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2017-03-13 23:32:31 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

how does one enter?

2017-03-14 00:53:10 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@RevelJack hold up internet killed itself

2017-03-14 19:33:07 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

should i sell my $500 ocarina of time 3ds to get a gtx 1080 or no

2017-03-17 18:56:22 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-03-17 19:00:00 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

we are a satanist church in there eyes probably

2017-03-17 22:52:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

guys faith kids turned off their ratings too lmao

2017-03-17 22:52:46 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they were on before, i guess we disliked too much

2017-03-17 23:02:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i know exactly how having an anti treatment mom is starry, i am bipolar and have panic attacks almost everyday but my family thinks that i shouldnt get help that praying will help, if you ever need anything star let me know

2017-03-17 23:03:43 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i know lol

2017-03-17 23:28:36 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im going to faith kid bootcamp

2017-03-17 23:31:07 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

wait.... dad?

2017-03-17 23:31:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-03-17 23:31:34 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

fuck mine

2017-03-17 23:31:42 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

its gone

2017-03-17 23:31:47 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

that is better

2017-03-17 23:32:00 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

thanks man

2017-03-17 23:33:57 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-03-17 23:34:07 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

its you.... its been so long....

2017-03-17 23:34:15 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-03-17 23:34:38 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

ok if i have to hear this csgo menu music loop one more god damn time i am going to have to kill my friend

2017-03-17 23:34:52 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

my nigga you just got roasted

2017-03-17 23:37:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i trust tronjon

2017-03-17 23:37:45 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-03-17 23:37:48 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

this is

2017-03-17 23:37:51 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

a page?

fuck that

this is real shit

2017-04-10 10:00:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-10 10:00:33 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

mornin daniel

2017-04-10 10:00:42 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-10 10:01:17 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

its 3 am im just watching my dark souls 3 bonfire wallpaper and being amazed

2017-04-11 21:30:00 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:20:01 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

*crashes the second it starts*

2017-04-17 03:28:40 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

the youtube chat is soooo cancerous lmao

2017-04-17 03:30:35 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@Deleted User brother? im not the only dovah related name here

2017-04-17 03:31:14 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@Deleted User well fuck you you have ashamed me brother, you must kill the dragons

2017-04-17 03:31:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:31:44 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

elder scrolls 6, not skyrim 2 @carlsbad

2017-04-17 03:31:55 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:32:04 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:32:15 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

elder squirrels online

2017-04-17 03:34:24 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i said it twice

2017-04-17 03:34:28 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im special

2017-04-17 03:36:31 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

lmao speaking of whales, i triggered an anti fa today

2017-04-17 03:37:06 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

just fucking yor tor shul, burn her to ash

2017-04-17 03:37:17 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

only way we can move her

2017-04-17 03:37:26 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:38:09 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

rep says lying to children is bad, *youtube takes away add money*

2017-04-17 03:38:38 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:38:39 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:38:53 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:38:59 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

best parent ever

2017-04-17 03:39:24 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:39:38 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

this is hysterical in a bad way

2017-04-17 03:39:54 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:39:57 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

fuck this guy

2017-04-17 03:40:14 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

invisible ink prank gone wrong gone abusive in the hood

2017-04-17 03:40:33 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:40:50 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

writing 1,000 sentances? the fuck kind of a punishment is that

2017-04-17 03:41:07 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

its a "prank"

2017-04-17 03:41:49 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

jesus, this reminds me of my family honestly, just instead of writing use beatings, 10/10 family

2017-04-17 03:42:23 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i got locked in a bathroom for 5 hours one time

2017-04-17 03:42:45 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im aware

2017-04-17 03:43:01 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

thats why i am moving to kansas after i turn 18

2017-04-17 03:43:53 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

love my families excuse for locking me in a bathroom for 5 hours is though, its because they think i am turning gay

2017-04-17 03:44:08 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

and i was like 8 at the time

2017-04-17 03:44:42 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah, im bi so im just trying to get out of here so i dont need to tell them when i live with them

2017-04-17 03:45:49 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

jesus now he is threatening to sell their stuff, once again something my dad did

2017-04-17 03:45:56 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:46:35 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah really

2017-04-17 03:46:50 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:47:09 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

10/10 prank (gone abusive in the hood)

2017-04-17 03:47:25 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

honestly yeah

2017-04-17 03:47:48 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

a gas grenade in a pepsi can? or a baseball bat @His Imperial Majesty Prince Bren

