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2018-12-09 20:01:20 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

sup everyone

2018-12-09 20:04:35 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

someone give me phoenician role

2018-12-09 20:31:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  
2018-12-09 20:31:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

fat niger

2018-12-16 21:59:57 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  


Hey, wheres all the based o9a servers

Hey, wheres all the based o9a servers

Communism is a good thing

Ur gay

U niggers

None of you will ever achieve acausal existence

Not for youu

Cuz ur gay

I dont except faggots into the acausal realm

Ur mom


No u


Ur mom

Whampyre shake

2018-12-22 00:43:43 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Hes chinese and jewish

2018-12-22 00:43:49 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

He is america

2018-12-22 00:44:45 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Ur take

2018-12-22 00:45:14 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Hes a chink jew

2018-12-22 00:45:30 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Thats why he couldnt get a girl

2018-12-22 00:45:51 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Imagine being chinese and jewish

2018-12-22 00:45:57 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Wew lad

2018-12-22 00:46:16 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

*hit the jackpot*

2018-12-22 00:48:01 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

And chinese

2018-12-22 00:48:58 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  


2018-12-22 00:49:08 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

The radioactiveness caused anime

2018-12-22 00:49:30 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Anime is just interdimensional beings

2018-12-22 00:49:52 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  


2018-12-22 00:50:06 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Anime is a result of them being cooked from the inside out

2018-12-22 00:50:26 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Yea they did

2018-12-22 00:50:28 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Those bastards

2018-12-22 00:50:38 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

We attacked them economically

2018-12-22 00:50:44 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

And they thru a fit

2018-12-22 00:51:03 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

O geez one gook marine

2018-12-22 00:51:25 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Japs are still non white

2018-12-22 00:51:33 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

And america at that time was white

2018-12-22 00:52:21 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Japs arent redpilled

2018-12-22 00:52:30 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

They like anime and stuff

2018-12-22 00:52:43 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  


2018-12-22 00:52:52 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

So does everyone else

2018-12-22 00:53:15 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

They have based martial arts

2018-12-22 00:53:59 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

They were still gooks thoufh

2018-12-22 00:54:07 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Thats why i dont have a hardon for them

2018-12-22 00:54:35 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

They conquered korea

2018-12-22 00:54:39 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

And manchuria

2018-12-22 00:54:49 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

Which is like half of china

2018-12-22 00:56:10 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

They have the best martial arts

2018-12-22 00:56:25 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

East asian martial arts are pretty good

2018-12-22 00:56:37 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

No theyre not

2018-12-22 00:56:44 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

They mixed a long time ago

2018-12-22 00:56:52 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  


2018-12-22 00:57:01 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

But chinese people have been there forever

2018-12-22 01:00:03 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

america conquered its way coast to caost

2018-12-22 01:02:05 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

ireland never had an expanding empire

2018-12-22 01:02:17 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

and was only unified for a split second

2018-12-22 01:02:25 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

when they kicked out the vikings

2018-12-22 01:03:02 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

and they were an oppressed people under the english

2018-12-22 01:03:27 UTC [Carpathid's Imperium #welcome]  

so being part of an empire wasnt really cool

Catholic tbh

If your christian and you worry about heaven then kill yourself

You should only worry about your family

@Carpathid are u fan of lomachenkp


No response

Hes great

He fights niggers

Slav boxers are badass

If he fights gervonta gervonta will get hurt i think

Gervonta davis

Black fighter

Lomachenko is a ukrainian fighter

is the uk really that bad

think they went from one of the greatest empires to like...

but the uk was always very racially cognizant

like they hated the irish and scots

so im like why tf do they let in niggers now

it was probably the irish that made it a liberal shithole

pakis suck


pakis are like the worst

what is rotherham

they prey on english schoolgirls

and theyre muslim

i can understand indians and other peeps coming to the uk and dressing up

but idk about pakis

the english prided themselves on racial purity

and they were vicious towards outsiders

and thats what earned them international respect

i feel like the irish fucked england up

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