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That argument is used so we can overthrow other countries governments to put in one thst is friendlier to ours

So what is this again

What is this

Let’s be honest are you guys based?

What’s really happening in this election

There’s voter fraud in every election

There was election fraud in 04

And there’s likely election fraud now

Fuck the police they just took my guns cause I didn’t wear a mask

Fucking pieces of shit


Trying to get out of here as soon as possible

Lmao dude get the right wing militias to assemble

The GOP won’t fight for trump, don’t let them fool you

Ted Cruz is a scumbag piece of shit, and so is every other GOP politician that turned their backs on Trump like Nikki Haley or Mitch McConnel

They betrayed us on immigration with this new defense bill

They’ve betrayed our country too many times, sold us out to foreign nations, corporations, and other interests, Trump was the only pillar fighting back and they left him out to dry

Same with organizations like TPUSA and Prager U, fucking snake oil salesmen

They don’t care about our heritage, our jobs, our president, our nation, our sovereignty, or anything else that matters. Just let Israel and the wealthy get money

Trump needs to enact martial law

He knows he won and he should enact it

Trump should enact martial law if he wants to stay in power, if he wanted to have nationalist revolution a lot of people would be willing to join

24 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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