2017-04-17 03:48:25 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  
2017-04-17 03:48:54 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

ah that lmao

2017-04-17 03:49:01 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

no i will based stickman this woman

2017-04-17 03:50:13 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

jesus christ, i remember when my dad did this shit, he filmed when he punished me sometimes to show my brother how much of a pussy i am

2017-04-17 03:50:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

hitting waaaay too fucking close to home here

2017-04-17 03:51:37 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

two million? jesus christ

2017-04-17 03:52:20 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

remember kids, rape is bad unless she wont have sex

2017-04-17 03:53:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

exactly, and then the kids grow up in shitty situations like me and my brother and no one gives a fuck cause its their child and they have their rules

2017-04-17 03:54:25 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:54:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

no im kidding

2017-04-17 03:55:01 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i preffer ps4 because of the power

2017-04-17 03:55:21 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

hold my hoops im going to 1v1 this woman\

2017-04-17 03:55:53 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@Alex Alt-Rock Non-Binary Peep doesnt matter, the standard xbox one will hold it back

2017-04-17 03:56:08 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:56:10 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:56:35 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 03:57:09 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same here

2017-04-17 03:57:22 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

and if i did get spanked it was no joke like 40 times for taking a cookie

2017-04-17 03:58:53 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

hagen das why the picture change? lmao

2017-04-17 03:59:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same here @Maki Roll

2017-04-17 03:59:43 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

social warrior justice?

2017-04-17 03:59:48 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

no im kidding

2017-04-17 04:00:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:00:51 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

he just got that yesterday.... jesus

2017-04-17 04:01:41 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah, my dad does this shit all the time, so does everyone at his church, alot of christians are like this

2017-04-17 04:01:44 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

at least baptists

2017-04-17 04:02:37 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:03:14 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

dude his nose is bleeding

2017-04-17 04:03:54 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah really

2017-04-17 04:04:58 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:05:05 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:05:07 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:05:33 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i get like that all the time @Revolver

2017-04-17 04:05:46 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

no its not fake at all

2017-04-17 04:05:58 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:07:10 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@Revolver well i mean, i did get my nose broken as a child by my family and its cockeyed and has scars on the inside that rip so i may do that because of it

2017-04-17 04:08:11 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

reactive attachment disorder, i have that, i dont want anyone fucking else to live with it, it is horrible, i hate this guy even fucking more now

2017-04-17 04:08:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i honestly want to kill this guy, is that bad?

2017-04-17 04:09:17 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

rad is horrible, its hard for me to be social because of it, and this guy is making his kid have it

2017-04-17 04:09:28 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i want to fucking hurt him

2017-04-17 04:10:39 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

its his job, he said he doesnt want to get involved, that is his choice, he is spreading the channel more so people know what is going on

2017-04-17 04:11:18 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im reporting this channel now, anyone want to join me?

2017-04-17 04:12:01 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

its not satire, this is all very real

2017-04-17 04:12:33 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

what is the channel called?

2017-04-17 04:13:17 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

dude these guys are legitimately brainwashed into thinking this is all a prank, and one yelled i was

2017-04-17 04:13:19 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

what the fuck

2017-04-17 04:13:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

thank you kaycie

2017-04-17 04:14:31 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

child endangerment is an option

2017-04-17 04:15:28 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

you cry when you get pranked?

2017-04-17 04:15:30 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

what the fuck

2017-04-17 04:18:43 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i want to force a fucking drill in this mans skull

2017-04-17 04:20:21 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

ok, this HAS to be scripted, a kid wouldnt talk about giving them views and thus money

2017-04-17 04:20:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

at least in such a way

2017-04-17 04:20:38 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they wont

2017-04-17 04:20:47 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same here @Maki Roll

2017-04-17 04:21:07 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

thats what i was getting at @LaVeyanFiend

2017-04-17 04:21:15 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:21:16 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

it is

2017-04-17 04:21:19 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same here

2017-04-17 04:21:41 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i have ptsd from some of the shit my family did and now im starting to have flashbacks of it beacsue of this video

2017-04-17 04:21:50 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:22:17 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah same brb

2017-04-17 04:23:48 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

ok im back, i got my meds and shit, and now im calmed back down

2017-04-17 04:24:44 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

thanks autism lmao

2017-04-17 04:24:56 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i still dont have one, im 17

2017-04-17 04:25:10 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

my family refuses to let me have one

2017-04-17 04:26:19 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

is it bad that my family wont let me have a phone at 17?

