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2019-03-15 09:34:32 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

I'm not American but I own a roku

2019-03-15 09:34:54 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

You can find those in a lot of third party marketplaces

2019-03-15 09:42:13 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

It's just a set top box, it'll give you what you want, if apps are region locked for your region, you're gonna get the same region lock

2019-03-15 09:42:22 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

It doesn't use any kind of proxy or VPN

2019-03-15 11:01:39 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

mfw Nvidia shields at 160$ are considered a best ever deal where I live

2019-03-15 12:42:43 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

I don't think he thinks people are gonna take him seriously

2019-03-15 12:43:00 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

Just like a lot of school shooters and shit, he just wants attention

2019-03-15 12:43:10 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

The rest is just a nice wrapping around it

2019-03-15 13:14:39 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]

2019-03-27 15:34:04 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

What's the problem with that?

2019-03-27 15:34:19 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

It's not a hard limiter anyway

2019-03-27 15:34:39 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

Nah, actually it only limits the cruising speed, you can still push on the accel to override it

2019-03-27 15:35:23 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

Though automobile associations worry about some drivers feeling like "well as long as I'm at the limit I'm safe right?"

2019-03-27 15:36:55 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

I'm more concerned about EU imposing black boxes in cars

2019-03-27 15:37:14 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

(still not voted but EU is thinking about it)

2019-03-27 15:39:01 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Anyone got a recommendation on a good and durable cleaver? I need it to ~~hack my ex~~ make some delicious meat based weeb fewd

2019-03-27 15:39:30 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

There's a shit ton of them on Ali but no idea which ones are good

2019-03-28 12:37:29 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

@Omoidasu @Windatica nah, nothing kitchen related in <#491172628917256192>, just through all the reviews

2019-05-21 10:24:03 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

> paying for ink

2019-05-21 10:27:50 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Just buy a cheap instant ink compatible HP printer

2019-05-21 10:28:12 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Register the printer, boom, free ink

2019-05-21 10:36:19 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

This requires to have at least 40 in sneak depending on the detection stats of your coworkers

2019-05-21 10:36:42 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

(and being employed)

2019-05-21 10:37:17 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

*Also* have a company with normal printers

2019-05-21 10:37:30 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Mine is a no go they only have big ass enterprise grade printers

2019-05-21 10:37:42 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Buying one would cost me an arm

2019-05-21 10:39:01 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

But then I could also *steal* one

2019-05-21 10:39:40 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Same for me, except for highly sensitive docs

2019-05-21 10:42:30 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

A dildo

2019-05-21 10:43:42 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Something to insert in your urethra

2019-05-21 10:45:30 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

Imagine Western countries copying China's surveillance system dystopia

2019-05-21 12:31:04 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

Yeah totally, fortunately it doesn't exist, right?

2019-05-21 12:31:41 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

Unlike those third world countries that can totally afford such system, fuck those dictatorships

2019-05-21 15:01:37 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

NT ?

2019-05-23 11:00:42 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Could be anything tbh

2019-05-23 11:01:32 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

BBS are still a thing in Asia

2019-05-23 11:13:11 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  


2019-05-23 11:18:20 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Reminds me of an old video

2019-05-23 11:28:34 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

@Julian I was answering Billy on the "drinking glass shards" so I really hope you're not thinking of what I'm thinking of otherwise you should probably seek medical assistance instead of typing here

2019-05-24 15:23:05 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

My dad used to have a Lenovo phone back when they tried to enter the market by using intel atom CPU, was utter garbage

2019-05-24 15:23:21 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

But that was 4.5 years ago

2019-05-28 12:02:30 UTC [csg #technology]  

I beg to differ quite an bit

2019-05-28 12:02:50 UTC [csg #technology]  

If it's twice as slow you might just want to scrap some task (like gayming or heavy photoshopping)

2019-05-28 12:03:14 UTC [csg #technology]  

And some other tasks will 'feel as fast' because the difference is minimal (text editing, spreadsheet etc)

2019-05-28 12:03:52 UTC [csg #technology]  

I'm quite doubting the performance benchmark of qualcomm, mind you, but even at half the performance of the i5 it might be a good option if the battery performance is twice its competitor

2019-05-28 12:04:32 UTC [csg #technology]  

It's just not gonna be a high end laptop

2019-05-28 13:36:33 UTC [csg #technology]  

Depends a lot on what you want to do but since I expect the answer to be anywhere near gayming it's gonna require components (mainly a graphic card) that's gonna be shit and super expensive

2019-05-28 13:37:56 UTC [csg #technology]  

+ whatever underlying (air flow/temperature management, battery life is gonna be hot garbage, weight, etc etc)

2019-05-28 13:49:17 UTC [csg #technology]  

No ?

