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sup groypers

la colza


not as much as british rape

rape british

groping gangs reich

french trolled!

2021-01-11 00:23:28 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

First-worldie trolled!

groyper vs beta

post physique lil' groyper

pajeet chud

weakling laughing at a real man

@A stranger here's how to get a more kino physique groyper u can make it

no actually bronze age man has had a fermented meat diet for a while now

and he's pretty chad

pretty ride the tiger evola style

yeah fermented meat mindset

red meats are high in estrogen

fermented meats eliminate the mass-produced phytoestrogens

high meat produces most vitamins u need anyway

less acidic

All animal products contain traces of estrogen because even male animals produce the hormone. Cow milk may also contain phytoestrogens

however when u ferment the meat the estrogen goes away

it's disgusting for a few days

Mao trolled GMD comprador traitors

but Deng is still pretty based

Dengism and Maoism are not mutually exclusive lol

In-fact Dengism is just Maosim

It is

Deng called himself a successor to Maoist thought

Ok so

by Maoism

you mean gang of four maoism

which is revisionist

old school Maoism is in line with Dengist political principles

That's not Maoism

first-worldies are cringe

Also the third world is the only world there is

It's how it is

what is your defintion of dengism @slavecaste


that's not what dengism is at all

It's not

Dengism is merely NEP fit into socio-economic necessities of the Chinese peoples

also state capitalism is a meaningless term

every country is state capitalist

since every country has a state and there is capitalism in every country every country is state capitalist

don't care about gay definition of state capitalism

every country is statist

every country is capitalist

it is necessary

state capitalism is a meaningless term

it's a redundancy

ok enlightened "westerner"

explain to me what state capitalism is then

so that's every state

capital is indirectly or directly in the hands of the state

in every state

because every company is ultimately adjutant to the wishes of the state

it is

prove to me how it isn't

America is a state wherein private companies aid the inner state apparatus, in periods such as the new deal capital was directly or indirectly in the hands of the state

in every period in human history the state and capital has cooperated

private companies and the state have always cooperated directly

capital has always been shared

how don't they aid the state

they are aiding the state right now as a matter of fact

but they're still cooperating in killing groypers

military tribunals

deep state


capital and state still coopeate

in state capitalism

that's how it's always been

throughout human history

how is it not for the state?

regardless of which party is in power

the company still aids the interests of institutions

such as CIA and FBI

they still cooperate

deep state and amazon

the profit of the company is always the profit of the state it's how it's always been

censoring groypers

censoring donald trump

the company does this still

and are aiding FBI and CIA in curbing dissent

they are

how are they not

they're sharing photos of famous groypers

letting them get arrested

executed potentially

how are they not aiding the state when they ban trump under orders of the deep state

aided by twitter in finding them

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