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2018-05-28 21:59:08 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

2018-05-28 22:06:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 13:40:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

One can hope

2018-05-29 15:58:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

which we had some decent nationalist organisations in the UK

2018-05-29 15:59:20 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

we had a fledgling 'neo nazi' organisation that got banned

2018-05-29 15:59:31 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

and all they did was use words, so yeah you're right

2018-05-29 16:01:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

National Action

2018-05-29 17:01:26 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

just US politics

2018-05-29 17:01:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

gotta keep both sides happy

2018-05-29 17:01:41 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

a compromise for votes

2018-05-29 17:03:20 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Well then maybe he is legitimately guilty for the slave trade

2018-05-29 17:03:34 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

he claims he's ahead though

2018-05-29 17:03:45 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

haven't looked into voting intentions, so I can't say myself

2018-05-29 17:05:26 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

People are quick to overlook the fact that the blacks enslaved their own and sold their own to the whites and the arabs

2018-05-29 17:05:58 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

No reason to feel guilty about slavery

2018-05-29 17:07:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

BLM are against their own race so it wouldn't surprise me to be honest

2018-05-29 17:08:38 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Its irrelevant anyway. Was done centuries ago. Was done by the arabs, not just whites. And there was plenty of black slave owners amongst the free blacks. On top of the fact that the black chiefs of Africa sold their own people to the whites

2018-05-29 17:08:40 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

and arabs

2018-05-29 17:09:03 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Blacks are just as much to blame for the slave trade as those who enslaved them

2018-05-29 17:12:35 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I hold little faith in any politicians. But the extremes he's gone to encourages a little bit of confidence in him.

2018-05-29 17:14:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

What position is he actually running for?

2018-05-29 17:14:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Just seen that poster

2018-05-29 17:14:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 17:15:13 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 17:15:38 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

He wants to be the Republican nominee for the US senate in California

2018-05-29 17:15:59 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

One senator will make little change anyway

2018-05-29 17:16:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I'm cynical any real change will occur

2018-05-29 17:17:02 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I'm hopeful, but cynical

2018-05-29 17:17:36 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Got too many problems in my own country to worry too much about US politics anyway

2018-05-29 17:17:52 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I mean my government is actually arresting people now for their views so yeah

2018-05-29 17:18:19 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 17:19:11 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

They got crushed by the government. So much for liberty

2018-05-29 17:19:36 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Tommy Robinson just a 13 month prison sentence for reporting on muslim rape gangs

2018-05-29 17:19:55 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 17:20:11 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

UK courts have banned any UK news company from reporting on his arrest too

2018-05-29 17:20:17 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

or they could also face imprisonment

2018-05-29 17:20:49 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Exactly. I don't see him as an idol, but it's a dark door that has been opened.

2018-05-29 17:21:37 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

There's a proposal for a 6 year prison sentence to be introduced for insulting islam too

2018-05-29 17:22:08 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

That's a longer prison sentence than many groomers/rapists get

2018-05-29 17:23:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

National action has an image that was meant to attract people from University who may not already be hardline nationalists. Their art and style reflected that.

2018-05-29 17:23:08 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

well, had an image

2018-05-29 17:23:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Their protests reflected that, but their art, general image and presence in universities said otherwise

2018-05-29 17:24:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

They're geared to attract young people and were spreading quite quick amongst universities. Probably why the government was so quick to crush them

2018-05-29 17:25:24 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Its a concern for the government when the "brightest minds" and people which are supposed to be the indoctrinated future are joining a neo nazi organisation

2018-05-29 17:26:20 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Why is going after universities daft? They're the future generation, especially in the UK where most kids are university educated now. Pretty much standard to have a degree here.

