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Hello! Dylan from NYC here, nice to meet ya'll!


i never watch any football but last year i watched the eagles win and it was hilarious watching giselle bundchen get progressively drunker in the pressbox

tomatoes too

IIRC, in terms of DNA africa is the most diverse place b/c of the dynamics of population migration. all Europeans are descended from a few 10's of thousands who migrated north thru anatolia

biologically not culturally speaking

idk much about very early human biodiversity tho so i could be misinterpreting whatever lecture that was from

mesoamerican right?

real crusaders wipe with chainmail

he's got a daughter i know for sure

12 rules for life is kinda basically a self-help book

which, yknow, sure, but i dont know why some people hype it so much. maybe i just dont get it

yeah i dont get that. thats not what he even talks about mostly

newb here - where am i tuning in to listen to the fireside?

many thanks

geez id kill for rent like that

based PA

need me more money so i can get the A1 mems

looks a lot less like a blowfish now

much better indeed

my interviewer said there's a fair # of socialists here

thats good, in terms of economics its important to debate

i think security for good, working Americans is important, we all know that economic anxiety is why whites are reproducing slower

i think most of us are repentant libs of some stripe

any former lefties here?

bernie would be so cool if he was pilled

well i guess he cant be pilled

Hey friend! What finally caused you to switch?

if indeed it was one final thing

taylor is based yep

in terms of video content and speaking hes basically unmatched imo

in the 60s they basically threw up highways along the borders of white/black neighborhoods so ive heard

radical =/= extreme

2019-03-06 09:31:35 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

its probably not gonna be all that bad

the mods keep this place pretty clean

Someone wisely pointed out that the logs only go back to a given date/time in august which will surely let them pinpoint who it was

im all good

i think most of us probably are

tis but a fleshwound, looks worse than it is

some left-liberal rag called unicorn riot published it, you can find the logs there

looks like splinter news published a hitpiece too

there's a fireside tonight right?

i dont think you can see other peoples dms on discord that would defeat the point. unless they truly were The Hacker Known As 4chan

from discord?

yeah two? why?

OSRS or R3?

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