2017-04-17 04:26:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

cause i have been told its normal

2017-04-17 04:27:05 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

cause there reason is so i dont get a girlfriend and lose my virginity if i dont get married

2017-04-17 04:27:28 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they have money, they are fucking rich but since they think i might have sex i cant have one or talk to other people my age

2017-04-17 04:27:32 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i am

2017-04-17 04:27:45 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im moving to kansas with my friend erica

2017-04-17 04:28:11 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@Maki Roll im homeschooled, so that wont work

2017-04-17 04:28:41 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

its part of not letting me by my age group to not have friends

2017-04-17 04:28:58 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

my brother has a phone and a tablet, but i dont for some reasaon

2017-04-17 04:29:02 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

he is 9 im 17

2017-04-17 04:29:19 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:29:44 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@Alex Alt-Rock Non-Binary Peep no, i have always been abused but he gets everything he wants

2017-04-17 04:29:48 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:29:53 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they are baptist

2017-04-17 04:30:05 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

not yet

2017-04-17 04:30:08 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im going to when i move out

2017-04-17 04:30:16 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same with me being bi

2017-04-17 04:30:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

there is no reason at all

2017-04-17 04:30:30 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they always have done this

2017-04-17 04:30:39 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:31:39 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im behind a year because of homeschool cause i have fucking dyslexia and they blame me for it @Alex Alt-Rock Non-Binary Peep

2017-04-17 04:31:48 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im also adhd so that doesnt help

2017-04-17 04:32:11 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

cause they dont want me around other teens

2017-04-17 04:32:38 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

not even cause they are poor, homeschool costs alot

2017-04-17 04:33:58 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

sorry if what im typing in here i shouldnt be, i kind of need to vent, my friend ericas phyciatrist said she needs to not deal with this kind of stuff for a bit

2017-04-17 04:37:54 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

did he just say he did it for disney? or did i hear it wrong

2017-04-17 04:41:53 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah he's done, i will see you guys later, i need to get my bipolar under control

2017-04-17 04:42:04 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:42:33 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

my first video was one of his videos on depression

2017-04-17 04:42:56 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:43:23 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah, their dad reminds me of my dad, just mine was a bit worse

2017-04-17 04:47:14 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

spanking can still be bad, like i mentioned it earlier my family spanked me on the good days when he didnt yell at me and hit me with full on punches, but i got spanked 50 times once for eating a cookie i wasnt supposed to

2017-04-17 04:51:35 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

but anyway, i need to go get my anxiety and shit under control, i will talk to you guys later.

2017-04-17 04:52:26 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@SadSushiRoll im trying to, i've been getting urges to do shit im not going to mention but its just getting worse

2017-04-17 04:52:47 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

since my family doesnt believe in psychiatrists i cant get the help i need

2017-04-17 04:53:22 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i have allready tried killing myself this week, im going to make sure im not going to again

2017-04-17 04:56:26 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

thats what i have been trying to convince myself but im not really believing it all is

2017-04-17 04:56:34 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

sorry for the late reply my dad came into my room

2017-04-17 04:57:19 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 04:57:42 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

the stream was great, are you going to do them for all facepalm sundays now?

2017-04-17 04:58:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

everyone loves @Bimmy Hopkins

2017-04-17 04:58:39 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i will 1v1 anyone who says otherwise on roblox

2017-04-17 04:59:14 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

club penguin ISLAND 1V1 snowball fight

2017-04-17 04:59:51 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

night pickle rick

2017-04-17 05:00:05 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

never stop being a savage

2017-04-17 05:00:30 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@Blood From a Ghost what the fuck is wrong with your sister? how old was she?

2017-04-17 05:00:38 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 05:00:45 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-17 05:01:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah i used to be the same way

2017-04-17 05:02:30 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

anyway now im going for real this time, i have shit to get under control, im starting to freak out

2017-04-17 05:02:41 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

see you guys later

2017-04-20 00:02:22 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

ok so time to look at the non cancerous chat while he is streaming

2017-04-20 00:36:20 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

ok honestly, about the fag thing, i am bi, and i dont get offended by that is anyone else here gay or bi or anything that can agree? people get offended for us about fag but i call my best friend who is bi a faggot all the time

2017-04-20 00:37:19 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah, but i want to see if anyone here gets offended by fag, cause everyone i have ever met that is gay or bi isnt

2017-04-20 00:38:30 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i ask myself that everyday

2017-04-20 00:38:55 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-20 00:39:49 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

which one

2017-04-20 00:39:52 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

the stream or the new one

2017-04-20 00:40:57 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

@erravii about the fag thing?

