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2017-03-05 07:20:36 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 07:21:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

peace sells is the metal nester theme song

2017-03-05 07:21:55 UTC [Realism #general]  

What do you mean, "I don't believe in God"?
I talk to him everyday.
What do you mean, "I don't support your system"?
I go to court when I have to
What do you mean, "I can't get to work on time"?
I got nothing better to do.
And, what do you mean, "I don't pay my bills"?
Why do you think I'm broke? Huh?

If there's a new way,
I'll be the first in line.
But it better work this time.
What do you mean, "I hurt your feelings"?
I didn't know you had any feelings.
What do you mean, "I ain't kind"?
Just not your kind.

2017-03-05 07:22:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

the final season of south park was awful

2017-03-05 07:22:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

watch the earlier seasons

2017-03-05 07:24:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

I never thought much of the simpsons

2017-03-05 07:26:11 UTC [Realism #general]  

sad but true

2017-03-05 07:28:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

nester it's an arab nationalist invocation

2017-03-05 07:29:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

brown men sneaking into white girls' bedrooms

2017-03-05 07:29:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

abducting them for their rape pens

2017-03-05 07:29:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Nester how many girls are in your rape pen

2017-03-05 07:35:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Death Strike's Bat did you end up listening to any of the wumpscut albums

2017-03-05 07:37:26 UTC [Realism #general]  

alien cover?

2017-03-05 07:37:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

that one?

2017-03-05 08:01:54 UTC [Realism #general]  

this chat needs footnotes

2017-03-05 09:30:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

jack donovan's favorite instrument is the guitar, because it has a whammy bar.

2017-03-05 09:35:55 UTC [Realism #general]  

@fallot this is my favorite metallica track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRu_8L3sRcg

2017-03-05 09:37:48 UTC [Realism #general]  

are jews considered white in prison

2017-03-05 09:41:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

fallot you'd probably be grouped wuth the mexicans in prison

2017-03-05 09:42:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

you could be a brahmin aristocrat

2017-03-05 09:42:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

convert them to islam

2017-03-05 09:42:27 UTC [Realism #general]  

organize race rebellions against the white prison system

2017-03-05 09:57:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

judging by the title vigilance wrote this

2017-03-05 09:58:03 UTC [Realism #general]  

haven't read it yet

2017-03-05 09:58:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

it's you?

2017-03-05 09:59:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

who's the guy who loves dissection

2017-03-05 10:04:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

how about sacramentum

2017-03-05 10:51:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

where's enfp

2017-03-05 11:05:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

vigilance and snard are enfps

2017-03-05 11:22:11 UTC [Realism #general]  

he used to be intp with me

2017-03-05 11:22:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

then you turned him gay

2017-03-05 11:22:20 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 11:39:23 UTC [Realism #general]  

i'm an honorary brahmin

2017-03-05 11:39:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

do u even varna

2017-03-05 11:44:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

I wasn't racist enough to ride the brahmin train

2017-03-05 11:44:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

I was purged

2017-03-05 11:45:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

[4:03:40 PM] Doom Strider: for some reason I am not mod of this chat anymore, making new containment chat

2017-03-05 11:46:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

[4:07:30 PM] Doom Strider: and you are different too because for some reason you can tolerate brown people
[4:07:43 PM] Doom Strider: so this cannot be the main chat as you will drive a divide into it

2017-03-05 11:46:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

[4:09:01 PM] Doom Strider: now you came along with your nesterism and now every chat will be about trying to convince us to like the sand person
[4:09:07 PM] Doom Strider: literally every chat here will be that
[4:09:13 PM] Doom Strider: "omg just b nice 2 sand ppl :( :( :("
[4:09:18 PM] Doom Strider: and just like that, chat is ruined
[4:09:20 PM] Doom Strider: new chat time

2017-03-05 11:47:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'm a misfit even amogst the misfits of the misfits

2017-03-05 11:49:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

[4:11:38 PM] Doom Strider: now understand this
[4:11:42 PM] Doom Strider: you personally are not pollution
[4:11:49 PM] Doom Strider: but you carried the niggerism in here

2017-03-05 11:49:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

[4:11:59 PM] Doom Strider: you at least have nonbrown eyes right?
[4:12:05 PM | Edited 4:12:00 PM] Wild: i should have consumed my nesterism in banana form
[4:12:29 PM] Wild: no. brown eyes and black curly hair
[4:12:41 PM] Wild: i also have the creepiest slav smile you've ever seen
[4:12:43 PM] Doom Strider: serious or doing the arab dalit "haha I troll u" thing?
[4:12:52 PM] Wild: it's serious
[4:12:54 PM] Doom Strider: because if you are serious you cannot be here
[4:12:55 PM] Doom Strider: sorry
[4:13:03 PM] Doom Strider: well, you can be here but not in good chat
[4:13:07 PM] Doom Strider: to be more accurate
[4:13:08 PM] Wild: i'm a 2meter polakraut with jew hair
[4:13:33 PM] Wild: well not jew hair like frozak,s
[4:13:41 PM] Wild: probably looks like ludvig's
[4:15:16 PM] Doom Strider: well, with poop eyes I will need to analyze your bone structure to determine nordic race