2019-05-28 13:49:22 UTC [csg #technology]  

I mean

2019-05-28 13:49:26 UTC [csg #technology]  

What are you trying to achieve?

2019-05-28 13:49:40 UTC [csg #technology]  

If it's just compiling some code, then the answer is a definitive no right now

2019-05-28 13:50:03 UTC [csg #technology]  

Even for gayming you got a shit ton of software that just worksβ„’

2019-05-28 13:51:04 UTC [csg #technology]  

Except if you live in a third world country with a dial-up type connection

2019-05-28 13:51:11 UTC [csg #technology]  

What are you trying to achieve

2019-05-28 13:51:13 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 13:51:18 UTC [csg #technology]  

Just describe your use case precisely

2019-05-28 13:51:33 UTC [csg #technology]  

Otherwise it's just gonna be running around on both sides

2019-05-28 13:52:32 UTC [csg #technology]  

Even for things that requires mandatory GUI you got possibilities to do stuff as of today that are completely acceptable

2019-05-28 13:52:56 UTC [csg #technology]  

Sure it **might** not be 180+ FPS silky smooth 4k

2019-05-28 13:53:17 UTC [csg #technology]  

But as far as I know, almost no productivity / business apps requires that

2019-05-28 13:53:52 UTC [csg #technology]  

Might require a bit of extra work, yeah, but that's still reasonably doable I guess

2019-05-28 13:59:41 UTC [csg #technology]  

I assume you're talking about profesionnal CNC right? Not hobbyist?

2019-05-28 14:00:51 UTC [csg #technology]  

I'm gonna assume you meant to say "or" and not "of"

2019-05-28 14:01:17 UTC [csg #technology]  

Hobbyist and pro are very, *very* different contexts for CNC

2019-05-28 14:01:42 UTC [csg #technology]  

As a hobbyist you could go with a single desktop because you only have one/a bunch of machine to control, not a huge fucking factory

2019-05-28 14:02:09 UTC [csg #technology]  

And maybe a laptop to do adjustment if, let's say, your setup is far from your computer

2019-05-28 14:02:18 UTC [csg #technology]  

If it's pro, then it's a whole different story

2019-05-28 14:02:40 UTC [csg #technology]  

In that case, yeah, using a high end laptop is gonna be acceptable *but* usually those are expensive as fuck

2019-05-28 14:03:12 UTC [csg #technology]  

Yeah, that's why I said a main desktop and a remote cheap laptop for additionnal stuff

2019-05-28 14:03:22 UTC [csg #technology]  

Sure it might not be the greatest experience ever

2019-05-28 14:03:31 UTC [csg #technology]  

But compared to a laptop that's gonna cost you more than twice that setup

2019-05-28 14:03:32 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 14:03:45 UTC [csg #technology]  

I disagree on that point

2019-05-28 14:04:06 UTC [csg #technology]  

Business laptop with a discreet and pro GPU is gonna rip your ass IF you compare it fairly with a comparable desktop setup

2019-05-28 14:04:12 UTC [csg #technology]  

Even used

2019-05-28 14:05:47 UTC [csg #technology]  

Look, right now I got a P50, let's not compare the full retail price that nobody would be willing to pay, but it's still gonna be around 1k+€

2019-05-28 14:06:06 UTC [csg #technology]  

It got a Quadro M1000M

2019-05-28 14:06:12 UTC [csg #technology]  

Try gayming on that

2019-05-28 14:06:53 UTC [csg #technology]  

Okay, let's assume we're gonna go with your setup

2019-05-28 14:06:55 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 14:07:08 UTC [csg #technology]  

It's gonna be around the same performance as a GTX 580M

2019-05-28 14:08:24 UTC [csg #technology]  

On desktop

2019-05-28 14:08:32 UTC [csg #technology]  

That's the raw power equivalenbt of a GT 1030

2019-05-28 14:08:39 UTC [csg #technology]  

(I'm not even comparing technologies)

2019-05-28 14:09:08 UTC [csg #technology]  

A GT1030 is around what... 100 USD at most ?

