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Aw ive got a cool visual art thingy i did of a cathedral/heavenly looking place on my pc but i didnt save it on my phone

Nothing like listening to obscure chiptune albums at low volume in the middle of the night alone in the dark

Stimulates a weird sense of self awareness yet dissociation, im not really even sure

Its like ive been transplanted into a new little game

Or maybe the game has been transplanted into me

I wonder if charls will go down in history books as a great philosopher of our day

Health and self improvement channel?

Charls caroll?

I regret my recent actions

Such as washing my face with salicylic acid based soap, putting jojoba oil on, and immediately going to bed

My face hurts when i put it on my pillow now

I do drink lots of water

And i gotta use the salicylic acid to get rid of current acne

And i dont really enjoy taking cold showers in the winter so

I just turn the water to a bit cooler when i rinse my face

I also need the jojoba oil bcuz its a moisturizer

Even when i exercise in the winter i dont get too sweaty at all

Unless its cardio stuff

The absolute lad

Fashion channel?

doctah maw-ree-ahtee

Bunch of people from 4chan have been reporting camwhores to the irs

Because camwhores are basically selling nudes and stuff to people and theyre not being taxed for income

Even tho they should

So the people from 4chan get the irs to audit them

^ better explanation than mine haha

Premium snapchat is a term for the snapchat account of one of those camwhores

Havent read it myself

Only read about it

Whats keeping you from making amends?

Well have you tried making amends before?

I guess its really up toyour judgement in this situation

If she wont do her part in making amends, then its not worth it i guess

Youre welcome, i hope it goes well for you dude!

How are you celebrating hannakuh

Can you link me to like

I wanna buy like an okd

Ah yeah ive heard of that

But i just wanted a cool looking old KJV bible

Just for the aesthetic

I known its the same

i just wan everything to be comfy again

pc stuff is too stressful

Whats wrong with them

destroy all porn producers and watchers

100 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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