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sieg heil based 1488 goys amiright?

become a skinhead neo-nazi to own the libs


they are married to the church

i think thats why

@Simon Scola jump back in i wanna hear the thot patrol


The coach just did a sign of the cross to the crowd feels good

hol up is there a pagan in here?

NS gay rt


so in other words?

Bavarians Catholics > National Socialist German

my grandparents didnt have potatoes f

paganism gay tho

so no race idolatry?


why not irl

be a MAN

Fascism in all honesty is more viable than NS

Franco did it well

how did NS work last time tho?

not very well

at least Franco had the brains not to go to war with most of europe

eh not really

there have been restorations of monarchies before

no it hasnt lol

@Lanius are you a kiwi?

@Lanius begome Australia

@Lanius your land is rightfully ours

i think we all know what he looks like tbh

@Vril-Gesellschaft [☩]#9453


The Protestant Reformation and its consequences have been a disaster to the human race

you know the story of the stormimg of the bastille?

truly the worse kind of anglo, not including kiwis that is

you may call him a larper,, a racist or an idiot but as soon as you ask him to poast physique, he recoils I've been found out as a fat shit

hail victory

looking good brother HH


tfw 18 year old boomer

tfw aborted fetus boomer


this is so sad

this aint it chief

kill yourself breadpill you sound fucking

is hating breadpill just a meme on here or is this genuine

big gay

the beauty of the....

haha epic

bro close your eyes

what do you see?

thats what you mean to me bro

ive muted for now




a real

you guys wann see horror?


go off king

i hold my head

npc argument

getting laid lol

boomer tech

Hitler edgy

@jayfresh23 close youe eyes bro

@jayfresh23 what do you see?

based and redpilled

i live in ne

I live in one

just full of druggies

2 jews need to be named

every dayu


powerful endorsement

Hello FBI department? I would like to file a claim

123 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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