2019-05-28 14:10:18 UTC [csg #technology]  

Yeah well

2019-05-28 14:10:26 UTC [csg #technology]  

I'm not saying it's a bad thing in your very specific case

2019-05-28 14:10:41 UTC [csg #technology]  

But most people don't do pro 3D

2019-05-28 14:10:59 UTC [csg #technology]  

I also have a pro GPU because I'm using 3DExperience

2019-05-28 14:11:13 UTC [csg #technology]  

But it's still shit if I want to do non pro 3D things

2019-05-28 14:11:53 UTC [csg #technology]  

And *most* people that buy a laptop with a discreet GPU are gonna do that for gayming

2019-05-28 14:12:02 UTC [csg #technology]  

And I think we are mainly targetting those

2019-05-28 14:12:24 UTC [csg #technology]  

*Still* you could probably have a decent desktop setup for cheaper even with a Quadro/Firepro

2019-05-28 14:15:49 UTC [csg #technology]  

Honestly I don't think so (for average joe not using pro apps)

2019-05-28 14:16:00 UTC [csg #technology]  

(and gayming, not business only)

2019-05-28 14:16:52 UTC [csg #technology]  

Well if we go by that standard I'd say average joe isn't gonna buy a laptop but a tablet

2019-05-28 14:17:12 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 14:17:25 UTC [csg #technology]  

It doesn't mean average joe is right in their buying decision

2019-05-28 14:17:42 UTC [csg #technology]  

Once again you need to compare what's comparable

2019-05-28 14:18:32 UTC [csg #technology]  

(I do it frequently, hate it but it worksβ„’)

2019-05-28 14:19:49 UTC [csg #technology]  

But then to get back on the topic, if you want to be a bit serious on gaming, laptop is gonna be a hassle and/or price will skyrocket

2019-05-28 14:20:07 UTC [csg #technology]  

And I'm not talking about trying to max out everything and anything

2019-05-28 14:20:28 UTC [csg #technology]  

Just try to play any random *current year* AAA on high/very high settings on a laptop

2019-05-28 14:20:42 UTC [csg #technology]  

It's probably gonna cost you a kidney or two

2019-05-28 14:21:19 UTC [csg #technology]  

While at the same time you could be buying a desktop AND a laptop with decent remote control capabilities

2019-05-28 14:21:41 UTC [csg #technology]  

Because it's gonna be the "worst" on your performance hit

2019-05-28 14:21:52 UTC [csg #technology]  

Sure, if you want to play "only" rimworld, suit yourself

2019-05-28 14:22:07 UTC [csg #technology]  

But someone who games regularly will generally not play one single game

2019-05-28 14:22:12 UTC [csg #technology]  

And even only those you mentionned

2019-05-28 14:22:30 UTC [csg #technology]  

So either you're gonna have to have the power to run 'everything'

2019-05-28 14:22:41 UTC [csg #technology]  

Or you're gonna restrict yourself to a selection of older/less demanding games

2019-05-28 14:23:20 UTC [csg #technology]  

Medium, yeah, low/very low, nah

2019-05-28 14:23:37 UTC [csg #technology]  

Even for medium settings (and decent framerate) you're gonna need a beast (for a laptop)

2019-05-28 14:25:14 UTC [csg #technology]  

Even on desktop 1050 is very barely appropriate for 'serious' gaming

2019-05-28 14:26:13 UTC [csg #technology]  

Yeah and?

2019-05-28 14:26:47 UTC [csg #technology]  

What I'm trying to point out is that the kind of performance you get for those mid/high end laptop could be achieved for a way cheaper pricemark on desktop

2019-05-28 14:26:58 UTC [csg #technology]  

+ upgradeability

2019-05-28 14:27:51 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 14:30:10 UTC [csg #technology]  

The thing is, with the price difference of a gaming desktop vs gaming laptop you could buy yourself a lightweight laptop and remotely do whatever you want on your desktop without that much of a difference in useability

2019-05-28 14:31:35 UTC [csg #technology]  

It might have not been possible 5 years+ ago, but nowadays it's very much doable with very little effort

2019-05-28 14:32:22 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 14:32:47 UTC [csg #technology]  

I wouldn't say ssh tho because it's kinda not very well made for remote desktop but well

2019-05-28 14:33:21 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 14:55:45 UTC [csg #technology]  

