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2016-11-15 15:08:59 UTC

look at the tacky furnishings

2016-11-15 15:09:30 UTC

those rooms always looke like they are only 2 meters tall

2016-11-15 15:09:40 UTC

makes me feel claustrophopic

2016-11-15 15:10:01 UTC

just bad pics, the ceilings are normal even by western standards

2016-11-15 15:10:01 UTC

the fuck

2016-11-15 15:10:06 UTC

is that image stretched

2016-11-15 15:10:08 UTC

or smtn

2016-11-15 15:10:14 UTC

probably a little

2016-11-15 15:10:37 UTC

chinese people dont give a shit aboiut their bathrooms. i see these nice apartments and then a third world bathroom with a hole in the floor

2016-11-15 15:10:55 UTC


2016-11-15 15:10:59 UTC

can you get a smaller flat

2016-11-15 15:11:15 UTC

that doesn't look like a russian from omsk decorated it?

2016-11-15 15:11:15 UTC

m8 that one is 4 bedroom, i dont want it haha just though the pics were funny

2016-11-15 15:11:28 UTC

im looking for a 65-85m2

2016-11-15 15:11:34 UTC

2 bedroom would be nice

2016-11-15 15:11:45 UTC

right now im in the apartment m ycompany gave me

2016-11-15 15:11:50 UTC

a 40m2 studio apartment

2016-11-15 15:12:23 UTC

the other bedroom would be for the chinkshit enthusiasts who are willing to visit you in glorious PRC?

2016-11-15 15:12:50 UTC

id love to put you autists up for the week

2016-11-15 15:12:52 UTC

whats wrong with current one

2016-11-15 15:13:01 UTC

too small, and building management is shit

2016-11-15 15:13:12 UTC

last one is valid reason :3

2016-11-15 15:13:43 UTC

rent is dirt cheap here, so i can just get a 2bedroom for the fuck of it

2016-11-15 15:13:56 UTC

id search larger studio if possible

2016-11-15 15:14:14 UTC

nah, those are hard to find. in this area, atleast

2016-11-15 15:15:24 UTC

id be cool with a 1bedroom, as long as their was a living room

2016-11-15 15:15:30 UTC

but i cant seem to find those

2016-11-15 15:16:00 UTC

most favored type

2016-11-15 15:16:21 UTC

i could use 2 bedroom +livingroomkitchen apartment for same price too

2016-11-15 15:16:29 UTC

id get my own working lair

2016-11-15 15:16:43 UTC

that's what im thinking, too.

2016-11-15 15:17:06 UTC

LEDs are dirt cheap here so ill deck it out

2016-11-15 15:18:16 UTC

>not buying literally everything Xiaomi

2016-11-15 15:18:47 UTC

router, laptop, phone, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, air purifier, mug, everything

2016-11-15 15:19:07 UTC

jesus christ hahah

2016-11-15 15:19:12 UTC

reminds me of that razer kid

2016-11-15 15:21:00 UTC

xiaomi isnt as beloved here as it is in csg

2016-11-15 15:21:04 UTC

people like huawei

2016-11-15 15:21:14 UTC

well, people love imported

2016-11-15 15:21:18 UTC

then they love huawei

2016-11-15 15:21:35 UTC

What about HTC?

2016-11-15 15:21:47 UTC

Is it only Taiwan?

2016-11-15 15:21:49 UTC

not big here

2016-11-15 15:21:52 UTC

htc is domestic since taiwan is china

2016-11-15 15:22:02 UTC


2016-11-15 15:22:04 UTC

about that...

2016-11-15 15:22:36 UTC

when I was in Sgp, I called some of my friend's friends "Chinese"

2016-11-15 15:22:43 UTC

and they seemed pretty pissed about it

2016-11-15 15:22:54 UTC

yeah its a bit of an insult

2016-11-15 15:23:01 UTC

but they ARE chinese

2016-11-15 15:23:12 UTC

if youre from singapore, taiwan, hongkong, macau

2016-11-15 15:23:21 UTC

you think mainlanders are lawless monsters

2016-11-15 15:23:32 UTC

generally speaking

2016-11-15 15:23:45 UTC

mainlanders believe that everything belongs to china - even if it legally doesnt

2016-11-15 15:23:54 UTC

they get really butthurt if you bring it up

2016-11-15 15:24:20 UTC

mainlanders are right, though

2016-11-15 15:25:01 UTC

its certainely a topic thats always up for debate

2016-11-15 15:25:02 UTC

i never bring it up with people here

2016-11-15 15:26:44 UTC

Do the senkaku islands belong to China?

