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Pro-life forever 😎

The Chinese might Co-operate

They may even settle the geographical dispute they have rn quicker than anticipated...


China needs to be stopped too

Who is gonna pull off economic sanctions??

We need someone to push them backkk


Wait what.

The Slavs don't exist?

I live in California...

Hey guys

The liberals came up with the word: retard

Republican, re-- publican

Re-- tard

And we call them


China ate your lunch too

Prepare to pull off economic sanctions against the Ching Chongs of the CCP.

My my, well said @Sporkinator

Wait, can Republicans like Jordans?

Or are you a leftist?

Screw the feminization of masculinity...

We gotta send the sexists to Afghanistan or something...

Or formally known as, feminists

Or Yemen.


It's abnormal behavior...

They just want to normalize something weird...

It's so weird, no one is born thinking like that-- yes.

Probably too true..

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No on ur no

And yes on the yes

I'm Madara


AstraZeneca's vaccine contains MRC-5

Lung tissue of a 14 week-old aborted caucasian fetus.

Oh it's fine m8

Madara appears way later, like late Shippuden.

I ain't getting the vaccine, how about y'all?

AstraZeneca has an ingredient in its covid vaccine, that is a lung tissue of a 14 week-old aborted caucasian male fetus.

Formally known as MRC-5.

Let me see if I can pull off the box template

I'm reviewing the box template, and the ingredient list again.

Sleepy Joe.

SJW Liberals be like: BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Also SJW Liberals: PRO CHOICE!

They are simultaneously pro life and pro choice, nice...

I'm drunk of egg nog

Oh wattt!

Y'all don't like it?

More for me then, although diabetes about to stab meh

No, I just thought everyone liked egg nog

Ben shapiro.




Y'all like using this icon below:

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