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2018-05-10 22:40:11 UTC [Elections #canada]  


2018-05-10 22:40:18 UTC [Elections #united-kingdom]  

bin knife

2018-05-10 22:44:21 UTC [Elections #sweden]  

refugees welcome

2018-05-10 22:44:28 UTC [Elections #germany]  

refugees welcome

2018-05-10 22:44:48 UTC [Elections #iraq]  

theres no walmarts here, but theres a target in every corner

2018-05-10 22:45:22 UTC [Elections #australia]  

convict colony

2018-05-10 22:45:33 UTC [Elections #italy]  

good food and qt grills

2018-05-10 22:45:44 UTC [Elections #finland]  


2018-05-10 22:45:53 UTC [Elections #netherlands]  

whats the netherlands?

2018-05-10 22:47:24 UTC [Elections #france]  

Paris smells bad and theres graffiti everywhere. i went there once,never again

USA,MAGApede,constitutional republican,im also sexy ASF.

2018-05-10 22:53:10 UTC [Elections #australia]  

blocks your path

2018-05-10 22:54:15 UTC [Elections #australia]  

that nose has been punched way too many times though,uh?

2018-05-10 22:55:03 UTC [Elections #australia]  

wont they be your BFF's if you bring them a can of gasoline?

2018-05-10 22:58:41 UTC [Elections #canada]

2018-05-10 22:58:58 UTC [Elections #united-kingdom]

2018-05-10 22:59:28 UTC [Elections #iraq]  


2018-05-10 23:02:03 UTC [Elections #iraq]  

yeah, live a year there

2018-05-10 23:07:47 UTC [Elections #iraq]  


2018-05-10 23:11:25 UTC [Elections #australia]

@Deleted User theres 2 illinois,btw

2018-05-11 21:25:10 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

my rifle is the one that protects me

2018-05-11 21:26:13 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

so im suppossed to let the other guy kill me or steal my property?

2018-05-11 21:26:45 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

he will shoot me. how will i take it

2018-05-11 21:26:49 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  


2018-05-11 21:27:09 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

jesus, liberals are mental

2018-05-11 21:27:59 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

i bet jeffs the type of guy that says "why did that cop shoot that murderer that was shooting at him? why didnt he just taze the gun out of his hands?"

2018-05-11 21:28:30 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

thats what he wants

2018-05-11 21:29:07 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

democrats dream is to disarm everyone,get themselves in charge and then oppress everyone.

2018-05-11 21:29:36 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

nah, not alll. just 90 percent of them. the other 10 are just braindead

2018-05-11 21:34:58 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  


2018-05-11 21:36:30 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

theres been a bunch of shooting in the UK recently

2018-05-11 21:37:40 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

in sweden the liberal eutopia they have grenade attacks by the "peaceful" refugees.

2018-05-11 21:39:07 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

thats what liberals want here in the US

2018-05-11 21:49:36 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

this dude has to be larping as a liberal and trolling us

2018-05-12 00:59:03 UTC [Elections #united-kingdom]  

@karlkarlkarl nothing, you guys are too far gone.

2018-05-12 00:59:20 UTC [Elections #united-kingdom]  

@Breeding no, its the average british person.

2018-05-12 18:32:42 UTC [Elections #italy]  

italy produced this,theyre ok in my book.

2018-05-12 20:02:40 UTC [Elections #italy]

2018-05-13 01:52:37 UTC [Elections #anything-else]

2018-05-13 01:54:01 UTC [Elections #anything-else]

2018-05-16 23:06:35 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

got you,my dude

2018-05-16 23:06:40 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]

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