And before you tell me it's only 100 USD cheaper, your laptop have a way better deal than most of the components I chose

2019-05-28 14:56:19 UTC [csg #technology]  

And except for the RAM (which is obviously not the most expensive thing in the setting, and only have a 16% rebate), almost everything is full priced

2019-05-28 14:56:40 UTC [csg #technology]  

CPU is way better, GPU is a tad lower

2019-05-28 14:57:01 UTC [csg #technology]  

That's mainly because I couldn't find a GPU that wasn't disproportionately more powerful and expensive

2019-05-28 14:57:23 UTC [csg #technology]  

Also only because I'm very lazy

2019-05-28 14:58:06 UTC [csg #technology]  

That + your back but if you're young enough you probably don't care about that (yet)

2019-05-28 14:59:08 UTC [csg #technology]  

Also probably couldn't find the best deals ever because I'm not murican so I don't know where the good deals are

2019-05-28 14:59:16 UTC [csg #technology]  


2019-05-28 14:59:19 UTC [csg #technology]  

I have an X270

2019-05-28 14:59:26 UTC [csg #technology]  

This thing is fucking great

2019-05-28 14:59:50 UTC [csg #technology]  

The only downside is that I don't have the most advanced model (no 2nd battery and no fingerprint reader)

2019-05-28 15:00:02 UTC [csg #technology]  

But that's mainly quality of life stuff

2019-05-28 15:00:53 UTC [csg #technology]  

For the laptop I assumed you didn't want to include it but yeah since it's 100 USD cheaper (and once again probably more if you lurk for good deals) you can get a difference big enough for a good laptop

2019-05-28 15:01:13 UTC [csg #technology]  

Bluetooth and wireless are... well I'll say unecessary but it's mainly my usecase

2019-05-28 15:01:24 UTC [csg #technology]  

Though it's probably gonna be around a few tens bucks

2019-05-28 15:01:33 UTC [csg #technology]  

And assembly yeah it's gonna be nitpicking here

2019-05-28 15:01:41 UTC [csg #technology]  

It's really easy af nowadays

2019-05-28 15:02:03 UTC [csg #technology]  

What's the ryzen one?

2019-05-28 15:02:10 UTC [csg #technology]  

I mean what CPU do you have with that x200 ?

2019-05-28 15:02:34 UTC [csg #technology]  

Yeah, but you're forgetting a lot of stuff if you just stop the comparison here

2019-05-28 15:02:51 UTC [csg #technology]  

Here I took it from nothing, like you don't own anything beforehand

2019-05-28 15:03:17 UTC [csg #technology]  

If I were to apply that to me or a lot of people I could re-use my case /PSU/ screen and maybe a few other things (SSD and *maybe* ram)

2019-05-28 15:03:24 UTC [csg #technology]  

So you could scratch it from the list

2019-05-28 15:03:55 UTC [csg #technology]  

So technically you could get better if you compared it for a more lenghty period of time

2019-05-28 15:04:09 UTC [csg #technology]  

(because let's be honest, upgrading a laptop is a joke)

2019-05-28 15:06:15 UTC [csg #technology]  

To be perfectly honest though

2019-05-28 15:06:20 UTC [csg #technology]  

If you want to compare laptop to desktop

2019-05-28 15:06:22 UTC [csg #technology]  

In gaming i mean

2019-05-28 15:06:46 UTC [csg #technology]  

You should probably compare mid/high end laptop WITHOUT GPU and use an external GPU

2019-05-28 15:07:07 UTC [csg #technology]  

Just like a desktop, the case is gonna be costy the first time, but it's gonna be reusable with future generations

2019-05-28 15:07:34 UTC [csg #technology]  

And you're gonna get almost desktop performance without killing your components with the heat

2019-05-28 15:07:37 UTC [csg #technology]  

(or not that much)

2019-05-28 15:08:05 UTC [csg #technology]  

Yeah... but then I imagine a use case where you don't game in a plane/train but in a more "stationary" position

2019-05-28 15:08:14 UTC [csg #technology]  

So installing your external GPU is possible

2019-05-28 15:08:30 UTC [csg #technology]  

You still have to carry it around, but that's doable

2019-05-28 15:08:37 UTC [csg #technology]  

And not *that much* of a hassle

2019-05-28 15:08:52 UTC [csg #technology]  

Since it's external it's way less of a pain to manage actually

2019-05-28 15:10:05 UTC [csg #technology]  

