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AGR 2018-03-22 06:27:22 [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


AGR 2018-05-03 00:14:59 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Does Nick still get money if we give him the free Prime sub on Twitch?

AGR 2018-07-01 16:11:40 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


AGR 2018-07-01 16:11:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


AGR 2018-07-06 08:49:01 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Lmao I finally decided to click on Kassy Dillon's profile for the first time after hearing so much shit about her, and this is the first thing I see: https://twitter.com/KassyDillon/status/1015154904048992258

AGR 2018-07-31 17:34:06 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

lmao I found the perfect example of when Nick and Mike Ma were talking about those NPC people who do the fluoride stare

AGR 2018-07-31 17:34:22 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

dude is like a broken NPC

AGR 2018-07-31 17:34:28 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

even strikes a T pose

AGR 2018-07-31 17:35:55 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


AGR 2018-08-04 20:45:14 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


AGR 2018-08-04 20:45:29 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Someone tell @Nicholas J Fuentes to change his twitter avi to this

AGR 2018-08-04 20:45:37 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

nobody can argue when there's a dog in the frame

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