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2017-05-19 06:18:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  
2017-05-19 06:18:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

my account was suspended

2017-05-19 06:18:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I made a new one

2017-05-19 06:18:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-05-19 06:19:10 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I got banned for absolutely no reason

2017-05-19 06:21:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  
2017-05-19 06:21:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-05-19 06:26:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

welp I'm going offline now lads

2017-05-19 06:26:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-05-21 03:02:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

how many times do I gotta say it goys

2017-05-21 03:02:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

my account is suspended

2017-05-21 03:02:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-05-21 03:02:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

this is my new one

2017-05-21 03:03:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

gib vetted

2017-05-21 03:48:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Wew lad

2017-05-22 07:05:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@mole (NL) aye wassup nibba

2017-05-22 14:44:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-05-23 03:51:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion
I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high
Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
Though my mind could think I still was a mad man
I hear the voices when I'm dreamin', I can hear them say
Carry on my wayward son,
For there'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more

2017-07-22 21:12:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@`~ shut up

2017-07-22 21:12:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You didn't do shiet

2017-07-25 20:45:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-25 20:45:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So I had this guy at work, he was a massive shit talker. little taller then me, way heaver and he thought fat=muscle mass. Well his GF dumped him so suddently he wants to get in shape. Now he had swore up and down he was stronger then me, and he would kick my ass, so he came to the gym with me and my gym buddy. He puts a 25 on each side of the bar and does it 10 times, the 9th time he is struggling on his first set. I couldn't stop laughing at him afterwards so he gets all huffy and says "YOU DO IT" so I say "lode that mother fucker up to 225" so my gym friend loads it up, and I bust it out 10 times easy. suddenly that fuckers perception is changed. His concept of strong was all wrong, his concept of ready was all wrong.

2017-07-25 21:29:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-25 21:29:16 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I've been here since Jan or Feb

2017-07-25 21:30:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

why did you leave OH?

2017-07-25 21:31:45 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-03 04:22:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I have a big butt full of poop and I'm ready to let it rip

2017-08-03 07:42:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@mizxy680 you need to shut the fuck up you nonwhite woman

2017-08-03 07:43:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's why you stand in the back at church

2017-08-03 07:45:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Capuno what the fuck

2017-08-03 07:45:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@temp what the fuck

2017-08-03 07:45:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Stop following me

2017-08-03 07:46:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What the fuck

2017-08-03 07:46:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  

But this is beside the point

2017-08-03 07:46:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There is a nonwhite wench everybody'ing

2017-08-03 07:46:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And that makes me angry

2017-08-03 21:30:57 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-08-03 21:31:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Very trustworthy quiz, goyim

2017-08-03 23:11:57 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-08-04 18:42:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

โ€œAnd there shall wait on them [the Muslim men] young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls.โ€
Hadith Number 16245, Volume Title: โ€œThe Sayings of the Syrians,โ€ Chapter Title: โ€œHadith of Muโ€™awiya Ibn Abu Sufyanโ€:
โ€œI saw the prophet โ€“ pbuh โ€“ sucking on the tongue or the lips of Al-Hassan son of Ali, may the prayers of Allah be upon him. For no tongue or lips that the prophet sucked on will be tormented (by hell fire)
He (the Prophet) lift up his (al Hassanโ€™s) shirt and kissed his (little) penis..โ€
ุฑูˆู‰ ุฃู†ู‡ ุตู„ู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูˆ ุณู„ู… ู‚ุจู„ ุฒุจูŠุจุฉ ุงู„ุญุณู† ุฃูˆ ุงู„ุญุณูŠู†
He (the prophet) kissed the (little) penis of al Hassan or al Husein
ุฑุฃูŠุช ุงู„ู†ุจูŠ ุตู„ู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูˆ ุณู„ู… ูุฑุฌ ู…ุง ุจูŠู† ูุฎุฐูŠ ุงู„ุญุณูŠู† ูˆ ู‚ุจู„ ุฒุจูŠุจุชู‡
He (the prophet) put Huseinโ€™s legs apart and kissed his (little) penis
Another Hadith. Majma al-Zawaโ€™id, Ali ibn Abu Bakr al-Haythami, 299/9 ู…ุฌู…ุน ุงู„ุฒูˆุงุฆุฏ ู„ุนู„ูŠ ุจู† ุฃุจู‰ ุจูƒุฑ ุงู„ู‡ูŠุซู…ูŠ

ุฑุฃูŠุช ุฑุณูˆู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุตู„ู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูˆ ุณู„ู… ูุฑุฌ ู…ุง ุจูŠู† ูุฎุฐูŠ ุงู„ุญุณูŠู† ูˆ ู‚ุจู„ ุฒุจูŠุจุชู‡
ุฑูˆุงู‡ ุงู„ุทุจุฑุงู†ูŠ ูˆ ุฅุณู†ุงุฏู‡ ุญุณู†
translated into English: โ€œI saw the Messenger of Allah pbuh putting Huseinโ€™s legs apart and kissing his (little) penis.โ€
Related by Al-Tabarani and itโ€™s authentication is fully validated by Islamic scholars.
Hussein and Hassan is not the same name, so clearly this is of two accounts and he kissed more than one penis.

2017-08-04 18:42:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Do not fall for the Islamic meme

2017-08-06 19:45:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@`~ is black

2017-08-06 19:45:59 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-08-06 20:19:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Shut up

2017-08-06 20:19:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

More important

2017-08-07 01:57:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

no I agree with Nuke California

2017-08-07 01:59:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

why can't we plan our own activism and go out when we want to, instead of being coerced by faceless niggers on an Uzbek Uranium deposit location chat room?

2017-08-07 02:30:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 22:53:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I hate centrists, egalitarians, and civic nationalists

2017-08-09 23:04:35 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-08-09 23:04:59 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 23:05:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 23:05:06 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 23:05:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

shut up chink

2017-08-09 23:05:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

muh civic nationalists coming to get me!!!!!

2017-08-09 23:05:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 23:05:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

guh goh

2017-08-09 23:05:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

gonna remove me

2017-08-09 23:06:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

>meme arrows

2017-08-09 23:06:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

gonna reeeeemove meeeee

2017-08-09 23:06:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Crusading yeah ignore me I'm probably drunk duurr

2017-08-09 23:07:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 23:08:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  

*is monarchism punching right?*

2017-08-09 23:08:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 23:09:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-09 23:10:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

JKEMI - Today at 4:05 PM
@Crapelohapelo if you punch right. You will be removed

2017-08-09 23:14:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

oh everything is alright!

2017-08-09 23:20:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

tsk tsk tsk

2017-08-09 23:35:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

sorry, no

2017-08-09 23:35:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

my vetting process was just identifying memes

2017-08-09 23:35:33 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-12 21:35:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Rush funt meme

2017-08-12 21:35:19 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Funny meme

2017-08-12 21:35:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I am le ebin haxor

2017-08-12 21:35:53 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Rush I'm active you know yeah

2017-08-12 21:35:59 UTC [Anticom #general]  

We're neighbors am active

2017-08-12 21:36:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-12 21:36:09 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm active

2017-08-12 21:36:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Stupid mods

2017-08-12 21:36:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I don't care either I just don't wanna be pinged anymore

2017-08-12 21:36:54 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-08-12 21:36:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-12 21:37:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-12 21:37:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-12 21:37:19 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-08-12 21:41:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Bell ah 64 apache

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