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Thanks! And hello all.

USA. I was a Republican/Libertarian for over 30 years, am now an Independent Progressive.

explain the "power" part? Sorry, am a noob

I'm a mod on Reddit's Way of the Bern but have a lot of libertarian beliefs, although from a left point of view. I found the link to this place on r/Libertarian. Good folks there.

I'd be interested in seeing your Quora page

thanks for the purple πŸ˜ƒ

2018-05-11 21:20:23 UTC [Elections #anything-else]  

Appreciate ya

TN, yikes. Marsha Blackburn is a horrible person. But she will still probably win

I've helped write several posts on House/Senate elections and recommendations in our Reddit sub - I did Tennessee - boy, that state was depressing AF

If guns are outlawed, only the GOVERNMENT will have guns. And that's no bueno.

not all Dems

heyyyyyy now

You're 15??

As do I - although I vote Dem in local elections - mostly

Right? Cops are good at stomping blacks outside of the Waffle House, but not so good at helping in actual dangerous situations

Dems will not take back the House. They can't gain enough.

AR = ARmaLite

I am a lefty that is very pro 2A

I think Manchin goes down in WV

I think the WV Dems that supported Swearengin will cross over and vote Repub.

They're piiiiiiiiiiissed

I disagree

I think in the next 4-6 years, a large number of non-whites will realize that the Dem Party could not care less about them

But not hunting?

well, you said ranges and handguns, and hunting requires a shotgun or a rifle

As long as an AR-15 doesn't have a bump stock or a switch that can turn it to full auto, I don't see a problem

Progressive =/= liberal

Today's liberal is not much different economically from today's "conservative"

You're right, Button. The political compass has 2 axes

What's your single issue, Button

And anti-war is very good

Beto is not going to win

Thank god, someone agrees that the drug war should end. Because it should, right freaking now

Peace out

Goldwater Conservatives...we still have one in America. Her name is Hillary Clinton 😐

40 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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