2017-04-20 00:42:06 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah really, people get offended on our behalf, i got banned for saying fag on a rust server, but when i said i am bi they said i am not and i am just trying to get back in, fuckin sjws man

2017-04-20 00:43:12 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they have anti homophobia rules like, no nazi imagery, no racist slurs, and no homophobic slurs, and i got banned for being homophobic, 10/10 logic

2017-04-20 00:44:23 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

weeeell, i mean the plus makes no sense to me because those are all of the tumblr genders but lgbt is cool

2017-04-20 00:45:14 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i will gladly fuckin offend people, idgaf

2017-04-20 00:46:21 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah exactly, @Emma like i said, i am bi, and i triggered a feminist with my american flag patch on my military jacket, and when i said im bi she responded with no you arent, you are just saying that you cant be lgbt with the american flag on you since its homophobic

2017-04-20 00:46:40 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i dont understand their logic

2017-04-20 00:46:52 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

yeah really

2017-04-20 00:47:32 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same where

2017-04-20 00:47:38 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same here*

2017-04-20 00:48:29 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they act like bi people and gay people are so fuckin oppressed but in reality they are making us opressed by bunching us up with them and yelling at us for not agreeing with them

2017-04-20 00:49:10 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  


2017-04-20 00:51:08 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

dude, i will purposely walk up to feminists and sjws and call them a she when they said they dont identify as male or female, so that makes me straight apparently

2017-04-20 00:52:59 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i mean, i can see her saying im a nazi, im wearing an all black militairy uniform with an upcut but i mean, when i have my main jacket on with the american flag and shit on it makes me EVEN MORE of a nazi then having my one designed PURPOSELY SIMILAIRLY TO THE SS UNIFORM

2017-04-20 00:53:55 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i bought it because my great grandpa was an ss officer but apparently the united states jacket is worse than a nazi jacket

2017-04-20 00:54:44 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

oh youtube has added a custom gender option btw, just throwing that out there

2017-04-20 00:55:02 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i set mine to attack helicopter

2017-04-20 00:55:45 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

same here @shall i went on a quest to get blocked by feminist frequency and laci green

2017-04-20 00:55:49 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

and i was succesfull

2017-04-20 00:56:27 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

they did @lucky_zero

2017-04-20 00:56:44 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i made a new account for my arma clan and i saw it was there

2017-04-20 00:57:39 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

rip repz camera

2017-04-20 00:58:56 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

i have 13 followers

2017-04-20 00:58:59 UTC [MrRepzion 🐍 #chat]  

im going to cut

2017-06-27 07:42:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-06-27 07:42:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-06-27 07:43:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

**S A M E**

2017-06-27 07:43:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

ok im done now lmao

2017-06-27 07:44:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

i am the most **E M U **

2017-06-27 07:45:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

** K I L L Y O U R S E L F** @Chancellor

2017-06-27 07:46:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

**N O T H I N G H A P P E N E D T O T H E E M U S, I T W A S A L L A J E W I S H P L O T**

2017-07-03 06:20:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

noice stream goys <@&284498674887688192>

2017-07-08 08:56:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

you are the definition of cancer

2017-07-08 23:52:56 UTC [Anticom #general]  

thank you to whoever did that

2017-07-10 05:48:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-10 05:50:19 UTC [Anticom #general]  

i see the issue

2017-07-10 05:50:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-10 05:50:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-10 05:51:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

but yeah i would rather by a samsung than by a overpriced brick and give apple money

2017-07-10 05:51:20 UTC [Anticom #general]  

they sell a fuckin ipad keyboard for 200 dollars

2017-07-10 05:51:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

the same price i got my corsair k95 for

2017-07-10 21:14:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-10 21:15:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-10 21:16:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

not at all

2017-07-10 22:28:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

i honestly dont see the big issue with the gays, just let them do what they want. given, when some of them start running out into the streets fucking their boyfriends in the ass, that shouldnt be allowed, but just let them do what they want. We have bigger issues atm

2017-07-16 01:26:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-16 01:26:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

im happy

2017-07-17 20:56:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

tis me

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