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2019-07-18 13:46:01 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

thank you

2019-07-18 13:47:12 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

@tattered flag I have no idea how to use this yet, a little behind with things, but youtube continues to block the news and i'm getting tired of my internet crashing over it, having to use a hotspot at the moment

2019-07-18 13:49:25 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

Not yet, I will do so now, thank you

2019-07-18 13:50:42 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

ahh, my mic on my laptop is useless, but i can try to see if it works

2019-07-18 13:53:59 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

I am an australian, no walmarts here =]

2019-07-18 13:54:23 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

i think i got the mic working

2019-07-18 14:04:41 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

Ah Thank youuu

2019-07-18 14:05:22 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  


2019-07-18 14:05:36 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

i think i am hearing it

2019-07-18 14:05:43 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  


2019-07-18 14:06:08 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

i think i get it

2019-07-18 14:07:05 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

thank you

2019-07-18 14:07:43 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

im not catching audio anymore

2 Corinthians 4: 1 - 6 (NASB)
Paulโ€™s Apostolic Ministry
Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we received mercy, we do not lose heart, but we have renounced the things hidden because of shame, not walking in craftiness or adulterating the word of God, but by the manifestation of truth commending ourselves to every manโ€™s conscience in the sight of God. And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bond-servants for Jesusโ€™ sake. For God, who said, โ€œLight shall shine out of darkness,โ€ is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

is evergreen code for an active website, brown is one that isnt active
On the Internet, evergreen is a term used by some ad agencies to describe a Web site that is updated on a daily or other frequent basis. A Web site that is evergreen is considered more likely to attract both first-time and repeat visitors. If a media buyer for an ad agency is selecting a number of sites for an ad campaign, whether a site is considered evergreen may determine whether it's included in the campaign. A Web site that is not updated frequently enough is termed brown.
he is warning people about Q being active

and explaining Q is part of the next campaign. aka freaking out


Or 10/5/19?

Isaiah 10:5-19


This is talking of Jesus. Daniel.

It's also in revelation 1:9-20

daniel, isaiah and revelation all were prophesying the end times and Jesus warning people

Maybe we need to look at the watch in relation to that creepy sacrificial sun dial on Epstein's island?

it's nice for people like me who cant seem to access much online at the moment

you rang? :p

hehe awesome

Opal and Tourmaline are the stones for 5/10/19 sounds a bit odd, but i wonder what stones are sitting at 10 and 5 on the sundial?

anywho, i guess i'll keep WATCHing the news

i've enjoyed listening in so far

whenever i try to listen to the soapbox on youtube the feed is blocked, takes me like 5 different routes to watch it, then my internet collapes

In relation to doing research on the paedophile circle. I ended up in Australia with the founders of a program created in an Australian university that calls itself safe schools. It has become a national program, nothing's been done to stop it, though it's creators, Gary Dowsett an advocate for paedophilia and Roz Ward a Marxist were removed from their positions... the whole country now teaches minors all sorts of hectic stuff, including how to bypass parental safe guards.

This journey a number of years ago is what started my support for the cause. I sit and wonder what I can do for my country, and I believe somehow the situation being solved in the US is going to help ours here in Australia


Well q informing us of them using a code clearly means q knows what it means and we will also know soon. Meanwhile they run around like headless chooks thinking they are still in secret

Morning, interesting rap

My naive take on the watch

Maybe it's something that will be said at around that part of a speaking moment

For the patriots

Trump will have been president for 911 days in just over 24hrs

@Magnify โœ Q ๐Ÿ‘‰MAGA-KAG can you write what it says?

^^It's a bit old, but relevant. And yes this funny man and his accent were a local member of parliament trying to stop and raise awareness of this whole thing


Three hrs ago the white house

The jumpsuits for baby's are coming!

I think I sleep spammed the room. Sotry


Fox........ disclaimer, haven't watched this yet

The God Squad is a motorcycle club already lol

I was a little bored

So much interesting listening

Ok... one more meme I made... then sleep

I edited that meme .. ahhh wasn't satisfied

God bless my friends

I love Why Didn't They Laugh? | #581 Moana is Gross, Ben Shapiro has a Trans Robot Clone, let's play it!

That is a snap chat filter

The eye's


Yeah and I can't leave the room

The voice chat says I'm not in but won't let me leave or join


I'm on phone...

I'll try

2019-07-23 15:38:28 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #memes]

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