:48:17 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Wasnt he already temp banned?

2019-09-01 17:48:30 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

What did you do again?

2019-09-01 17:49:28 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Oh, right that was the day after I got a warning for instructing users to self harm.

2019-09-01 18:21:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

None of you people are humans and your own self destructive folly will be your death by who's hands only god can know.

2019-09-01 18:22:14 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

How do you exist with that many tabs?

2019-09-01 18:23:32 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Who the fuck are you and why do you think you have the right to speak to me?

2019-09-01 18:24:13 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Why dont you use bookmarks tho

2019-09-01 18:24:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

My problem is I save bookmarks in one big folder and cant find anything

2019-09-01 18:24:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

I cant imagine the mess tabs are

2019-09-01 18:27:18 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Ill get ot it later.

2019-09-01 18:28:02 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Probably uses stock chrome and then types a word he dimly remeber he was intrested in.

2019-09-01 18:28:20 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Its retarded and no better than bookmarks but so is he so it checks out

2019-09-01 18:29:21 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-09-01 18:29:30 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Thats mot what anyone is talking about here.

2019-09-01 18:29:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Shut the hell up

2019-09-01 18:29:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-09-01 18:29:51 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-09-01 18:29:53 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-09-01 18:29:57 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Billy please

2019-09-03 00:51:05 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Probably not much for the actual straw feeding parts

2019-09-03 08:33:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

The reindeer have not attacked yet

2019-09-03 08:34:21 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

The northern lights protect his humble homestead

2019-09-03 08:34:24 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

For now

2019-09-03 21:55:02 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Looks like you are a victim of a phone spoofing scam. File a claim with your FCC equivalent and hope they get to it within a month

2019-09-03 22:09:49 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

You should probably file a request because I know you aren't silly enough to give your real phone

2019-09-03 22:58:40 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-09-04 23:35:31 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

>have to call around because this guy didn't show up for a couple days

2019-09-04 23:35:55 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

>he died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend

2019-09-04 23:36:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Man, he was only like 20

2019-09-04 23:37:18 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Probably a while, think the average is three months

2019-09-04 23:37:33 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

They just cut turn it off after that

2019-09-04 23:37:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-09-04 23:38:18 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No diffrent from Indian phone scammers but dead people are involved so people don't think straight.

2019-09-04 23:38:40 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Surely you don't have debt

2019-09-04 23:39:42 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

No, it's a beautiful spiritual contract

2019-09-04 23:52:08 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Don't die pawp

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