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Your best bet is to get familiar with the workings of windows or Linux or whatever OS you guys are using, there are good books easily found on just about every OS you could think of, and other resources online. Learning the OS should be the first thing you do before going onto more complex stuff in the field.

Also just joined but to add onto what Ash said, the majority of small account hacks are done by combo lists and crackers, like what he said they gather usernames and passwords from stolen databases of whatever site they get into and try those user:pass on other sites, it works extremely well because most people cba to mix it up a bit from site to site. I used to have a really big list and could get a ton of Spotifys and Netflix's pretty fast

So mix up your usernames or even just passwords from site to site

If you're breached on an account with an original password then you should start worrying, usually means they specifically intended to get into your account for specific reasons, otherwise it's not that big of a deal if you don't have sensitive info on the account, just change your passwords.

If for whatever reason one of you degenerates needs drug advice, I'm pretty knowledgeable about neuropharmacology, moreso on drugs. Used to be a degen so I did a bit of research on everything I used in the past few years amounting to a decent amount of info on most of them.

Yeah but imo does more harm than good it will help obviously in the treatment of some cancers and the more obvious pain related/insomnia issues

But excessive use will lead to decrease in overall creativity, memory, and intelligence while also destroying your ability to enjoy life without it and your learning abilities

If you're just doing it recreationally every once in awhile tbh you'll be A-OK but don't overuse

Medicinal side is over exaggerated by stoners who just want to get high without sounding like an addict

So basically if you don't have a specific condition it might help with its really not going any good for you

I get the "weed cures cancer bro" argument a lot and besides the fact that it doesn't, 9 times out of 10 they don't have cancer lmao

I'd argue for its value on insomniacs and people with eating problems too

But yeah it's really only medically relevant for people who have these conditions

Yeah I believe it does to an extent which is also why you never really dream when you smoke but have intense dreams when you stop

But it doesn't completely prevent rem just kinda like

Lessens it if that makes sense

Was she smoking weed a lot before the dreams started?

So when she first started having bad dreams she was smoking at that time in her life right?

There's a chance they'll calm down to an extent after she completely stops, gotta ease into it as it does make dreams more intense when you first stop smoking but eventually they get calmer, other than that I don't know all too much about the psychology of dreams, but you should suggest she tries not smoking for a week or two and see if the dreams are less intense than when she stops only for a couple nights

If not it'd probably be a good idea to see a (((psychiatrist))) about it, suppressing them with weed every night is a horrible idea if that becomes the intent


And psychological benefits

Smoking that often isn't good

No prob

Yeah exactly

Also if she uses nicotine that will be contributing to making her dreams worse

Good man

The comments on most YouTube videos now are pretty whitepilling, almost as if we control comment sections

Now they just need that extra push

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