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That NG in the thumbnail lookin' dumb thick.

Anybody out of OC h

Right on man, I drive through there for work all the time not too far. I’m from Mission Viejo

I’d be down breh. My band was gonna play some festival up in Middletown before the world fell apart. If that gets rescheduled I’ll hit you up while I’m up there. Other than that I don’t usually go north of LA at all.

If anyone’s down though we should schedule a range day or meet or something. Get some kind of networking going.

I've seen it at gun stores in Arizona and Nevada, never anywhere local, I kinda doubt it's legality here.

That warms my heart.

It's really gray, but I think they like it that way so they can buttfuck you.

@BOOGEREATER69 I'd be down brah, I go shooting at Hodge road all the time.

Thanks for the heads up breh. Getting tired of dodging ricochets from 5-11'd up fatguys while I set my targets up there anyways. Any good places in like west-riverside area?

16 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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