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national socialism

how do you think it could be practically implemented in any western country

I do not mean to sound condescending if I do

this isn't debate

I like to learn

teach me, fool.

I'm just trying to learn about national socialism

I know what that shit is just tryna get some opinions about it

Like if it could be implemented in a western country

He just likes african history man

I mean what's wrong with being a nigga who likes communism

And african history

here we go again

is this unironic?

I'm trying to get into /b/ but all i keep seeing are blacked threads and the non-blacked threads are just porn threads that get invaded by tyrones

the fucking yellow movement has a point

guys who want to get rid of porn on /b/

how do you think monarchism could get implemented in a western country practically today?

@Deleted User How much of a role do you think powers like the U.S will have in that?

I think eventually the U.S will have some non-interventionist guy

the africans do have good qualities

but besides that

africa itself has no resources

things like diamonds and rare metals, sure. And even oil in others but africa was almost made to be conquered

you read what i said

i didnt say it

i am just saying

it is like the plains of the midwest

it is made to be conquered

i don't fuckin know

>implying africa is a desert

what a libtard

>the worst part of africa

you are a furyr

cease your nerves from sending the signals required to type the visible manifestation of stupidity on this platform.

I will actually come to your house and neuter you like the animal you wish to be so you cannot spread the blight that is your seed upon God's green planet earth.

Not like you'll be using those dried up grapes anyway fucking animal

with your mother and your girlfriend

get more women in your harem

like pokemon cards

only blonde haired blue eyed women

for the wheatfields

and the star-child which can be the second coming of hitler

so ytou can realize esoteric hitlerism in it's purest form

i've dated a mulatto before

You cannot use that shout

the n-word is a shout only obtained by those ordained by the council of official Black people

(Abbreviated as N.E.G.R.O)

that is not important

you have not been granted the use of the shout

Non-blessed whytes cannot understand this shout. It has multiple words of power.

Meaning aggression and raw spiritual power

Meaning "50 percent" in their ancient tongue, halves all incoming damage

This is for your own good.

Beware of the words you speak

for you cannot comprehend the power they hold

use the shout then

use the ancient shout of your ancestors

anon use the shout against daemon

pic of myself, felt cute

turn around and get on your knees

my uncle can beat your dad up

my futadom mommy gf can rape your uncle

look it up on your school's library website

Oh, i know a website for it

look up the U.S.S liberty incident

penis inspection time

hinga hinga hurgen

oppengruppen fuhrer adolfus, we cannot kill all the bolshivek swine!

communists will be subjected to forced sissifacation before the gladiator pit

who says they're fighting eachother?

982 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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