Yeah... but I still don't feel confident with using them for sensitive datas

2019-05-28 15:10:29 UTC [csg #technology]  

I'd rather waste a lot of time and money into upgrading an internal SSD/HDD in a laptop than carry an external drive

2019-05-28 15:10:54 UTC [csg #technology]  

But then again, I have a different usecase

2019-05-29 14:49:30 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

If I was in a relationship I think I'd be legit scared to use that tool

2019-05-29 14:49:45 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

But I'm not, so let's try it on my female colleagues

2019-06-03 13:13:47 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Might have to test Samsung's warranty program as one of my 850 evo partly died 3 days ago

2019-06-03 13:15:45 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Couldn't boot, could after 2 reboots, bad sectors reported by some progs but not others (chkdsk and S.M.A.R.T. reports tell me it's fine, acronis true image [that I highly regret not setting up last week when I had time] tells me it can't read some sectors)

2019-06-03 13:27:45 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

What's this?

2019-06-04 08:59:11 UTC [csg #technology]  

2 meter wide + 180 kmh

2019-06-04 08:59:20 UTC [csg #technology]  

Yeah right, gonna be totally effective

2019-06-04 08:59:29 UTC [csg #technology]  

I can't see anyone not seeing it coming and trying to take it down

2019-06-04 08:59:47 UTC [csg #technology]  

Except if you're a peasant armed with forks and bows

2019-06-04 09:36:07 UTC [csg #technology]  

Actually not the engine

2019-06-04 09:36:16 UTC [csg #technology]  

The engine is probably way smaller than its wings

2019-06-04 09:36:25 UTC [csg #technology]  

And hitting the wings will make it veer off course very quickly

2019-06-04 09:36:42 UTC [csg #technology]  

Sure, if it's 5 meters away you're gonna be in big trouble

2019-06-04 09:37:21 UTC [csg #technology]  

Well except if you hit it with very small caliber, those kind of drones aren't made to be very tough

2019-06-04 09:38:35 UTC [csg #technology]  

Oh I was thinking of a wider wingspan

2019-06-04 09:38:44 UTC [csg #technology]  

Then it's even worse

2019-06-04 09:39:02 UTC [csg #technology]  

If you hit the main body you'll probably fuck up the insides

2019-06-04 09:39:18 UTC [csg #technology]  

Which will contain the telemetry and communication instrument

2019-06-04 09:39:26 UTC [csg #technology]  

You can't really put armor on it

2019-06-04 09:39:41 UTC [csg #technology]  

It's a small drone, not a fighter jet

2019-06-04 09:40:03 UTC [csg #technology]  

Thick bullet proof glass isn't weightless

2019-06-04 09:40:23 UTC [csg #technology]  

Same for the body frame

2019-06-04 09:42:07 UTC [csg #technology]  

RC plane don't carry a 2kg payload, nor military grade com equipment

2019-06-04 09:42:48 UTC [csg #technology]  

Which is shit if you've been anywhere near military grade equipment in your life

2019-06-04 09:43:24 UTC [csg #technology]  

CIWS would be overkill

2019-06-04 09:43:30 UTC [csg #technology]  

And not even sure it's gonna pick it up

2019-06-04 09:43:38 UTC [csg #technology]  

(might, but not sure)

2019-06-04 09:44:05 UTC [csg #technology]  

To me it's just a small gadget that looks good on specs but isn't really a viable option in a real environment

2019-06-04 09:45:30 UTC [csg #technology]  

Plus if you need any kind of precision with it (and since it only got a 2 kg payload you're not gonna use it to take down buildings I guess), you'll need some heavy coms in order to not be jammed easily

2019-06-04 09:46:45 UTC [csg #technology]  

Finally, let's not forget, it's not about the chinese but about any fucking miltary industries, specs given out are only in ideal conditions

2019-06-04 09:50:14 UTC [csg #technology]  

We can guesstimate that it's not gonna be any better than the other drones they announced

2019-06-04 09:50:25 UTC [csg #technology]  

Otherwise they would probably brag about it

2019-06-04 15:52:03 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

> not having your sensitive datas and messages in a hidden and encrypted volume

2019-06-04 15:57:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Use veracrypt if you want some plausible deniability

2019-06-04 15:58:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

(tho there are probably also some other solutions that I don't know of)