2017-03-05 11:50:43 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 11:50:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

only person here who maybe could would be oz

2017-03-05 11:51:52 UTC [Realism #general]  

he isn't 5'4'' or 23

2017-03-05 11:52:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

that was a troll

2017-03-05 11:52:30 UTC [Realism #general]  

which admittedly you all fell for

2017-03-05 11:52:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

you all

2017-03-05 11:52:47 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 11:53:52 UTC [Realism #general]  

he doesn't act like he's 23, nor does anything he's said about his life seem like he's 23

2017-03-05 11:53:56 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-03-05 11:55:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

well yarfy and ludvig have seem him, if he were lying i would presume they would say

2017-03-05 11:55:36 UTC [Realism #general]  

yarfy is the most negative human being i've ever encountered

2017-03-05 11:55:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

but he's hilarious

2017-03-05 11:55:52 UTC [Realism #general]  

and fairly knowledgable

2017-03-05 11:56:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

yarfy is like a vegetarian maarat

2017-03-05 11:56:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

because he was trolling as 23?

2017-03-05 11:57:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

i dont understand the confusion

2017-03-05 11:57:52 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Nester I'm choosing to take people at their words :)

2017-03-05 11:58:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

if he were really 23 and known to be 23, he would hardly go 'lol i'm gonna troll them and say i'm 23'

2017-03-05 11:59:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

but....he did that

2017-03-05 11:59:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

he literally said 'i'm going to troll them and say i'm 23

2017-03-05 11:59:54 UTC [Realism #general]  

i thought you knew

2017-03-05 12:00:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

had seen it in one of the logs

2017-03-05 12:00:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

yeah i told you n fallot in heavy

2017-03-05 12:00:24 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 12:01:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

none of them say they're going to come back

2017-03-05 12:01:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

you're all dalits and dalit sympathizers

2017-03-05 12:05:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

it turns out i'm only a 'make fun of yids' racist, not the required 'drive over mexicans in my american made toyota' racist level to participate in his chat

2017-03-05 12:06:48 UTC [Realism #general]  

and like the jew, i must wander der welt without a heim

2017-03-05 12:06:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

oj weh

2017-03-05 12:08:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Nester i'm going to go live with you

2017-03-05 12:09:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

i'll cook you nice food in exchange for some of your free university sheikles

2017-03-05 12:10:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

so you don't keep eating fried rice with prego's

2017-03-05 12:11:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

you're actually going to spend money?

2017-03-05 12:11:27 UTC [Realism #general]  

who are you

2017-03-05 12:12:11 UTC [Realism #general]  

i don't really get the point of a rice cooker

2017-03-05 12:12:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

boiling rice barely takes effort

2017-03-05 12:12:52 UTC [Realism #general]  

kagney karter

2017-03-05 12:13:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

she is

2017-03-05 12:15:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Nester if only you weren't a dalit you could have yarfy answer all your food questions

2017-03-05 12:15:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

but as you are he'd tell you to eat burger king

2017-03-05 12:15:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

burg king

2017-03-05 16:58:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

what's blood urn

2017-03-05 17:41:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

some people become their masks

2017-03-05 17:42:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

like a buff aryan eating lentils

2017-03-05 17:42:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

or an autistic crow

2017-03-05 17:43:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

and some people are weighty semites and post on the internet as brad pitt's brother

2017-03-05 17:43:48 UTC [Realism #general]  

we all have our hang-ups

2017-03-05 17:44:37 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 17:44:44 UTC [Realism #general]  

I don't eat fast food

2017-03-05 17:45:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

it's so weird to go from buff aryan lentil chat back to taco bell chat

2017-03-05 17:45:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

i'm still jet lagged

2017-03-05 17:47:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

i do believe the guy is buff and eats lentils

2017-03-05 17:49:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Kalvin if i keep socializing with you, i'd go gay bae :)

2017-03-05 17:50:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

I got it from vigilance

2017-03-05 17:53:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

the one you wanted to make discord great again

2017-03-05 17:53:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

i'm here to fulfill your desires

2017-03-05 17:54:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

(i don't have a metal role because i'm not metal)

