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I smell... burning crimson



Don't do `@here` unless it is pertinent
then, please do it in `#anouncements`, please

They have infiltrated your ranks

At this very moment

they could SNAP

and there goes the server

smonk grenade

Daily reminder that 4/pol/ mods will delete content and ban users that want to raid or dox

All your problems come from 8/pol/

<h1>Reminder that 4/pol/ does not generate your raiding problems, it's 8/pol/</h1>

Also, I don't know if joke or serious

Give opinion

>look, i can greentext and you can't```

now it's all

>tfw no gf```

If you want OC, you go to /s4s/

it changes

It's the best emulator of old /b/ @Kringlefucker

@Hernán Cortés Remove watermark you pezint

4/pol/ was always bahd

commies will not divide us

It's because they are not anarchists

they are Commies

Reminder that we got raided by a libhural discoard @Extra Crispy


Also, didn't the CEO of Leddit want to dismantle /r/the_cuckold?



you fucking suck at greentext

Portuguese are good people

I know one

Use Hitlercoin, fags

We really do all the work,

if you NIGGURZ will stop for a second and read this, you will understand the "8ch does all the work" mim```

guys pls

i beg

@Extra Crispy click link FOR doxes

more like it

44 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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