2019-06-04 15:59:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

If you can yeah do it

2019-06-04 16:42:34 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

That's a good option if you can afford it

2019-06-05 14:27:41 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

Apparently 'it's just a bug'

2019-06-05 14:27:49 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

According to twitter at least

2019-06-06 08:49:59 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

They *could* use a foreign number for their verification though

2019-06-06 08:50:26 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

Since those are mainly political dissident I expect them to have at least that level of security

2019-06-14 16:44:14 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Isn't it gay month? <:thonk:288060975775612929>

2019-06-18 12:47:33 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Does Adata qualifies as a chink brand for SSD? I'm hesitating between the 'top' ADATA SX8200 Pro and the Samsung 970 Evo Plus. According to UserBenchmark they are about the same on average but Adata is way better at sustain write/read while the Samsung is better (though sometimes slightly) on everything else.

2019-06-18 12:47:58 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

(but I can also buy 1TB Adata for almost the price of 500 GB Evo Plus)

2019-06-18 12:48:02 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

What should I use then?

2019-06-18 12:48:48 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Yeah but was asking more like 'which one would be reliable'

2019-06-18 12:48:58 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Or is it just 'avoid Userbenchmark, every other is valid'?

2019-06-18 12:50:27 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Also I need a samsung evo performance because I have a small dick

2019-06-18 12:50:55 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

SX8200 is nvme

2019-06-18 12:51:22 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Adata claims to be on par with Samsong top nvme SSDs

2019-06-18 12:51:26 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

With this one

2019-06-18 12:53:05 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

I do but not that often

2019-06-18 12:53:16 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Hence why I'm tending to think of the more 'budget friendly' adata

2019-06-18 12:53:33 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

It's not like everyday, but once every week or more

2019-06-18 12:54:17 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

I was thinking more along the lines of 10s/100s GB

2019-06-18 12:56:37 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

True, but then again, it's not like this 'premium' is gonna cost me that much anyway

2019-06-18 12:58:29 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

From where I live I can get and SX8200 Pro 1TB for 170 deutschmarks, on the other hand a normal 1TB Sata SSD will cost me around 100 deutschmarks

2019-06-18 12:59:29 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Sure is, but remember that I have a small dick

2019-06-18 13:00:36 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

For this price tho the SSD is gonna be quite low end, being only TLC and barely reaching SATA 3 top speed

2019-06-18 13:03:28 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

Well rn there's a truckload of deals on SSDs

2019-06-18 13:03:33 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

And my main SSD is kinda dying rn

2019-06-18 13:06:10 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  

(I meant to say in my area of course)

2019-06-18 13:11:45 UTC [csg #chink-shit-general]  


2019-06-20 13:57:58 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

I got a few mainland China friends and they are not shouting China #1 so I wonder if that's just you having a bad sample or me

2019-06-20 16:04:37 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

Well there's a wide spectrum between China is shit and China is #1

2019-06-20 16:04:53 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

My friends are more like "Yeah China is good/fine"

2019-06-21 10:39:09 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

I visited China though only Beijing, was fun but wouldn't spend more than a week

2019-06-21 10:40:17 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

I would quite like to visit the Great DPRK but I can't due to work...

2019-06-21 11:07:59 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

There's stuff relevant to my personal interests

2019-06-21 11:08:05 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

I'm into planes

2019-06-21 11:08:10 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

And stuff that flies people

2019-06-21 11:08:36 UTC [csg #shit-about-asia]  

And DPRK got some planes that aren't flying anywhere in the world as of now

2019-06-21 13:22:02 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

LPG is pretty much dead in my country

2019-06-21 13:22:10 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Well it never really catched on

2019-06-21 13:23:00 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-06-21 13:24:07 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

It got pretty much out of hand if you put the yellow vest protests in the equation

2019-06-21 13:24:35 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Well even without it, diesel price makes it really not interesting

2019-06-21 13:25:12 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Yeah, I say that but it'd probably have happened for another reason, albeit a bit later

2019-06-21 13:25:33 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

And now I'm glad I'm running on unleaded

2019-06-21 13:25:42 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Though I'm starting to look into EV

2019-06-21 13:25:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Because this price trend doesn't really looks like it's gonna change anytime soon

2019-06-21 13:27:17 UTC [csg #off-topic]

2019-06-21 13:27:42 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

Blue is unleaded, Black is diesel, Red is the difference between the two of them

2019-06-21 13:29:11 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

The Zoe is shit

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