2018-05-29 17:26:32 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Students did join though

2018-05-29 17:26:58 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Why would any man in the UK join a far right organisation when an employer can fire you for doing so

2018-05-29 17:27:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

and leave you homeless

2018-05-29 17:27:11 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Yet men do anyway

2018-05-29 17:27:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

That's easy to say when you don't have dependants. When you have a family, getting a new job isn't that simple

2018-05-29 17:27:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

When you miss a mortgage payment, or rent

2018-05-29 17:29:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Any employer, university or any institution in the UK will kick you out for having far right affiliations

2018-05-29 17:29:15 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

whether it's an official policy, or unofficial one

2018-05-29 17:30:16 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

The company I work for employs a diversity/equality officer and she hosts seminars pushing her bullshit agenda down our throats. A trend which is common in all big companies now.

2018-05-29 17:30:53 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Guarantee if I called her out, I'd be sacked. So I don't attend her seminars.

2018-05-29 17:31:05 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 17:31:26 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

A few of their members celebrated Jo Cox's murder

2018-05-29 17:31:28 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

so they were banned

2018-05-29 17:31:49 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 17:32:23 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Literally every company you join now has a racial tolerance/diversity section in the contract you sign

2018-05-29 17:32:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

if you're found to be in breach of that, you're gone

2018-05-29 17:33:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-29 17:33:06 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

was just a mentally ill person

2018-05-29 17:33:17 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

who was having an argument, Jo cox intervened and got stabbed

2018-05-29 17:33:23 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

then they turned it into a big story

2018-05-29 17:33:40 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Do you live in the UK witan?

2018-05-29 17:34:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Don't know about where you live but where I live it's all big companies and chains and the small businesses are owned by pakis

2018-05-29 17:34:31 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Yes, if you want to live on minimum wage

2018-05-29 17:34:41 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

good luck supporting a family on that when a house where I live is minimum 300k

2018-05-29 17:34:50 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

well then you know

2018-05-29 17:35:00 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

a job you can just pick up is shit pay and you can't support a family on that

2018-05-29 17:35:11 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Can't have a house

2018-05-29 17:35:33 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

that requires funds also

2018-05-29 17:35:48 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

London is full of pakis, but has lots of small independant businesses

2018-05-29 17:36:02 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

still, supporting a family on the sort of wage you'd get from a dead end job is near impossible

2018-05-29 17:37:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Not necessarily.

2018-05-29 17:37:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Companies require references etc

2018-05-29 17:37:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

and if you were fired for racial discrimination then you're in a bit of shit

2018-05-29 17:39:03 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

There's few. If you want to support a family etc, you need to have a steady source of employment, which will be difficult if you're openly an activist. But, if you keep your record clean, avoid trouble with the police etc, then yes youll be fine. As long as the company isn't aware of your activities, you'll be fine

2018-05-29 17:39:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

If the government brings in the laws it wants to, regarding arrests for "discrimination" that will get very hard, very quick

2018-05-29 17:43:53 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

look at that shit

2018-05-29 18:02:15 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-05-29 18:02:21 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

but still ridiculous

2018-05-29 18:18:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-05-29 18:26:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

same with most british organisations

2018-05-29 18:26:53 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

It'd be nice if we had a few organisations that are solely there to break up antifa and left wing marches

2018-05-29 18:27:19 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-05-29 18:27:55 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-05-29 18:28:42 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

Political movements have no chance until there is a change in mass consciousness.

2018-05-29 18:29:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

Problem is most brits are content as they're not yet affected by migration, well at least they think they're not

2018-05-29 18:30:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

When your average liberal voter, who's pro migration doesn't even live amongst migrants

2018-05-29 18:30:54 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-05-29 18:31:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-05-29 18:32:31 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

Worst thing is, liberals think they're academically superior and yet fail to realise the obvious

2018-05-29 18:34:22 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

In our country the older generation tends to be anti migration, but not national socialist due to past war sentiment. But they acknowledge how the country has gone to shit since migration. In the UK, our migration situation isn't as apparent as Sweden due to our larger native population. Unfortunately the problem has to worsen before people see sense

2018-05-29 18:35:32 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

Nah it's not

2018-05-29 18:35:50 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

Sweden has the highest rape rate per capita

2018-05-29 18:36:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

in europe

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