2017-03-05 17:55:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

do you like Bangin' Riffs

2017-03-05 17:55:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

what did you think of the mitchell trio

2017-03-05 17:56:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

liberall kkk song

2017-03-05 17:56:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

i think it's hilarious maarat thought that was me

2017-03-05 17:57:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

first i ran a bot army on crow, now i'm organizing spam raids on amerika discord

2017-03-05 17:57:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

where do i find the time

2017-03-05 17:58:40 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Kalvin the one i sent to you on faceplant; exilarch posse song

2017-03-05 17:58:48 UTC [Realism #general]  

what did you think of it

2017-03-05 17:59:13 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 17:59:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

tell me

2017-03-05 17:59:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

do you think i'd ever interact with enough humans to be able to organize a raid

2017-03-05 18:00:55 UTC [Realism #general]  

why would i want to troll here?

2017-03-05 18:01:58 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 18:02:50 UTC [Realism #general]  

@vry_o I thought about it before I drove home but was too tired

2017-03-05 18:03:00 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 18:03:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

i almost caused a traffic incident the final hour of driving

2017-03-05 18:03:30 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 18:04:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

eh how did you get the link?

2017-03-05 18:04:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

it was removed because the site doesn't allow it to be used for people accused of a crime

2017-03-05 18:05:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

@๊œบnnihilation i actually listened to npr

2017-03-05 18:06:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

he has another legal hearing day tomorrow

2017-03-05 18:06:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

felony court

2017-03-05 18:06:44 UTC [Realism #general]  

accused of felony breakingentering/burglary/robbery

2017-03-05 18:07:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

if you really want to send sheckles you can use paypal

2017-03-05 18:07:27 UTC [Realism #general]  

everyone's donations were refunded

2017-03-05 18:08:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

on the books, yes

2017-03-05 18:08:54 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 18:09:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

i don't know

2017-03-05 18:10:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

I've started to think it might be beneficial for his life

2017-03-05 18:11:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

because before he was arrested, he was still planning on using mind altering drugs

2017-03-05 18:11:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

my convincing didn't do much

2017-03-05 18:11:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

maybe nester's approach of beating him till he ceases would work better

2017-03-05 18:13:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

but at any rate he's going to have to revise his life

2017-03-05 18:13:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

he had been planning to travel over the summer, visit friends

2017-03-05 18:13:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

that won't happen now

2017-03-05 18:13:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

even if he's released he'd be on probabtion

2017-03-05 18:14:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

he was probably beaten in jail for talking about karma and positive thinking, tyrone wasn't having any of it

2017-03-05 18:15:03 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-05 18:15:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

he thought he was in fallout

2017-03-05 18:15:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

and everyone was dead

2017-03-05 18:16:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

i visited a few days after he was tossed in the loony bin

2017-03-05 18:17:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

that place would lead me to despise god if i thought one existed

2017-03-05 18:17:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

I don't remember

2017-03-05 18:18:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

it was a state mental instituition with armed police guards and multiple layers of locked doors

2017-03-05 18:18:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

everyone had to be photographed, signed in

2017-03-05 18:18:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

empty all their possesions in lockers

2017-03-05 18:18:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

metal detector

2017-03-05 18:21:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

beyond being beaten in jail, don't know

2017-03-05 18:21:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

presumably not well

2017-03-05 18:46:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

enough to be put under protective custody

2017-03-06 15:22:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

who cares if metal is dead

2017-03-06 15:22:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

my banjo leftist music is far better

2017-03-06 15:22:37 UTC [Realism #general]  

@๊œบnnihilation you want to hear?

2017-03-06 15:26:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

I like playing basketball with a tennis racket

2017-03-06 15:28:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

fallot is the racket, I am the ball, and nester is the net.

2017-03-06 15:29:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

I listen to literal metal. einstuertzende neubauten.

2017-03-06 15:30:23 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 15:30:40 UTC [Realism #general]  

you better watch out

2017-03-06 15:31:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

once I reach my final form, I'll make @Kalvin seem like a suit wearing insurance salesman.

2017-03-06 15:31:16 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 15:32:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

he looks like an intp

2017-03-06 15:33:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

the static in this audio keeps making me look to see if my dishwasher is off

2017-03-06 15:35:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

I prefer mortician

2017-03-06 15:35:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

thanks though

2017-03-06 15:35:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

i have

2017-03-06 15:36:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

i listened to all the ones you recmmended to me, when i was still invited to the Kewl Kids Klub

2017-03-06 15:36:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

the nkvd guy?

