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2021-02-19 05:12:40 UTC [SS #text]


2021-02-19 05:14:13 UTC [SS #text]


2021-02-19 05:16:24 UTC [SS #text]


2021-02-19 05:20:43 UTC [SS #text]

I'm an Awake super fan

2021-02-19 05:32:39 UTC [SS #text]


2021-02-19 05:34:16 UTC [SS #text]

This place sucks

2021-02-19 05:38:27 UTC [SS #text]

Hello me from INDIA and very hungry and very horny. I'm gay and love everything

2021-04-01 04:35:38 UTC [SS #text]

Hip Hop

2021-04-11 19:32:29 UTC [SS #text]

Lyrics from music sang out loud

2021-04-11 19:34:54 UTC [SS #text]

What discord is this?

2021-04-11 19:36:59 UTC [SS #text]

I thought it was for Stewart Little the rat. From the movie. The server of him?

2021-04-11 19:37:25 UTC [SS #text]

I share photo?

2021-04-11 19:38:42 UTC [SS #text]


2021-04-11 19:39:28 UTC [SS #text]

The little rat with the car? He clever for a rat or maybe mouse?

2021-04-11 19:41:04 UTC [SS #text]


2021-04-11 19:43:13 UTC [SS #text]

He has the song about tallywackers and funny anecdotal sex escapades?

2021-04-11 19:59:57 UTC [SS #text]

Hello is this Awake?

2021-04-11 20:02:44 UTC [SS #text]

I be groupie for him? He handsome and smart he ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿฅฐ

2021-04-13 16:11:48 UTC [SS #text]

Hello Awake?

2021-08-07 21:05:07 UTC [SS #text]

so need rapper music

2021-08-09 09:01:16 UTC [SS #text]

The rapper music I like

2021-08-10 20:43:05 UTC [SS #text]

We need to bring the real rapper music back and get that music back and get it bumpin in the hood again like the real stuff the homies be grinding on each other kinda stuff make you rub a homie stuff

2021-08-10 21:19:51 UTC [SS #text]

How we get Awake rapper twerking and "making it rains" money swagging on his grind money ๐Ÿค‘ bragging showing off rapping lamborghini giving back to the fans rocking the stage freestyle rapping fucking hoes "and letting that shit get real" the money ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ’ฐ got different?

2021-08-10 23:09:22 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-10 23:12:54 UTC [SS #text]

Blow my mind 3...2...1 ๐Ÿคฏ

2021-08-11 00:58:51 UTC [SS #text]

Loving that

2021-08-11 01:21:42 UTC [SS #text]

I need to talk to AWAKE rapper now

2021-08-11 01:22:34 UTC [SS #text]

I have business offer

2021-08-11 02:28:38 UTC [SS #text]

-play gaming

2021-08-11 03:46:56 UTC [SS #text]

Awake rapper come to me

2021-08-11 04:20:18 UTC [SS #text]

@Yergert Get Awake RAPPER out here?

2021-08-11 04:21:18 UTC [SS #text]

Get that Rapper out here and freestyle

2021-08-11 04:22:28 UTC [SS #text]

I'm trans and I love rapping. Especially like m and m and AWAKE Rapper

2021-08-11 04:23:44 UTC [SS #text]

I even a AWAKE Rapper tattoo on my face when I was in the pen

2021-08-11 04:24:59 UTC [SS #text]

He helped me heal while I was in the joint because I murdered a guy. They call me "tha killa" on the streetz

2021-08-11 04:26:17 UTC [SS #text]

I'm in a gang that murders people for no reason. They call us the "Murdaras"

2021-08-11 04:27:37 UTC [SS #text]

Yeah we hood down here. We REAL gangstas and thug

2021-08-11 04:29:26 UTC [SS #text]

Hell yeah livin that thug life. How many people you murdered? Straight killa

2021-08-11 04:31:16 UTC [SS #text]

I also do weed constantly and they let me do weed in prison because it's my medicine and I go cray cray without it

2021-08-11 04:33:57 UTC [SS #text]

Yeah i remember that shit homie haha. I waz a mess I remember ripping his cheeks off and be like "WTF THIS SHIT CRAZY" haha

2021-08-11 04:34:32 UTC [SS #text]

Lil bitch deserved it for stealing my ipod nano that had AWAKE rapper on it

2021-08-11 04:37:00 UTC [SS #text]

Yeah he's may "HEALER" literally saved this thug from bashing my brains in on the prison wallz because of a weed overdose and got me to stop stabbing my cellmate with pens

2021-08-11 04:37:32 UTC [SS #text]

AWAKE woke me up

2021-08-11 04:38:08 UTC [SS #text]

Now I just abuse random animals and kill homeless people

2021-08-11 04:40:19 UTC [SS #text]

Yeah they gave that "TWISTED" weed in the pen. Tryin to keep a thug sedated and shit. Like hell no this playa kill a bitch for that actually 3. I pulled all my teeth out becuase I thought thay waz ticks in my mouth

2021-08-11 04:41:10 UTC [SS #text]

actually made a tooth shank outta my teeth

2021-08-11 04:42:23 UTC [SS #text]

They just tryin to keep a thug down opressive and shit. Like you seen Buck Breaking?

2021-08-11 04:43:23 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-11 04:44:33 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-11 04:45:01 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-11 05:16:36 UTC [SS #text]

AWAKE iz probably out GRINDIN. On that MOGUL SHIT. He'll get back to us later

2021-08-12 05:15:58 UTC [SS #text]

Member role?!

2021-08-12 08:41:34 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-13 02:04:01 UTC [SS #text]

Rapper music talk?

2021-08-13 22:11:43 UTC [SS #text]

Rapper music mogul TALK start now?

