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Thank you for the warm welcome

2018-07-26 22:22:43 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

I would like more info about the satanic pics posted on 8chan from New Yorkโ€™s finest.

2018-08-01 06:11:14 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Everybody,Thought it strange that Tomโ€™s kids all have different last names as opposed to Jim Steyerโ€™s kids all have the same last name.

2018-08-02 09:43:52 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Anyone that might be interested.
A Tea Party Movement to Overhaul the Constitution Is Quietly Gaining Steam.

2018-08-10 19:10:44 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@RadixVerum,I wish they would go dig more.

2018-08-18 09:39:19 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #the-chapel-text]  

@Everyone,Please continue to pray for the children of the world.The power of prayer is our greatest weapon!

CBS chief Les Moonves resigns amid flurry of sexual misconduct allegations - CNN Money

2018-09-10 14:28:33 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #the-chapel-text]  

Is China Cracking Down on Christianity? Officials Are Burning Bibles and Destroying Crucifixes as Religious Freedoms Sink - Newsweek

Bolton: International Criminal Court 'is already dead to us' - ABC News

2018-09-17 19:05:34 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #germany]  

Germany Just Rolled Out the Worldโ€™s First Hydrogen-Powered Trains - Futurism

2018-09-17 21:15:12 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Oscar_Brovo Awesome!

2018-09-17 21:35:11 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #the-chapel-text]  

The quiet evangelical campaign to help Republicans hold onto the House and Senate - PBS NewsHour

2018-09-17 21:42:48 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Semtex Awesome Q proof!

2018-09-17 21:45:40 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Deleted User Good one!

2018-09-18 21:58:08 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #ireland]  

MMA fighter Conor McGregor releases 'proper' Irish whiskey - Fox News

2018-09-19 19:10:59 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #the-chapel-text]  

@freeflyingbutterfly Prayers going up!

2018-09-19 19:41:15 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #election-fraud]  

The memes are getting so much better,love em!

Dianne Feinstein is in Trouble - Splinter

This is their platform now it seems.
On Politics With Lisa Lerer: A Moment for Women - The New York Times

2018-09-22 07:07:46 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #election-fraud]  

Good meme material.
I found Hillary&Obama.
Woman finds two-headed viper in her flower bed, state hopes to display it in a zoo - USA TODAY

REPORT: Officials Inside White House Believe McCabeโ€™s Team Planted Rosenstein Story - The Daily Caller

Arguments set on West Virginia Supreme Court seats - ABC News

The waiting list for organ transplants is finally shrinking โ€” for a grim reason - Vox

Trump administration cancels FDA fetal tissue contract - NBC News

Former Bush counsel urges Trump to move ahead on declassifying Russia docs - The Hill

Trump takes aim at Iran in defiant UN speech - The Hill

Rosenstein saga shows need to protect Mueller - USA TODAY

Bill Cosby denied bail, sentenced to at least three years in state prison - NPR

Justice Department charges Chinese national with aiding in espionage - NBC News

Music Modernization Act Heads to President Trump for Signature - Variety

House panel prepares to subpoena for McCabe memos - The Hill

Imagining 2020 - Fox News

2018-09-28 03:04:56 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #the-chapel-text]  

Navy Veteran with Terminal Cancer Holds Yard Sale to Pay for His Own Funeral - People

House passes tax reform 2.0 to make cuts permanent - Fox News

24 Men โ€” Including Cop โ€” Allegedly Tried to Lure Kids for Sex Using Video Games Like Fortnite - People

After watching hearing, woman accuses Washington state lawmaker of raping her in 2007 - Fox News

2018-09-29 09:11:13 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

After watching hearing, woman accuses Washington state lawmaker of raping her in 2007 - Fox News

2018-09-29 17:21:31 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #the-chapel-text]

Sports getting in on the action,no pun intended.

2018-10-02 11:04:24 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #ireland]

2018-10-02 11:57:08 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #germany]

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