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Hello 🙂

My state can’t be blue right???

C’mon Texas

If Texas votes blue then I’m moving out of it

nah I’ll go to Tennessee or some where else :/


That’s the problem

They can’t be reasoned with

I’ll get my gun lol

Very much

Lord knows we need it

I’m down

I don’t think anyone will be able to sleep tonight lol

I’m gonna head to bed now

Good night y’all

Sleep well 🙂

I hope an investigation opens up and finds them guilty of election fraud

people have been throwing out ballots for trump

And then bragged about it on social media

No doubt the democrats have cheated

With the absentee ballots

Not with Biden

Not at all really

The USA will collapse no matter what

It’s just a matter of time

The republicans slow down the process

The democrats speed it up

At least the USA we know won’t last forever

Better dead than red

Nah I’m good

I prefer democracy

I think he’s gone insane

We would still be in the lead in Michigan and many other states if it weren’t for the librarian candidate

They split part of the vote

Nevada is they key player here

Trump has a lawyer looking into why there was a sudden spike in Bidens Michigan votes

And it also depends on what lawyers and investigations find

im not surprised

And with lawyers looking around at everything the truth will show

Good idea

And ofc the media won’t show any of this because they want Biden to win 😒

They would only block us from viewing them counting the votes if they have something to hide 👀

They are they enemy of democracy

If a war did break out the majority of the army would go with the candidate the wanted to win

In which case would be trump

Yeah but the military leans far more to the Republican Party

And we have more guns than the left

So I would think we would win

Also trump would still have control of the military since he’s still gonna be president till January no matter what

In every other aspect besides population we have an advantage

It just makes innocent people defenseless while criminals who illegally get their firearms take advantage of unarmed civilians

Gun control and banning guns also costs us our ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, which is the main purpose for the second amendment.

Which of course the left wants because if you look at the past, the left has quite a history with tyrannical governments and tyrants.

I was not expecting that 👀

> My aunt's in tulsa in the ICU on life support
@Texasreaper I’m so sorry to hear that

^ joe Biden’s America 👀

Damn strait

Extremely funny lol

They would freak out

That’s good 🙂

Discord crashed earlier

I need one lol

its like waiting for Christmas

but scary

Gosh damnit

The military has a huge republican majority

They are tired of the democrats sending them to die in pointless wars just to abandon them there.

If another civil war does happen the military would be on our side

Yeah it’s true

There Asians

It’s like saying English and American is a race

Masks damage your lungs though, due to it collecting all of the other toxic stuff in the filter and concentrating it all to the point where you are causing long term damage to your respiratory system

Masks are respiratory suicide

In the long run

Because they don’t work

The reason I don’t get flu shots is because there are so many different strains of the flu and they keep adapting to the point where the shots are effectively pointless :/

And it’s just the flu

There are 4 main flu strains and the flu shots are supposed to cover those 4, but there are other flu strains that they group into those 4 due to their similarities even if the flue shots aren’t effective against them.

And even if you get the flu shots they only work 68% of the time for the strains they are effective against

And with each new infection there are minor adaptations that label the flu shots slightly more ineffective. In my opinion it’s not worth spending time or money to get them since they work just about half the time and they aren’t effective against many smaller strains that are grouped in

And it’s just the flu, its not really a threat unless you have a immune disorder or have a health condition

Sorry it took me a bit, the link wouldn’t copy

While I am for vacations, I don’t feel safe with new ones that are rushed or with ones that we don’t know what the long term effects are.

I would prefer to wait at least 15-20 years after a vaccine is out in use to see how effective it is and how safe it is

That makes sense

And I agree completely

It should be up to the people if they want to get curtain vaccinations, unless they have been proven to be safe and are effective against deadly viruses, then I believe they should be required for certain situations like going to public school or getting a job.

Hell yeah my state is awesome!

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