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A logo that doesn't make me hungry is a good thing. @Stürm

even hardcore leftists think pedos should be executed or exiled

Normal people aren't going to get on board with it in a million years, it's at best a toy phenomenon

so a marginal contingency

Nothing to see here

It won't

Normal people are just going to beat them up

if they step outside the internet

so meh

Experienced women > *

Well marriage beds are kept separate

to sleep apart from your spouse? Yeah

It's best to try before you but imo

make sure you like what you're getting into

MRAs are just dorks who can't attract women normally and resort to manipulation and deception

I don't know what telegony is

fuck around in your youth, learn what you're like in the streets and on the streets then settle down and be an adult.

Well I mean if you're only lasting 5-10 minutes, no there's not much to discover

What's the take on latinas? Honorary Aryans due to devotion to husband?

beaner chicks

the caps are throwing me off

I don't know, I like eating California burritos

A ton

Take the good with the bad

I killed a pack of Marlboro smooths last night

yeah been my favorite cigarette since 16

I don't like un-mentholated smokes

I don't know

actually I used to like lucky strikes

Heil yeah brother

They sell them everywhere here

There is a salsa company, jobs not jails

I never bought it

Might be good

It's probably made by people who get released

Since the system basically fucks them over

Encouraging relapse


De-bone the salmon and cod

Sriracha everything

I got Chinese yesterday and ate it with Sriracha

@diversity_is_racism start a newsletter of recipes

Sorry mailing list

rump pole

What about wade boggs

David Dravidian is the guy from disturbed right

are you boiling your lentils using a rocket fire stove you hand crafted, brother?

Cupid delux

three tries, seven chvrches

Is satan gay dan

who can take three dicks

I wouldn't want my dick chewed on

a little ball nibbling is cute I guess

mortal throne is a cool record

My dad is Portuguese and I'm Danish. I'm debating whether or not to have kids

all elites get senile brah. Put out piles of technoshit by plundering anything they can. Shoot the over 90's

Taco Bell esotercism

hyperborea was not built by spaghetti eaters exilarch

I still have a gift card to sushi

I should use it tonight

@Deleted User 57835c2c I almost married a Mexican

Fenrir is dry

exilarch has an uncanny ability to be annoying as hell

@diversity_is_racism yeah I don't have anything against him, just find it boring

Needs style

At least someone is finally doing something useful about Marduk

Deitrich Fischer-dieskau is good @Kalvin but Steiner Und Steiner Und Klaus is better. Their album Kalifanneruberallessiejudenausrotten is an ingenious blend of neo-volk, dark modernist quartet and martial industrial that I can relate to. It reminds me of the fatherlands which I experienced in a German themed deli in downtown Portland.

Can't kalv too busy dance viggiannoing

mine too

Cheers bud

I like polynomial as well

If you're anxious to shine in the high ascetic line as a man of culture rare,
You must get up with all the germs of transcendental terms and plant them everywhere
You must lie upon the daisies and discourse in novel phrases of your complicated state of mind,
The meaning doesn't matter if it's only idle chatter of a transcendental kind.

And everyone will say, as you walk your mystic way,
If this young man expresses himself in terms too deep for me, why what a very singular deep young man this deep young man must be!

It's just a parody of the tendency to obscure the fact that a person who has little to say, covers that up with obscurantist jargon. The target there being academic philosophy

I only use Twitter to keep up on rap beefs


"I don't read Burks I'm not a nerd" - Seth Putnam

"they look like a bunch of gay hairdressers"

fucking funny

I don't get high or eat pizza because I'm holy

@vry_o soon you'll have a cat

Drunken asssex 👌
Cocaine 👌
Cocaine abuse 👎

Oh you mean gay shit

I don't have time to pick anything up after work for VD to get vd

wacky Willis always womped on his wife Phyllis. She put pills down but they couldn't hide her frown so she went downtown to get some pound. A black man from a bar took her home in his car and dropped her home the next day. Willis was home and he sure was pissed but that didn't compare to when he learned they caught syphallis.