2016-11-15 15:27:22 UTC

i cant talk about that shit man, they are watching me

2016-11-15 15:27:46 UTC

Of course they do

2016-11-15 15:28:05 UTC

Everything PRC claims legit belongs to China

2016-11-15 15:29:38 UTC

@kaetaa are you gonna go on the taobao adventures

2016-11-15 15:30:21 UTC

Wheat noodles or rice noodles?

2016-11-15 15:30:48 UTC

thats the question

2016-11-15 15:31:23 UTC

taobao adventures? what do you mean

2016-11-15 15:31:28 UTC

everyone here eats wheat noodles

2016-11-15 15:31:32 UTC

for the most part

2016-11-15 15:31:52 UTC

my citys famous dish is called Reganmien, or hot dry noodles

2016-11-15 15:32:01 UTC

sesame flavored wheat noodles

2016-11-15 15:32:03 UTC

eat for breakfast

2016-11-15 15:32:16 UTC

sounds great tbh

2016-11-15 15:32:22 UTC

have to check out the recipe for those

2016-11-15 15:32:27 UTC

its great. a big ass bowl costs 4rmb

2016-11-15 15:32:42 UTC


2016-11-15 15:33:47 UTC

Food poisoning included?

2016-11-15 15:34:20 UTC

Wuhan's reganmian, along with Shanxi's daoxiaomian (ๅˆ€ๅ‰Š้ข: knife-cut noodles), Liangguang's yifumian, Sichuan's dandanmian, and northern China's zhajiangmian, are collectively referred to as "China's five famous noodles."

2016-11-15 15:34:25 UTC


2016-11-15 15:34:39 UTC


2016-11-15 15:34:40 UTC

dunno which noodles i had in chinkapore

2016-11-15 15:34:42 UTC

they are all unique

2016-11-15 15:34:48 UTC

they were yummers

2016-11-15 15:34:52 UTC

chinkapore has their own type of noodles

2016-11-15 15:34:53 UTC

and cheap

2016-11-15 15:34:57 UTC

i doubt it was any of the 5

2016-11-15 15:35:10 UTC

fucking special snowflake chinese

2016-11-15 15:35:27 UTC

ive been here 8 months and got food poisoning 2x

2016-11-15 15:35:39 UTC

the food is always dirty, doesnt matter where u eat

2016-11-15 15:35:48 UTC

How's water?

2016-11-15 15:36:00 UTC

the think about chinkapore is it has shitloads of asian immigrants - i've never seen a pajeet before i went to chinkapore

2016-11-15 15:36:00 UTC

Is it safe to drink from taps?

2016-11-15 15:36:04 UTC


2016-11-15 15:36:08 UTC
2016-11-15 15:36:09 UTC

they have loads of pajeets there

2016-11-15 15:36:14 UTC


2016-11-15 15:36:25 UTC

thats interesting, tom.

2016-11-15 15:36:27 UTC

you boil water everywhere in china.

2016-11-15 15:36:27 UTC

taobao is the internal chink site

2016-11-15 15:36:32 UTC

How many genders are there?