2021-08-13 22:17:55 UTC [SS #text]

@Yergert Members only role you give me mogul talk RAPPER music...........talk help

2021-08-15 02:46:59 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-17 05:21:11 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-19 21:55:01 UTC [SS #text]

I got brain concussion from falling off a roof when I was 8 and don't remember nothing and need money for surgery and my time in tha pen helped a thug get over that shit and AWAKE RAPPER inspired me to murder random homeless people. I'm a thug but a thug with a heart. My hoe callz me fire and ice because one minute I'm cool next minute I'm HOT bitch going to the store lookin like a raccoon. Real SHIT haha. I grind hard for her a my 14 kids

2021-08-19 22:08:53 UTC [SS #text]

I had this bitch fartin on me one night and she fart too hard splattered me with mess and I'm sittin there like OH HELL NAH

2021-08-21 21:43:07 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-25 00:36:37 UTC [SS #text]

The RAPPING begin? The BALLING begin?

2021-08-25 00:36:53 UTC [SS #text]

Where's da RAPPING

2021-08-25 23:58:57 UTC [SS #text]

Mo gul rapping talk drip iced owt

2021-08-25 23:59:17 UTC [SS #text]


2021-08-27 20:09:08 UTC [SS #text]

@Yergert Ah yeah lil homie. Dat shit got wild. He was tweaking HARD already he just went ta zero and blowed up!

2021-08-29 05:54:05 UTC [SS #text]

@Yergert Gimme dat role of da server gimme dat role of tha server gimme tha role of da server. My rap gaming on some murda shit and doing free style rapptsing they let you play murda gamez in tha pen

2021-08-29 05:58:46 UTC [SS #text]

Shout out to pig humpa the swagman for hooking me up with that Boost mobile text card shit

2021-08-29 05:59:39 UTC [SS #text]

Dem lady cops in heat around pig humpa haha

2021-08-29 06:02:48 UTC [SS #text]

I'm pushing random buttons on this iApple and they like locked my shit up and I fuckin broke dat shit screen off but I can still hear AWAKE RAPPER playin

2021-08-29 06:05:17 UTC [SS #text]

Luv tha fam hear srry yall

2021-08-30 23:58:03 UTC [SS #text]

@Yergert Yeeeeaaahhh git dat memba role. They holding this thug down. Got out of one prizon right into anotha one

2021-08-30 23:59:39 UTC [SS #text]

I need AWAKE rappin music role

2021-09-01 04:59:53 UTC [SS #text]

Role of MEMBAS?

2021-09-03 23:30:52 UTC [SS #text]

Sorry homies I'z back from the county jail. They got a thug for making my baby mama look like a raccoon.

2021-09-06 01:01:33 UTC [SS #text]

Baby mama taken me to court of sum wack shiii glad I got that AWAKE RAPPER MOGUL MUSIC TO KEEP A PLAYA CALLM

2021-09-06 01:03:36 UTC [SS #text]

@Yergert the money ballin am I right haha!?

2021-09-06 22:25:10 UTC [SS #text]

Baby mama left my ass cuz I ain't VIP MOGUL TALK MEMBA

2021-09-07 05:18:59 UTC [SS #text]

Yeah baby mama would love dat. Get her back in her hoe phase. Make a playa suck a fart outta her on GOD! Shawty cum twerk day shiii

2021-09-09 21:55:02 UTC [SS #text]

Wah wah wah even a thug cries like a baby when he don't get VIP MOGUL ROLE

2021-09-14 02:58:04 UTC [SS #text]


2021-09-19 23:17:56 UTC [SS #text]


2021-09-23 19:35:46 UTC [SS #text]


2021-09-25 22:17:09 UTC [SS #text]


2021-09-26 20:58:15 UTC [SS #text]

A baby thug needs a couple thangs. Love, diapa change, VIP MOGUL ROLE NOW

2021-09-29 19:08:21 UTC [SS #text]

HOW do we become VIP MOGULS? This question haunts a playa

2021-09-29 19:11:46 UTC [SS #text]

I CLICK on the MEMBAS only and they ain't nothin there?! This confuse a thug

2021-09-29 19:12:44 UTC [SS #text]

Fo REAL?! WHO given dat shit out? I want bad. Luv the AWAKE rappa music yo

2021-09-30 02:07:07 UTC [SS #text]

Thug tryin b humble

2021-10-02 21:38:08 UTC [SS #text]

๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ Tyranny

2021-10-03 02:55:27 UTC [SS #text]

I'm in hospital dying because my brain fell out this might be the last time you can make me VIP MOGUL before I dead. Grant a dying man's wish?

2021-10-03 02:55:47 UTC [SS #text]

@Yergert I'm in hospital dying and I have no brain. The heart beep things got wi fi. Pour a 40 out for this ol' boy I'm finally dead as hell.

2021-10-03 12:34:23 UTC [SS #text]

No response from uppa management once again. What's a dying playa gotta do to get day VIP

2021-10-05 21:22:07 UTC [SS #text]

I came back to life ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿฟ Miracles are real. Where dat mogul role?

2021-10-06 23:52:55 UTC [SS #text]

I got's struck by lightning and day got my ass in ICU and like dying again but I just need dat MOGUL role you FEEL?

2021-10-06 23:54:45 UTC [SS #text]

What kinda cold mothafuckas runnin this thang?

2021-10-07 21:06:15 UTC [SS #text]

I'm up in heaven with RGB gettin my freak on still thankin about that MOGUL ROLE? VIP when?

2021-10-07 21:06:42 UTC [SS #text]

Hook a thug up

2021-10-07 21:07:33 UTC [SS #text]

They got hoes up here that fart on you like crazy

2021-10-10 01:49:04 UTC [SS #text]

Oh lawd lawd take me away from this hell. To a land where I'm VIP?!

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