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Catching glow in the dark CIA niggers

I haven't been vetted yet either

@Akira Kurusu You're fucking everywhere

I pop into discord every now and again to see what's happening

My life outside work is practically, Twitter and pints


Need to muster up the will to go back

Stop reminding me.

I thought Tanners was joking when he said he wants to fight Radec...

This nigga is 100% serious

Sinn FΓ©in can never be considered "Nationalists" again.
Mary Lou McDonald has fucked the party worse than Adams ever could, it's a full on "open boarders, diversity, inclusive" party now, I'm so surprised Republican Sinn FΓ©in haven't declared a coup, because it's an absolute embarrassment

*Republican Sinn FΓ©in (RSF) are essentially their military wing.

I would personally like to see them and their families dragged out of their homes and executed on the street.
But that's just me, RSF would never get the job done right.

Yeah, white people just need to vanish.
I would much rather live anywhere else in the world, much more ethnic, with more restaurants.

Really want some coochie rn, not gonna lie...

2016.... 1916.....
It's repeating itself

Can y'all stop being horny for 5 minutes

Apparently Milo has AIDS...

Unironic AIDS

25 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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