2016-11-15 15:36:35 UTC

with even better prices

2016-11-15 15:36:39 UTC

tomsgonnatom trying to get recruited by the chineses officials spying on kaetaa

2016-11-15 15:36:50 UTC

yeah i use taobao all the time dra

2016-11-15 15:36:59 UTC


2016-11-15 15:37:01 UTC

wtf did you eat that gave you food poisoning

2016-11-15 15:37:05 UTC

I'm jealous

2016-11-15 15:37:08 UTC

Sadly singapore has the worst kind of pajeets

2016-11-15 15:37:31 UTC

@Ygg I'd move to chinkland if the pay was at least norway tier

2016-11-15 15:37:40 UTC

and spy on westerners, of course

2016-11-15 15:37:55 UTC

i dont boil water, i just buy bottled. last time i got food poisoning i ate the food from ikea (fucking lol)

2016-11-15 15:38:02 UTC

the meatballs and shit

2016-11-15 15:38:11 UTC


2016-11-15 15:38:13 UTC

that stuff is imported isn't it

2016-11-15 15:38:15 UTC

@Deltaman those creepy construction worker fucks lel

2016-11-15 15:38:26 UTC

does not matter if its handling is shit

2016-11-15 15:38:27 UTC

you should eat where all the other chinks eat.

2016-11-15 15:38:35 UTC

In jail

2016-11-15 15:38:38 UTC

i do, byte. that food courst was full of chinks

2016-11-15 15:38:38 UTC

Where in china are you holed up ? Shenzen?

2016-11-15 15:38:41 UTC

big crowds = food is safe

2016-11-15 15:38:50 UTC

I'm in Central China - a city called Wuhan

2016-11-15 15:38:55 UTC

12million population

2016-11-15 15:39:00 UTC

How bad is the smog

2016-11-15 15:39:07 UTC

๐Ÿ’€ smoke up

2016-11-15 15:39:11 UTC

not as bad as other cities

2016-11-15 15:39:14 UTC

but gets worse in winter

2016-11-15 15:39:25 UTC

why are you all the way out there?

2016-11-15 15:39:35 UTC

Wuhan, or China?

2016-11-15 15:39:38 UTC

most people go to coastal cities

2016-11-15 15:39:40 UTC


2016-11-15 15:39:55 UTC

Coastal cities are 1st teir cities, with lots of foreigners and 1st world ammenities

2016-11-15 15:39:57 UTC

@kaetaa you need a xiaomi air purifier! (this message was sponsored by lei jun)

2016-11-15 15:40:09 UTC

i wanted some ammenities, but also wanted a more rural experience.

2016-11-15 15:40:22 UTC

oh you moved there? not vacationing?

2016-11-15 15:40:23 UTC

wuhan is in the middle, connected to all the big cities in the country by bullet train

2016-11-15 15:40:24 UTC

Is it like the Japanese cartoons??

2016-11-15 15:40:34 UTC

yeah i live here, 8 months

2016-11-15 15:40:52 UTC

nah its not rural, really. its a huge ass city. but nobody fucking speaks english

2016-11-15 15:40:54 UTC

Wuhan is like filled with thousands of lakes huh?

2016-11-15 15:41:09 UTC

nah thats sichuan, which means 4 lakes

2016-11-15 15:41:13 UTC

can you read chinese?

2016-11-15 15:41:13 UTC

we have a few though, yeah

2016-11-15 15:41:17 UTC

a little

2016-11-15 15:41:33 UTC

wait, sorry shit i mixed up the english words lake and river

2016-11-15 15:41:42 UTC

youre right, we do have nice lakes

2016-11-15 15:42:15 UTC

and the big river, yangtze river, runs through the middle of wuhan

2016-11-15 15:42:20 UTC

nice rake, yes

2016-11-15 15:42:41 UTC

windy, im actually going to japan next week with some visiting m8s

2016-11-15 15:42:45 UTC

will be my third visit

2016-11-15 15:43:18 UTC

i haven't been back to china since mid-2000s; are the little putt-putt passenger trikes still a thing

2016-11-15 15:43:28 UTC


2016-11-15 15:43:31 UTC

Was the rape of Nanjing justified?

