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We live in a society

So is this where (((fellow incels))) hang out?

Owned the libs by not listening to my nagging wife

Pagans get the bullet too

Fuck coffee and monster, drink gamer girl pee

Is there a sweat tonight?

Fuck groypers

Jess Southern > Lauren

The virgin patreon tradthot e-celeb vs the chad qt degen raver

Just watched that FSU shmack video and I think I have contracted AIDS. What a total cesspool of degeneracy.

@Wolfman Jack Tara is a total thot. No wonder she wore an FSU shirt. Trust no e-girl

@Wolfman Jack Tara was a pike dreamgirl RT.

@Wolfman Jack wasn't a real tweet. I just made that up lol.

@Wolfman Jack Pike is chad central.

@Wolfman Jack Did you notice that all the Pike guys are white? Frats are the last implicit stand of white identity. Frat ethnostate when?

@Wolfman Jack Frats seem like a microcosm of a white ethnostate. There's probably a lot of undercover IE and Alt Right guys in the Greek system.

Patrick Little is a fucking idiot

Makes the sane dissident right members look bad

People like Nick will be lumped in with Nehlen and Little

Media doesn't give a shit about their differences

Alt Right is gay RT


I feel like the alt right guys are not in tune with reality. Normies don't give a shit about Iews or Israel. They care about how their families.

@geldoru exactly. Normal people care about how they'll be able to pay their bills

Our intellectual thought leaders are complete morons on this side of twitter.

Talk about the Boer farmers in South Africa. That's a palatable topic for normies

Yeah they'll connect the dots

You're not going to convert normies by rambling about the JQ.

I tend to drop subtle redpills around my IRL friends. I find that is the most effective way to change their perspective on issues that effect whites.

Does anyone have that clip of Beardson saying 'Enoch's google history' ? It was last week's sweat if I'm not mistaken

I remember when I used to listen to Shapiro. Normiecon days.

He's the gateway to the far-right

Ram ranch really rocks

Poast more qt Asian girls pls

Fellas we gotta bleach latinas

Anyone going to UTR2


The Battles of Berkeley were objectively the best rightwing rallies

They provided better optics to normies than Charlottesville. That’s not debatable whatsoever.

Le based black guy

She’s a qt3.14

Kinda based too

Roaming Mill is a qt hapa

She looks like she’s really down to earth

I still think is right when he negs her thought

Brock did nothing wrong

More journalists showed up to UTR than spergs themselves lmao

@spacecel Lani needs to be bleached

LadyMaga is gonna get blacklisted for this lol


This is gold



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