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2018-03-24 02:39:16 UTC [Hate Network #vetting]  

2018-03-24 02:39:58 UTC [Hate Network #vetting]  


No thanks Iโ€™m not a retard lmao

How much did Soylent sponsor you for that message?

Ayo niggy, add me to the fascists

@ZohiusTheFreedomGuy Wew lad that was the faggiest shit Iโ€™ve ever heard

Taking estrogen doesnโ€™t make you a woman

Iโ€™d like to see you try bitchtits lmao @ZohiusTheFreedomGuy


For now

Starving people indiscriminately =\= killing degenerates

= / =

Holy fuck itโ€™s like someone has a machine and they just roll for what phrase this dude will say lmao


Capitalism and communism fucking suck

But seriously @ZohiusTheFreedomGuy, do you do activism or do you just say the same lines online?

@Dwarf This guyโ€™s got the right idea

Communist homie stopped talking when I asked if he did legitimate activism

Really makes me think

Youโ€™ve killed no one

So no, youโ€™ve not done any activism


You need activism TO brew a revolution, retard

Repeating lines online doesnโ€™t make a fucking revolution

I canโ€™t wait to curb stomp you fucks for real.

Iโ€™ll stick to my 14/88 fam

So Iโ€™m gonna ask again

What, exactly, do you do for communism

Besides saying stupid fucking lines on the internet

@ZohiusTheFreedomGuy You still didnโ€™t answer my question


You havenโ€™t answered my question yet. Weโ€™ll get to me.

Stop tying to shift the goal post

This freedom guy

@Bill Nye the Russian Spy Vietnam also makes my fucking shoes

How about you answer the question instead of being a retard lmao

@ZohiusTheFreedomGuy Do I need it? Not at all

That it was fucking pointless and you work as Americaโ€™s bitch now lmao

This fucking dude lmao

Not you


Roman Bunpf

Holy shit yโ€™all are autistic across the board

Not you

These other dudes

2018-08-07 02:01:50 UTC [BLACKOUT Survivalism #vetting]  

Einsatz can vouch for me too

48 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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