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anyone play warframe?

who do u main?


i personally love umbra, i know it's kind of an unpopular opinion Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―



i only found the game like...

a month or two ago

and i haven't stopped playing it too much

ikr, the railjack is gonna be hella

i don't have an octavia and i feel uncomfortable around them

x-x exactly

i just, tend to keep my distance between myself and them

i turned it down

but i still like the radial buffs

tho usually i only ever see them in interception missions


and i just stay at 1 location on interceptions

and on defences i just, run around

i... don't really...

i've never owned a loki and i always get bored with limbo


isn't nova prime vaulted tho o3o

<w> i play umbra cuz umbra is fun

i mean i'm ok with limbos on the ground that i always use an Excalibur and can end anyone with my sword regardless of what plain i'm on


when i'm using a frame that can't counteract limbos rift garbage i just want them hurt

i've honestly just Not revived bad limbos

29 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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