Sorry I'm guessing you probably erased your progress

Immortal - A sign for "locals only" to ride

Gathering our boards near the pier side
Awaiting the tides to rise
Boards babes and brahs to see
In the barrels of these swells

In the shore near Verizon
A booth of shaved ice
I ate silently
With a surfers delight

Dropping in feels so tight
Getting pitted by waves breaking before us

But shubees in the distance are all that I can see
Born in the dry land of the burbs

A stake rises towards the sky
A sign that says locals only can ride
A sign for locals only to ride
For shubees to die

If you could only deport one ethnicity would you rather it be blacks or Mexicans

Buy tandy

Are they completely gone

American settlement of the west is a failure anyway. They stupidly brought over agricultural techniques that only work back east.

Yeah most other states though just abuse aquifers to grow Luxury crops typically while rationing water to food production.

can South East Texas support the inputs needed across the state?

Thanks brah

I went there last year

My brother in law lives there. It's a sad place

though there was a pretty good diner in town

The idiot didn't evacuate

We told him to get his family the fuck out

He's fine, but still

same as plenty of other places. You experience torrents of wealth, build up more capital than can actually be maintained then scramble to hold everything together as areas of neglect, usually infrastructure, crumble.

There's like one factor keeping us from being a third world country at this point

But I think we got most of the other marks

I too am horrified seeing featured white woman. Struggling to get it up is heroic and civilized

yeah pot rev is going to fix everything lololol

I swear to god if I see another hydroponics store open

"Vape Underground"

dopecraft - all for paught

Hey at least they aren't brewing IPAs


fukkin east coast

I'm going to keep making fun of you people's obsession with that beer

Never had it, too busy drowning in an an abundance of micro brew

Lol my friends dad had a kegerator

That was actually pretty great

We'd just jam in the garage and get shit housed

Here in my bar
I feel safest of all
I can drown all my sorrows
It's away from my wife
In bars

Fuck I miss those days a ton


Buy drivers for 50-60 and build a box

What is the point of getting good speakers if you are just going to listen to Graveland and Ildjarn

I wish Dan was here

I would have mentioned kaeck

*puts on Blaze in the Northern Sky*


Get a second Boss metal zone

what about buttchins

typical European chick. The colts soccer jersey really nails it.


I'd still hit it from certain angles


That's disappointing

Jew see ass

Jew booty is pretty exquisite

know that ass was real when I hit it bounced back

just wait until they come for you, 23andme forms in hand.

I wanted to do a 23andme but became afraid they were going to find out I had 21.


@vry_o I just take the long view to deal with it

It's not like I have a say in whether or not we are having more

My brood of daywalkers

I remember

If a whole organism is unquestionably savage, then does the civilized behavior of it's parts matter? I ask because Europe is historically a bubbling cauldron of warfare not just between itself, but also sent hordes of invaders to every corner of the globe leaving devastion in the wake. I mean the people of that content are responsible for most of the most destructive conflicts.

I don't *care* that this is the case. It is just sort of odd to me that "white" people are magically less barbaric than any other people.


Cheers vry_bro

I mean if Europe wasn't having it's defense subsidized by the American military, I'm sure with actual build up they would resume business as usual before the recent era of enforced peace.

Well dude it's like Americans who straight up refuse to acknowledge our countries imperialism.


fairly good analogy

we gave it a little financial empire to lord over

@-A i got you boo.

Dorm swag

Feeding Muslims Tea and Brine


Ritualistically shave your head?

Loft beds are a microcosm. The berserker elite rests above the riff raff

Gravity bongs actually


Bjorn Bjornson son of bjorn

is that with Kevin kostner?

a feather, velvet blindfolds, Is this 1950? WTF Israel.

They should have elected a nihilistic Street nigga instead of an off white complacency manager.

Honestly if I'm going to be subjected to a system that can't give me good jobs at livable pay and a modestly corrupt political system that actually represents my interests; then the least it can do is subsize my coping mechanisms.

