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Why the fuck is Christianity part of the Fascist Party's platform

Why would you promote a Semitic religion

Why do I intend on splitting hairs on """Fascists""" who insist that their people must worship a Jewish God?


I guess we'll never know



Now that we've won, Fascism has taken over the real world

good job boys

TAV has been achieved

fucking based

why are libertarians allowed to speak?

nigger what kind of "victory" is this lmao


Shouldn't we have purged all dissidents by now?

that's kinda what we do

who the fuck cares about server rules

bruh the only rules are the rules of nature

that's gay

I hold the real power

Bogdanoff is the true puppet master

who the fuck do you think I worship?

I worship the TRUE pantheon of the Aryan Race:

The Bogdanoffs

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Old Crow Medicine Show

Anime (all of it)


Jesus was a Satanist

Jesus is PAGANG

Self defense is gay

why should you ever be on the defensive?

Finland you're fucking retarded and all monarchists are LARPer permavirgins

Stalin was an insane retard

and if the kikes killed him then i'm glad

and yeah kikes are capitalists and communists

as well as monarchists

He literally didn't

no jews are white

all jews must die

without exception

Then you're a kike as well

Monarchism is just as Jewish tbh

Yes it is

Charlemagne probably being one of the worst offenders

Anything that isn't Fascist is Jewish

Jews didn't need to destroy monarchies

the kings were already philosemitic

It's had a kike problem for quite a while

That's not why the Great War happened lol

Jews benefit off war no matter what

God damn, even muslims are better at killing kikes than you guys

What religion should a monarch be then?

Also how the fuck are you a monarchist when you live in the US

that makes even less sense

Every monarchist I've met here has been a complete loser that got their ideology from playing too much Crusader Kings

@Faust Aight I'll give that one to you

Do you think I'm associated with AWD or some shit?


Are you going to complain about how someone argues over the internet?

the fuck are you even talking about

Not sure why you're taking the side of a Monarchist when you're a Fascist

Is that a threat?

haha tf you mean?


Is Finland going to shoot up his school because they made fun of him for drawing crusader pictures in the corner of the lunchroom?



also I'm a proud divider

not sure why you think you're insulting me


Nigga you're a monarchist

you ain't got room to talk on autism

I have never met a Monarchist that wasn't a spergy nerd faggot

I am Manson

Satan was proto-SIEGEpilled


looks like I, SIEGE, have successfully taken over this server in the name of Charles Manson (7th avatar of Satan)


>not being Esoteric Vexism

Vex is the 10th avatar of Rape


I am your leader

you faggot

bow down to SIEGE

Nothing says victory like being on a political simulation discord

dude I'm SIEGE

I exist to tear down discords

I'm not even a human dude

I'm a cybernoctulian

niggas whoms't actually use this server on a regular basis



165 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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