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Notes(read them after you finish the book)

A Squires Trial is a nice allegory for Fascists of all age. Despite its poor grammar and syntax, The Book uses the simple fable of an old mentor figure teaching the new apprentice; the mentor explains the worldview of Fascism to someone who is more naive to the cause and what he stands for. The innocent apprentice's worldview and preassumed notions of Fascism and National Socialism is then therefore shattered, into which he falls into a bitter conundrum and contradiction with what his mentor has told him and his own cognitive bias, as falsehoods and lies are actively trying to subvert the truth, with truth ultimately succeeding, and leading the apprentice to seek out and follow the footsteps of his would be mentor.
Thus, it is a necessity to refer this book to anyone and everyone who has ideologically naive themselves or innocently right-wing. Even "red-pilled" natsocs who uselessly spend time on and/or delve further into revisionism and the JQ, yet, know little to nothing about the Weltanschauung, must read this book first. As this book can be logically allocated as the first step and basis for building the Weltanschauung and a neat little summary for anyone who has not read any fascist literature whatsoever, yet has gripes about the right-wing, JQ and society in general.

The book is a nice, neat little summary that quickly explains the Fascist/National Socialist worldview, The material and motifs presented here are nothing out of the ordinary or new, given that you, yourself have read: "A Squires Trial", "Next Leap" and "Mein Kampf". Unfortunately, one thing we can say for certain is that many 'redpilled' National Socialists , despite their reading or lackluster effort of reading "Mein Kampf" fail to understand the Weltanschauung, or may have completedly missed the Weltanschauung entirely presented in "Mein Kampf", and thus dabble into things lesser, such as the "Economics of National Socialsm" or the "Political/Social-Economic Policies of National Socialsm" in order to describe National Socialism, often spewing nonsensicle dribbles such as "National Socialism is a Government for the People". No, Wrong, National Socialism is far more and greater than that, and to bring it down to something lesser, to something mortal, to something simple as a "Political Ideology" and not the Weltanschauung, is an insult. Thus it is our jobs as Fascists to drive into the minds of our like-minded comrades that National Socialism is not a Ideology, but a Worldview , to repeat this so much that they repeat it themselves and to refer this book to naysayers to dispute, which ultimately, they cannot.

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A Young German has written this book from his soul, with the river of his heart after a difficult day’s work. He has stood as a youth in the struggle for the Reich and has become a man in the school of armed service. He takes for himself the right to write about faith, because in life he stands at the front. He does not want to intervene in the quarrel of the scholars, because he knows that the struggle for faith is not decided by books and speeches, rather solely by the fire of the hearts. Hence this book should also be read with the heart. His words are intended for those who already carry the new faith within themselves, be it just as the most distant yearning or dark presentiment. He summons them to help create, so that the German soul may find its way to God, so that we can live ourselves.

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Live Bravely and Die Courageously is translated from the Third Reich original Von mutigen Leben und tapferen Sterben by Kurt Eggers. (After he died on the Russian front, a Waffen-SS regiment was named after this warrior poet of the Reich.) A list of the chapters pretty much describes the contents: The German, The Awakening of the Life Will, Community, Valuation and Dialogue. The last chapter includes a fascinating dialogue. A lad asks a warrior the following questions: How should I pray? Will things go well for me on this earth? What is honour? What is joy? How does the strong view life? What if the formula of the law? How does the strong go to his death? The warrior’s answers certainly provoke a fascinating and profound insight into his non-Christian life view.

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"I began my sentence in the Fortress of Landsberg on the Lech, April 1, 1924 resulting from my sentence handed down from the Munich People’s Court. For the first time in my years of uninterrupted Party work, I was finally able to begin a job that many had asked me to complete and one which I myself felt was useful for the Movement. I decided to write two volumes which would not only explain the aims of our Movement, but also would reveal the birth of the Movement. I believe my story will be more beneficial than a simple historical description. This work will allow me to describe my own growth in the Movement and assist in crushing the falsehoods about me created by the Jewish press. My writing is not for strangers, but for those heart-strong supporters of the Movement, and those whose minds need enlightenment. I know that men are more rarely won over by the written word than they are by the spoken word and that every great movement in this world owes its growth to great speakers, not to great writers. Still, writing is necessary to create a unified doctrine we can distribute. I must lay down its principles for all time. These two volumes, then, are meant to serve as stones which I hereby add to the foundation of the Movement."
-Adolf Hitler

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Siege is a book collecting the articles of American national socialist James Mason, former leader of the National Socialist Liberation Front and Universal Order. It collects the text of Mason's SIEGE newsletter (1980-1986) and other propaganda, arranging it according to topic. It places an emphasis on gaining power through armed struggle rather than political means.

We’ve quite literally had enough of the Altright and everything associated with it, so we are set on moving on and leaving it behind for good,as we no longer wish to bother, as we issue a call to all our true Fascists and National Socialists comrades – a call for Zero Tolerance. Zero Tolerance for anyone who isn’t a Fascist or National Socialist,for we march alone. This article is our final call for everyone to decide if they do share this vision, as it will be explained below, and realize that there is but one way towards its achievement. Alternatively, if they find that they have nothing in common with us, then let us part ways and hear no more talk of β€œalliances” andβ€œpunching right”.

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