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Rename to Maga shtpost

<:Gay:356316875367514122> jews

This went all according to my plans

@Corduroy lol yea I recognize u too

Where did 2nd amendment channel go?

Did you guys not read the part where it shall not be infringed

Can there be a news and a breaking news?

Like breaking news should be if North Korea launches a nuke at Puerto Rico, not a regular tweet from Trump

Well don't the police force antifa and nationalists to fight?

Hopefully the natsocs rekt antifa

How is that sad?

When nordfront are better at policing

I think we should bring ethno nationalism to America

Blacks can have South Africa and we can take back America

Where is the Maga shitpost

He owned 6 gorillion guns

Except Jews have been kicked out of 109+ separate nations throughout history

Jew brings in the muslim

@AIDSFrodo or defeat both simultaneously?

He killed communists which were indirectly jews

There were laws against anti Semitism

Since they lined you up and shot u

Stalin was a jew too

Stalin doesn't even look Russian

@freshdoogie that is jew propaganda to make him seem like a hypocrite

I did too lol

It is a step to redpill enlightenment

what happened to pol101 did it get banned?

And rx7 fc is kang

The fact that you would make a rx7 AWD is a disgrace

Mixing a rotary to lose its balanced front and rear end weight distribution is a sin

ig if you are doing drag then

don't kid yourself they can see your typing data without cortana

S15 this is epic

orange man bad

launch stephencolbert.exe

Is y'all "inner monolog" what told y'all to vote Trump too?

Don't look like Boogie2988? Then you are likely to be a decent human being. Here is why that's dangerous!

look in shitpost to see a chad confront a npc of the past

lol the capitalist soy diet

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Youtube

YT down is a sign that Israel is making a move on palestine

twitter is down

soyboys revolting against the modern world

Ted Cruz is down

Daily Wire is down o sht

ayo hol up, why are all my recommendations now videos of top 10 reasons why you should buy soylent today?

Alex Jones was first, your roblox lets plays are next

80 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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