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i wanna call about the Gab and Wrongthink take downs - real talk

can't get through - i have my pro mics and monitors set up tho - i can do a proper VC call

although being supremacist and purity spiraling is the funniest way to troll

also if you want the warski fight tickets you come to me

just seek truth and logic and your enemies will get angry and reveal themselves to be demons

and those that don't get it will get made fun of

you understand that JLP is the greatest troll around right now

JLP is not afraid to discuss the JQ. not a beta soiboi

some of these users have a bad attitude, skip

do you leave the house w your shirt half tucked in?

or fire you off the roof while you're trying to fix it

because you certainly cannot create an avatar

Life is a struggle toward work and devotion to Christ.

was so happy he said not all not all not all when i called

guessing this caravan is getting in like the last 8 caravans

any gamers following this blizzcon debacle?

Gab banned hundreds of users for seemingly no reason

i missed today's pogrom - was getting a jeep unstuck from the mud lol

yeb mux abu glikken noladipple julla baka

and we need illegal aliens in rich white neighborhoods

man why you ask me shit you already know?

nibba can't run w the big DAWGS ARG ARF ARF ARF


according to newsweek i'm a "christian nazi cartoon mouse dj"

i recommend The Greatest Story Never Told

Cyrus Scofield is what's wrong with modern religion

lol mods deleted all my goyim knowing memes

Orlando played x-box in afghanistan so you could complain about politics

yeb no gf atm - cleaning is woman's work

@Orlando just hates germans bc they stood up to bankers while he kneels before them

basically started the next renaissance until the anglos crushed it

can i get banned for wrongthink there too?

if she's not too old she can prob give me 10 kids

it is in the cards, my love. i will pen a sonnet for thee

bc there are still cheeseburgers and football

look in southern africa and the avg IQ there

that's the level where you get socially retarded


George Washington and his flunkies were all (((Freemasons)))

Cali was a red state full of chad and stacy surfers until Ronnie Reagan gave it back to Mexico

bro alaska is nothing but drug dealers and drunk eskimos

everything is imported so super high cost of living

Iceland is the place tho - they outlawed circumcision and made a certain tribe very upset...

free the mous! i will tone down the J memes

c'mon Gab booted me - I GOT NO PLACE ELSE TO GO!!!

if you want the new fallen state come to me

you guys need my meme magic to fight the children of the lie

better to just make fun of them and make them angry

880 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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