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Came here from the Matt Parrott debate. The German speaker is fantastic. Great English language skills, very intelligent and unbelievably based

literally better English than the trailer burger cuck

no wonder a literal C U C K O L D argues against imperialism

@Deleted User We meet again, friend

big fan, just listened to the whole debate VS Matt Parrott.

It was more like German smacks burger in the face with facts and logic

can't believe Matt Parrott LITERALLY used an analogy of why a husband and wife should act as a unit as an analogy to why we shouldn't engage in imperialism or nuke Africa

"As a christian no I wouldn't nuke Africa if it was in the material interest of me or my people"

just proves hearing it from the horse's mouth that no matter how "pro White" a christian might seem they are a liability When you get a high score epic gamer style

English translation, introduction and chapter 1 are must reads. Very short takes about 5 minutes to read

It's interesting to read what Hitler Youth leaders were instructed to teach the children they led

I don't care about your cares

Why are the americans always getting schooled by Europeans?

literally sounds like a teenager despite being 29 lol

low T

5cythe if you understand organizing on class but not biology you're just dumb

racism plus class consciousness is a super power, if you were racist it would be easier to organize your class, it's why mega corporations purposefully try to make the work force more racially, culturally and sexually diverse to decrease worker cohesion

100% Woland won that debate

"I'm not young guys"
>sounds like a teenager
big lol

>argues about weak men
>sounds like a teenager at 29
big think

Rural Japan around mt Fuji is so comfy

and the Serb internet dies

Ustase cut his internet cable

White Juche is based

Pol Pot is the only one not revisionist

trots are the biggest gay

Racist communists are ok with me

it's probably true though

Daemon Knight's issue would be solved if all men have to be low level military after their basic education

like NS Germany's method for the masses

I haven't heard of Cirkus

maybe if you're a POG

If you're infantry like a real man it will to some degree make you "based" despite the official gayness of the gov

POG is non infantry, like paper pushers and jobs totally removed from combat

yes, engaging in society while not being an elite means you are a pawn

I wasn't playing a video, my GF come to ask me if I wanted eggs, mic was not muted

seethe unloved anti racist

you will never find love Epic gamer Frenchman told the Nazis to stop being cucks and exterminate the jews in France

Daemon Knight be like "christianizing forces are liberal when they oppress, dominate and exterminate you" lol Was the Teutonic Order liberal? I know christian ideology turns the subjugated population liberal over time but, the way Europe and others were christianized was in a very non liberal way


Daemon Knight arguing against survival and gaining power

"health purity is more important than political pragmatism" WHEEZE


"The biggest problem in the right wing is christianity"- Holo Spice YES YES YES

have sex incel

because it's a nigger


sorry GF on the mic again

I'd love to talk with you guys


That's a terrible development

good luck organizing the working class with all that diversity

1.5 yrs


thanks bro

her parents like me, they got me Christmas presents



We took Berkeley antifa's flags

commies BTFO

We White men took collective action againt fag commies

be back in few minutes, GF's birthday present just arrived

federal agent entrapment posting, encouraging people to post incriminating things

from the glownigger meme

from schizo programmer Terry Davis called the FBI "glow in the dark niggers"

He has funny clips

It's always better to be imperializing others than to be imperialized

In your personal social life it is always better to assert will over others than to have will asserted over you

Unless you're stupid and just make really bad decisions, it is always in one's self interest to wield more power

Are any "anti imperalists" able to differentiate being against neo liberal world power from the general concept of asserting power over others?

These are the same arguments Matt Parrott tried to use against G-

muh globalism, muh semi post scarcity

big gay

Diplomacy is part of imperialism.

sorry jucheism but that is a cuck idea

"Let's just talk things out instead"

ok well every other strong country and strong leader will assert their will over you despite you not wanting to fight

basically the same thing that destroys libertarian NAP

@Erlik ᚯ funny Baltic meme

that's heimbach

I don't have the invite yet

trying to pass vetting in there

not yet

just passed

Achieve what Heinrich Himmler wanted through brutal unrelenting ways

I think sometimes the Nazis were too nice, unlike Stalin

but I like what the Nazis tried to achieve


more like pack it with SS men and their families

They stole all the blonde kids from Poland lol

They were stealing all the Aryan blood in Europe and trying to give them living space to breed

Einsatzgruppen did nothing wrong

152 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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