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2017-09-01 00:15:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

and waco, ruby ridge

2017-09-01 00:31:06 UTC [Anticom #general]  

isn't there conspiracy theory that OCB is false flag?

2017-09-01 00:32:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

the common thing I found about these incidents is that WN just want to be left alone. But that's just not allowed.

2017-09-01 00:33:26 UTC [Anticom #general]  

meanwhile ((they)) let in tons of people who actually actively want to erase native demographic and culture

"vows". I'll wait til t actually happen


The problem is you can't keep up with () redefine mental disorder every 10 minutes

Now every degeneracy is normal. And so forth human right

Has trump actually done anything that fulfills campaign promise so far?

I don't see wall

Maybe tax cut and tariff count

Yea those don't matter

Tax cut and trade are gone once the next president comes in

It's not the cost. If US can find Israel wall

Pretty sure the missles fired today can fund at least a quarter mile of wall

Are most of boomers going to die out soon?

welp. another iraq war

"nation and democracy building for syria" incoming

there seems to be no immunity from zog virus for anyone in politics

lmao haley is even more pro-war than trump

>electing women

at this point I doubt even trump himself wants to get re-elected in 2020

15 is too young

even 18

Unfortunately I don't think the public will care about this

"oh it's just another Hillary thing" "Republicans are just doing this to distract us from Russian collision

conservatism hasn't conserve shit lmao

can't even conserve your own border

paleo con like pat buchanan might be the last actual conservatives. after that it's all just kabuki theatre with liberals

It's gonna start after Texas become California

Just tell them how much money US spent on Israel s wall

Is ^ real or a meme?

Is that 14 words news real lamo

Did dhs really do that? Lol


Is France soccer team basically blacks?

wow that HBO clip

they are not even hiding it

it's like that german TV clip

Who's watching the hearing

So feinstein is the one that wants to use this Ford woman?

This essentially boils down to how many buy her tears

There's no way to prove this. Only he says she says

The hearing is just a theatre. Which Democrats is good at doing

She's a (((psyhologist))) btw

Is there a time limit on this entire hearing or it will go on until they see fit

"best estimate" ??? What??

If Brett didn't get it, it's a "win for women rights" "resistance!""drumpf is done!". If he got it, it's "darkest time of us history" plus millions of paid protests

wtf are they doing

why are they eating grass

did you guys hear about the discord updating their TOS so in future people can't sue them?

I was told about this from discord api server

Not enough cheating ballot

do Paranormies still do podcast? can't find their youtube anymore

and their soundcloud is gone as well

I think I found one of the hosts's channel. seems like he stream talk show now

sad. should've saved all the old podcasts episodes

omg who's producing subtitles for this show LMAO

@解放兔 Nanjing and 731 are as real as 6 gorillian

@Falcon 706 where do your parents stand on these types of situation? I have a friend who got into similar situation. His parents found it ridiculous that school actually punished him for this so he just had his parents go talk to school. Nothing happened to him and the school just shut up and never bother him anymore

If you can write a good rebuttal then by all means. Just in case school being a cunt and give you a hard time

When I am a parent one day and my kid ran into this, I'll just tell the kid to have the teacher call me <:smug:378698410406051860>

Ngl I laughed so hard reading this

Your teacher sounds like 10 years younger than you. American education btw

boiled pepe actually becoming a thing xd

After this midterm election, i think both sides are having less and less confidence in this system. Both sides believe the opposite are cheaters

So I sent that prager U "why US spent so much money on Israel" video to a few liberals. They don't like it either.

But they didn't really say much because they know I'm right wing and didn't wanna "associate too close with a nazi", and appeared as anti-semitic to their peers

kinda funny they do that to save face

yea. they don't even hide it. kudo to them. at least they are being honest

is adopting non-white babies a symptom of protestant

I noticed a lot of religious whites love adopting babies from oversea. It's almost like their homework assignment to be done to fulfill church requirement

I guess the silver lining here is that I wouldn't have known about the actual story if they didn't fuck up b5

The real history is actually an intersting piece to read

He looks tired

Need some high energy

pretty much all liberal arguments boil down to "inequality""wealth gap"

their strawman of trickle down would be "after the rich got richer, there was no trickle down, the rich won't let it trickle, the poor got poorer"

PewDiePie praise E;R
What a timeline

Any hot takes in yellow shirt riot worth reading?

"srs-politics" but ok sure

I guess the only reason YouTube still hasn't deplatformed pdp yet is that he still brings them enough money

I don't think YouTube care about banning someone for no reason. They are too big to care

Unless that someone is prominent left wing figure

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