2016-11-15 15:43:37 UTC

china made a big change since 2008

2016-11-15 15:43:42 UTC

no, it wasnt

2016-11-15 15:43:55 UTC

(they are watching me)

2016-11-15 15:44:37 UTC

What vpn are you using? t. Chinese govt

2016-11-15 15:44:59 UTC

gotta rate tourists grills: 1. chinese 2. gooks 3. japs with those graveyard teeth 4. chinese from chinkapore (fat, wersternised, tattooed)

2016-11-15 15:45:08 UTC

"hi mister/miss opressors extension hand.. how is your workday today... any nice rumours ? "

2016-11-15 15:45:25 UTC

it was a bit of a pain to get a DSL line to my apartment back in the day but that was in fujian province

2016-11-15 15:45:28 UTC

I use Cactus VPN because it was a gift - after it runs out, I will pick one with more servers

2016-11-15 15:45:42 UTC

A lot has changed, byte. they went through 100 years of progression in 8 years.

2016-11-15 15:45:56 UTC

the china of 2007 is nothing like the chinas of 2016.

2016-11-15 15:46:15 UTC

Are you telling me that they're ripping us off in trade?

2016-11-15 15:46:19 UTC

yeah i got a sense of that from other people's yt vids

2016-11-15 15:46:35 UTC

nah, they just started giving out big loans and encouraging people to start building

2016-11-15 15:46:46 UTC

wait, how old are you fags if you know how china was in 2006-7?

2016-11-15 15:46:54 UTC


2016-11-15 15:46:55 UTC

old enough

2016-11-15 15:47:10 UTC

I only know from 1st hand accounts from chinese here, and documentaries

2016-11-15 15:47:19 UTC

im 26

2016-11-15 15:47:23 UTC

Best documentary?

2016-11-15 15:47:44 UTC

I know a lot of china docus, are you looking for progression, day to day life, uplifting tales, etc?

2016-11-15 15:47:45 UTC

I recently watched that one about the dude and the suicide bridge

2016-11-15 15:47:52 UTC

Ah, angel of nanjing

2016-11-15 15:47:55 UTC

thats a good one

2016-11-15 15:48:13 UTC

food was a lot cheaper back then, that'smy metric; it used to be that you could get a nice bowl of beef noodles for 4yuan

2016-11-15 15:48:21 UTC

I hope I can do the same thing with /csg/

2016-11-15 15:48:28 UTC

Is Macau legit to live ?

2016-11-15 15:48:31 UTC

but the food vids i've seen peg the same bowl of noodles at something liek 20 yuan

2016-11-15 15:48:35 UTC

@Rey $$$

2016-11-15 15:48:37 UTC

I really loved that documentary about Chinese trying to cure kids off their internet addiction.

2016-11-15 15:48:40 UTC


2016-11-15 15:48:42 UTC

yeah beef noodles are like 18 here

2016-11-15 15:48:50 UTC

but the beef in china is shit

2016-11-15 15:48:54 UTC

absolute fucking garbage

2016-11-15 15:49:02 UTC

i stick to pork these days

2016-11-15 15:49:14 UTC

no brahmin?

2016-11-15 15:49:31 UTC


2016-11-15 15:49:40 UTC

What about dogs?

2016-11-15 15:49:42 UTC

you go to the meat market, and they only sell the shitty parts of the cow - and they are all bad quality. but they cut up the cow..where the fuck did the good peices go?

2016-11-15 15:49:49 UTC

why cant i find them?

2016-11-15 15:49:55 UTC

the beef is prepared differently and their cows are genetically different from what you're used to

2016-11-15 15:50:06 UTC

Dropshipping MEAT

2016-11-15 15:50:07 UTC

learn to love tendon and sinew

2016-11-15 15:50:12 UTC

people in the deep south eat dog in the winter, 90% of china despises it

2016-11-15 15:50:21 UTC

i do enjoy the shit parts, but sometimes i just want a steak

2016-11-15 15:50:29 UTC

im from Texas, USA - so beef is everywhere

2016-11-15 15:50:56 UTC

i went to hong kong last month on vacation

2016-11-15 15:51:04 UTC

and i actually went to a fucking outback steakhouse and ate a steak

2016-11-15 15:51:08 UTC

i don't think that's gonna happen broseph; i went to a few "streakhouses" back then but they don't even know how to prep steak when they have good quality meat. you're gonna have to go to a coastal city and pay insane prices for it

2016-11-15 15:51:31 UTC

they insist on cornstarching beef

2016-11-15 15:51:43 UTC

to break down the proteins to make everything tender

2016-11-15 15:51:46 UTC

Do people wear a lot of fake designer clothes?