2017-03-06 15:36:43 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 15:36:48 UTC [Realism #general]  

verdict: meh

2017-03-06 15:37:11 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 15:38:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

crow would agree with that title

2017-03-06 15:39:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

i hate this type of music

2017-03-06 17:01:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

maarat what do you think of judas iscariot (the band)

2017-03-06 17:02:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

i liked a track i heard of iscariot but nester says they suck

2017-03-06 17:02:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

what do you think

2017-03-06 17:04:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

i thought diversity is racism

2017-03-06 17:20:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

@diversity_is_racism what do you think of judas iscariot (the band)

2017-03-06 17:24:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

nester thinks it's krieg tier

2017-03-06 17:26:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

why don't you and nester make a metal album

2017-03-06 17:27:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

bring metal back

2017-03-06 17:27:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

you're probably better at arpeggios

2017-03-06 17:28:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

but he's better at Bangin' Riffs

2017-03-06 17:28:50 UTC [Realism #general]  

I don't understand

2017-03-06 17:29:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

unlike exilarch, my iq is sub cull level

2017-03-06 17:29:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

please explain so I can understand

2017-03-06 17:30:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

dark modernist string quartet

2017-03-06 17:32:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

@diversity_is_racism I scored 108 on the iq test; what should i do

2017-03-06 17:33:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

the one fallot sent exilarch in here

2017-03-06 17:33:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

that he got 134 on

2017-03-06 17:33:31 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 17:34:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'm dumber than @spaceplacenta

2017-03-06 17:36:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

kalvin is the infp

2017-03-06 17:39:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

vigilance changed from intp to enfp over a few years

2017-03-06 17:43:33 UTC [Realism #general]  

@spaceplacenta how do you reconcile party animal past with intj

2017-03-06 17:46:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

can you chill with tandy

2017-03-06 17:46:44 UTC [Realism #general]  

without trolling him

2017-03-06 17:49:33 UTC [Realism #general]  

peace and the spreading of positive karma.

2017-03-06 17:49:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

also, all the time gained talking about other subjects

2017-03-06 17:51:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

@spaceplacenta and if you ever want to hate him again, just turn on birth ad

2017-03-06 17:52:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

why not

2017-03-06 17:54:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

isn't breaking bread with anyone important to you

2017-03-06 18:04:07 UTC [Realism #general]  

maligned his honor

2017-03-06 18:14:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

how's taco bell been treating you

2017-03-06 18:17:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

@MRB doesn't like feces

2017-03-06 18:18:04 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 18:18:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

i live in new york

2017-03-06 18:20:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

it was 19 degrees this morning here

2017-03-06 18:20:45 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 18:21:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

true aryans like the cold

2017-03-06 18:39:29 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 18:39:36 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 18:39:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

even worse

2017-03-06 18:40:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

i live around poor people and retirees from long island

2017-03-06 18:40:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

is hell

2017-03-06 18:41:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

devolved what's your mbti

2017-03-06 18:41:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

you don't seem like an intj

2017-03-06 18:47:21 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 18:47:44 UTC [Realism #general]  

join the club with me and carjack and maarat

2017-03-06 18:47:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

lol what a club

2017-03-06 18:51:46 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 18:52:07 UTC [Realism #general]  

texas elects boosh and rick perry

2017-03-06 19:33:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

what's exilarch's definition

2017-03-06 19:36:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

what's wrong with that

2017-03-06 19:37:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

it's assumed with the mocking tone

2017-03-06 19:37:26 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 19:38:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

and your past interactions and views of him

2017-03-06 19:39:14 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-06 19:39:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

fortunately we won't find out

2017-03-06 19:41:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

popcorn is dalit

2017-03-06 19:41:26 UTC [Realism #general]  

eat lentils

2017-03-07 09:34:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

vegan straightedge for life

2017-03-07 10:50:13 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-07 10:52:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

@vry_o do you put hot sauce on your lentils

2017-03-07 10:56:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

do you make white wheat bread or whole wheat

2017-03-07 11:08:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

have you thought about getting a cooking degree

2017-03-07 11:08:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

be a chef

2017-03-07 11:08:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

you can afford it now right

2017-03-07 12:25:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

ildjarn is vegan; your research is flawed.

2017-03-07 12:27:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

ie white people

2017-03-07 20:19:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

looks iberian

2017-03-07 20:19:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

ludvig's expression whilst killing muselmen

2017-03-07 20:19:41 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-03-07 20:19:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

he certainly could do it once

2017-03-07 20:20:03 UTC [Realism #general]  

doing so might break him

2017-03-07 20:20:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

I just want to relive the garden of eden

2017-03-07 20:21:52 UTC [Realism #general]  

I was too quick to answer on ludig

2017-03-07 20:22:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

I would tend to say no, I don't think he's capable of it

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