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2021-01-30 19:27:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checking in

2021-01-31 16:34:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guns Up

2021-02-04 00:54:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Running very slow but I'm downloading it now sir.

2021-02-06 15:15:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-06 15:42:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

He is one of us Buck he's cleared hot

2021-02-06 15:42:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If I'm not mistaken 1SGT retired or reserve.

2021-02-08 01:02:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Is there a new FCC channel?

2021-02-08 01:02:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Nm I got it

2021-02-08 14:58:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That's the way state run media works Lil Bit... These corrupt sons of bitches deserve the rope media and political douche nozzles

2021-02-08 14:59:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Including these fucking Rinos... I never in my life thought I would back up Rand Paul but he is actually sticking up for the Best President ever.

2021-02-08 15:01:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Croakin' chickens always train hard...right beside the 80 Deuce and 10th Mountain.

2021-02-08 15:14:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It's not as much of the country as the media even a lot of right leaning media portrays...I know that a lot of the family is "conservative" personally I'm not a Democrat nor a Republican both sides are corrupt as fuck I'm a constitutionalist... I believe in limited government do your job and stay the fuck out of my life let me do what I want as long as I'm not hurting anyone or putting the life of myself of others at risk...we all are granted basic rights give us as citizens our god given rights do your job and leave me the fuck alone.

2021-02-08 15:17:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That's the problem... See I'm a disabled Veteran I do what I can... Between me and my ol'lady we make right about 50k a year but we own our house we raise our children to be productive members of society and don't ask anyone for anything

2021-02-08 15:21:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I have 8 kids and do what I can to support them on my own I don't want any hand outs

2021-02-08 15:24:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I understand and agree...but I also hold faith that the best president ever has this shit all planned to make these cunts expose themselves...

2021-02-08 15:26:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

All mine have their responsibilities... They range from 5 to 20

2021-02-08 15:31:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Along with Pelosi, Schiff, Omar (the Ilhan type) AOC,Talibe (Idk how to spell that retarded bitches name) Mad Maxine a majority of the rest of the left including former officials and 99% of the media all for treason hang 'em high boys

2021-02-08 15:45:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The Penguin is just as bad as dementia Joe. He cant even hold his shit how is he going to hold his position? I have faith in President Trump and believe that by the end of March he will be recognized as the rightful both "1984" and " The Last President" between the both it seems in my opinion that time travel exists because of both.

2021-02-08 16:07:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can't see anything on FB or Twitter those cock suckers all suspended my entire IP. FB for calling Antifa a bunch of bitches who's parents should have whooped their asses.( inciting violence) and Twitter the same offense for posting the 2nd Amendment and stating that lefties can't understand big words for them to get The U.S. Constitution for Dummies.

2021-02-08 16:50:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hey Harbinger haven't personally seen you in a bit. You doin good?

2021-02-08 18:40:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I been good just taking care of the kids and trying to get through stuff... My brother died 16 years and now 2 days ago and his wife(Widow) died yesterday plus I have 2/4 children who finally realized how shitty their mother is and they have come to live with "Dad" so I been working on getting their grades up... OMG all of you should have been here I had Bella talking shit about Democrats then Mikey(my JR) called Surfer Boy a Democrat then talk shit and call him Joe Biden and call me the "Quicker Sniffer upper" I wish these babies didn't pick up so quick...but atleast they're learning not to hold back as younuns

2021-02-09 18:44:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I have people working on intel for us about these Anti-Fags

2021-02-09 18:45:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I am hoping for later today to give intel on them by check in

2021-02-09 20:49:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Pull the hinge pins out but place the doors back on like you have the pins in... Only kick just above or just below the handle the door should give way and you can still enter your fatal funnel

2021-02-09 20:49:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Then you dont have to replace full doors

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