2016-11-15 15:51:53 UTC

but that sucks because it destroys steak

2016-11-15 15:51:57 UTC


2016-11-15 15:52:03 UTC

People in china are poor

2016-11-15 15:52:09 UTC

i do cornstarching meat too specialy if its pig

2016-11-15 15:52:20 UTC

people wear fake shit, but they really buy a lot of the real stuff too

2016-11-15 15:52:24 UTC

it makes a better stir fry

2016-11-15 15:52:26 UTC

theres a stigma against fakes here

2016-11-15 15:52:33 UTC

people are obsessed with brand names

2016-11-15 15:52:36 UTC

iphone, samsung, gucci

2016-11-15 15:52:36 UTC

serpentza is that you?

2016-11-15 15:52:41 UTC

they want to FLAUNT their new money

2016-11-15 15:52:47 UTC

its a status symbol for the family

2016-11-15 15:52:53 UTC

yeah it's ironic isn't it

2016-11-15 15:53:06 UTC

All the Chinese transfers at my uni have designer shit, supreme, Bape, off white, really throws me off because I go to a cheaper college

2016-11-15 15:53:17 UTC

its important to them and their parents

2016-11-15 15:53:18 UTC

many expat chinese I know reject that sort of consumerism

2016-11-15 15:53:26 UTC

but they're 2nd/3rd gen

2016-11-15 15:53:44 UTC

yeah, its not in their blood, its their new culture

2016-11-15 15:53:51 UTC


2016-11-15 15:54:01 UTC

imagine going from a poor communist country where everyone is the same and they punished anyone trying to be different

2016-11-15 15:54:08 UTC

American Chinese and new Chinese are so different

2016-11-15 15:54:10 UTC

to having fucking loads of cash and being able to show that your family made it

2016-11-15 15:54:49 UTC

yeah they're completely different people, but unfortunately the blowback is that americans are starting to treat all chinese the same (read: poorly)

2016-11-15 15:55:10 UTC

They're ripping us off!!

2016-11-15 15:55:21 UTC

>wearing gucci
lmao trully chinkshit/oilnigger behaviour

2016-11-15 15:55:27 UTC

it's like, really important to well-off chinese to distance themselves

2016-11-15 15:55:52 UTC

a chinese friend of mine grew out his facial hair and basically tries to pass for japanese

2016-11-15 15:56:07 UTC

what's the purpose of this channel

2016-11-15 15:56:09 UTC

pretty insecure

2016-11-15 15:56:18 UTC

>caring about what amerilards think

2016-11-15 15:56:20 UTC

we're gawking at the guy living in china

2016-11-15 15:56:26 UTC

To Talk about our friend from Chaina

2016-11-15 15:56:37 UTC

>living in chuugoku

2016-11-15 15:56:43 UTC

AMA reddit style as it turned out to be

2016-11-15 15:57:05 UTC

It's funny because in America its the opposite

2016-11-15 15:57:29 UTC

ill be visiting a xiaomi store and recording it

2016-11-15 15:57:33 UTC

and 2nd hand pc shops

2016-11-15 15:57:34 UTC

People seek out fake Chinese shit because cheap 1:1 and .95:1 shit exists

2016-11-15 15:58:04 UTC

Also if its not outlawed post pics of your neighborhood kaetaa

2016-11-15 15:58:15 UTC

someone should build a chinkshit desktop - only gaybeast/ali/etc components

2016-11-15 15:58:17 UTC

let me see what ican find

2016-11-15 15:58:21 UTC

well if you plot wealth in a 2d gradient, it's literally a transfer of it.

2016-11-15 15:58:44 UTC

the chinks only buy import cpu and gpu

2016-11-15 15:58:59 UTC

aren't chinkshit pc components mostly refurbished shit

2016-11-15 15:59:03 UTC


2016-11-15 15:59:06 UTC

are private taxi services still a thing or did uber clones destroy them

2016-11-15 15:59:19 UTC

I kept a business card from my driver back in the day

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