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2020-12-30 02:32:15 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #lobby]  

It's me the Tall French Canadien

2020-12-30 02:32:18 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #lobby]  

Let me me in

Idk too much people in it

I hate niggers

I ran out of coffee


I find it interesting u carry pure coca powder because ur that addicted to coffee kek

U wont get it dintard

I havent had Nicotine in several days

And I'm very irritable rn

Smoking is very Canadian

Hacking darts bud

I destroy my lungs for Hades

Everything can be Indo-European when I say it is

Smoking and drinking go together like peanutbutter and jelly nigga

Just eat a greasy breakfast

Bam hangover cured

I only listen to cum town

Dasha kinda hot doe

Disco is aryan

Do u euros still have discotheques

I heard ur still stuck in the 70s

I had a dream I joined Azov last night

It was kek

Disco bitches hrnng

German femcel

Didnt the BDM and HJ events just turn into orgies and shit

Would berlin art hoes like the fact I'm related to SS officers

At 18 I was selling dope to niggers

I wish Canada still had a base in Germany

Yea well we fucked u up in WW1 n 2 bud

I'm french Canadian nigga

We have a love hate relationship with france

Mostly because they arent white anymore

Check out The BārōnΔ“s 𐃃𐂃 (@BaronesThe): https://twitter.com/BaronesThe?s=09

Quebec is 96% white


Even our social democrats are racist

They tell the federal government to fuck off with immigrants all the time

Unless they speak French

And even then they are very selective with French immigrants

Caribbeans and Africans dont speak French well enough for them :^)

Does Germany still have those cool Frats who fence and shit

When are u gonna get ur fencing scar bro

U need one

So u can look like an SS officer

@Deleted User I might be an officer soon

I'm just waiting for the damn bureaucrats to get back to me

Once I'm 2nd LT it's up from there

Probably gonna leave the Cansfian army and join the yanks

So I can get actual power

Have u ever heard of Werner von Urslingen

He was a beast

He had "enemy of god, pity and mercy" written on his breastplate

And did the eternal Germanic Pastime of raping Italy

The Germanic invasions of italy didnt end until 1945

Few know dis

Hitler b like "Italy kinda sus"

Oh fuck


Tell me about the rabbits giluli

2021-01-04 14:00:59 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #lobby]  


Massive cock energy in this photo

The exaggerated swagger of a Swabian Mercenary

Is that Konradin?

Oh yeah kek

Carolingian beasts

I have mixed feelings in Charlemange

On one hand widukind >

On the other hand he propelled france into a powerhouse

I mean France

French (frankish) :^)

Well yeah

Not as his first language

No he spoke Latin

He couldnt write it tho

Yea hang on

I mean all medieval monarchs who where catholic spoke Latin

It's hilarious he larped as King david tho

Svetoslav was a beast

I mean when ur with ur boys with zero women for several months u fuck anything

It probably wasn't a folk migration

But a small group of warriors imposing themselves on the Population


The Russian population didnt even become christian until the 1500s-1600s lol

And even then Russian folk christianity is basically rebranded paganism

Got suspended for 6 days :(

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