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Beep beep

Off the scale

Right now a painted white ceiling

I got asked how big my cock was

@Deleted User boomer tier argument

Latinos will overrun texas and arizona and get annexed by Mexico. Facts.

The future American of 2064 will be brown skinned.

Amerimutts coping because whites will be a minority by the end of the century.

im celtic i.e superior

How's Kosovo?

On the way to independence unlike Kosovo which will forever be a western colony

Serbs coping because their nation is divided into a billion pieces

Serbs cant stop getting bombed and knocked around by every country in existence

Pragmatic Marxist

Ive been called racist

"Racist" is polysemic

No idea what you mean by that

define it first

I want Celtic domination

Depends against who

Depends on the non-celts

>elect of the jews

Please go outside

Rude name change smh

32 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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