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2017-09-28 02:55:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

What in tarnation?

2017-09-28 02:57:54 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@n//a Said no one ever.

2017-09-28 03:11:23 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

@Drakus_ show bobs and vagene plz

2017-09-28 03:24:15 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

There are some real **THOTS** that need to **๐Ÿ…ฑEGONE** right now!

2018-01-19 17:47:15 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]

2018-01-19 17:56:49 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

Discord machine ๐Ÿ…ฑroke

2018-05-01 00:04:21 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2018-05-14 22:20:59 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

@Discord Staff I don't think *they* have gotten a hold of it, nor have any communists, despite its main goal of killing Nazis and Hitler.

2018-05-14 22:21:18 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

Personally, I focus a lot more on how fun a game is than some message it's trying to spread.

2018-05-14 22:21:28 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

And I think Wolfenstein is fun, so I approve!

2018-05-14 22:48:00 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2018-05-14 22:48:11 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

So I can be a communist, but you can't?

2018-05-14 22:48:23 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

No, how do I remove it?!

2018-05-14 22:49:20 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

How do you remove a role?

2018-05-14 22:49:49 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

It keeps adding it to my profile instead of removing it.

2018-08-16 03:59:52 UTC [Red Storm Official #customs]  

@[Lex] Currently typing it out. I'll be done momentarily! ๐Ÿ™‚

2018-08-16 04:09:33 UTC [Red Storm Official #customs]  

**1.** I am what we up here would call a WICKED MAINAH! (ME)
**2.** I primarily am looking at this server because I'm interesting in using the admittedly little talents I can usefully use in this server to contribute towards a massive U.S. red wave, as well as to better inform myself on other states' races and what I could do, if anything, to contribute. I may be of service when it comes to writing things and making simple graphics, but I'm admittedly not professionally skilled in these fronts and I believe others would be better suited for larger projects, while I'd probably be better at contributing to small pieces of an overall larger part of something. Basically, I'm not so good at writing and graphic-making that I could completely spearhead an entire movement within my state in it, but I can try my best to contribute in any way I can.
**3.** I can't describe my entire ideology politically using one blanket term, but I would probably best describe myself as an anti-establishment conservative. Some other words I would use to describe my political beliefs are "traditionalist", "militarist", and most certainly "nationalist". I love my country above all other political beliefs, and all I wish to ultimately do with movements like this is to improve my country and the spirit that my fellow countrymen have in it.

2018-08-16 04:11:03 UTC [Red Storm Official #customs]  


2018-08-16 18:35:04 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

The free press is NOT more important than the national anthem and the Second Amendment, I can assure you that.

2018-08-16 18:35:27 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

At least, not the "free" press he's describing.

2018-08-16 18:35:36 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

"Free" to them means "biased".

2018-08-16 18:36:42 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

If we didn't have the Second Amendment to defend ourselves, the same Second Amendment that these democrats are trying to heavily restrict and even outright eliminate, we may not have land to DEFEND a free press on.

2018-08-16 18:37:33 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

And if we didn't have a national anthem, the ratings of said "free" press would go down since they'd have no kneeling NFL players to worship for hours on end! ๐Ÿ˜…

2018-08-16 18:38:23 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

The freedom of the press as outlined in the constitution is worth defending, but the bastardized, biased variant the left is trying to replace the real 1st Amendment with should never be defended.

2018-08-16 18:38:46 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

i.e., the one we see all the blue check-marked Twitter leftists whining about.

2018-08-16 20:36:33 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

@ThatRightWingFish I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but what's a WA?

2018-08-16 20:44:42 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  


2018-08-16 20:44:49 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

That's quite true.

2018-08-16 20:45:08 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Unless those white Americans are working to amplify the press's influence.

2018-08-16 20:45:45 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  


2018-08-16 20:46:08 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Wait, I just remembered Nancy Pelosi and see what you mean now.

2018-08-16 20:46:58 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  


2018-08-16 20:47:18 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

One of the dreamers' greatest allies being turned against.

2018-08-16 20:49:18 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Genetic racism?!

2018-08-16 20:49:42 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Funny how being gay AND being racist is genetic according to the left.

2018-08-16 20:50:01 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Hell, seeing stuff like that just encourages me to have more white children.

2018-08-16 20:50:23 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Do they think I'm just gonna read that article and say, "WELL, GUESS THAT'S THAT! Time to become abstinent for the rest of my life!".

2018-08-16 20:51:27 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

"Do not believe that children are the future."

2018-08-16 20:51:33 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Then who IS the future?!

2018-08-16 20:52:08 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

That's BS.

2018-08-16 20:53:20 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

I wonder what would happen if every instance of "white" was replaced with "black" in that article.

2018-08-16 20:53:40 UTC [Red Storm Official #salt-mine]  

Whoever posted the article would probably have all of his or her social media accounts shadowbanned in a collective effort to PURGE RACISM!

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