Because let me tell you that having to bathe children in reclaimed fuckin water that stinks of chlorine and other shit while shuffling to a job that you could lose the next day but doesn't adequately support the costs of living is disheartening at best. At worst, the stress and anxiety related disorders that come out of this are very real. Hell yeah I'm going to take up drinking and sex in excess. It's not like there is a wellspring of professional opportunities waiting out there.

The impetus to "get ones shit together" is not there.

Niggers understand this

We need them more than another suit

I obviously should spent most of my life away from my family while we forsake most of the ammenties and conveniences that others take for granted to be able to scrape by instead.

My problem is that I feel entitled to a standard of living that I haven't earned by birth.

austerity is the clear answer

Phillipines 666 - Pinay and Antichrist

If you're a new gay, I'll be the first in line. But it better not hurt this time.

My piece smells.......But you's cryin'

Until women are back in the kitchen, so to speak, they are not worth betrothing. It is best to forge enduring alliances with men the way nature best knows how such as we may advance the virtues of masculinity.

@HitmanFluffy I'm a hot goy 4 Jewish boi

Hit me up on snapchat fam just remove the spaces

So pepe represents people who are an existential threat?

no I believe that's nutrients you're thinking of.

Tupac > Biggie

Actually no

both are prime

I'll need to see some IQ data before I can ascertain whether or not your preferences are a reflection of reality

I'm sorry bro but the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says that Ravens Progressive Matrices are the only valid culture and values free measure of intelligence. You are compelled to agree because it's authors are all INTJ

At sentencing hearing:

"But your honor my teriary Fe function drove me to assess my speed according to the flow of traffic where my Ne dominant should have just looked at the guages."

The Senate under the leadership of Baron Trump expands solitary confinement in prisons for all E type personalities whilst resigning I types to general pop.

2027, the death rate of general population prisoners skyrockets as inmates are lost in vistas of thought therefore do not see the shiv sinking silently.

Gang violence is down however. Death by argument reigns as the leading cause of violence in all states prisons

Is the INTJ ward named Vargshål


you think you're so cool having been in relationships with trash females

nigga I been single all my life

won't touch a thot

No girls (don't work)

I don't want a thot
I don't need a thot
I don't want a thot
Someone else can hit it

hey man we all need our conspiracy theories to cope with the feeling of being fucked over. Don't take Cultural Marxism or UFOs away from people if you aren't prepared to help them

The answer to the JQ was always to breed with them and make less Jews


are SJWs Marxist?

they aren't, they are dyed in the wool libertarians.

anyway it was a test question

they don't care about equality, that's just a rhetorical quip to remove any political or social barriers on their will to power.

libertarians are the same way, they just fight the war of all against all in the market

Neither accepts normative constraints on their behavior

Did he mental illness

that militaristic look from the thirties is so corny

just goes to show how behind the trends Asia is

did you know katanas can cut 7 50cal bullets before breaking?

Like wow

where are you storing the rifle? MC hammers pants?

you just have to pull a rifle

I learned how to walk around with guns when I had to wear a cast on my whole leg

yo I parted some red sea last night and stained the carpet

talking about wine



Autocracy is brittle

Yeah nothing like having to die for some asshole who only owns his land because his ancestors took it via straight up piracy

@HitmanFluffy "the weak should fear the strong"

What's your latmax?

then that's redundant isn't it

the color blue is blue

Explain how much you bench

Well I mean most housing tracks have walls. So it's not a stretch to see how that might give the impression of a castle


Good hotdoga

1.50 for a HN hot dog and soda

Can't beat that

I saw that deal at Costco on my lunch break when I went to go pick up a copy of nihilistm

Looks like a 2 stroke

What's the right amount of water, I don't want to drip poo on my fursuit?

Just like anyone can be a Viking in spirit


What if I spit on it first

what happened

Curry powder

They should say it's OK to be an *attractive* lesbian couple. That we can all get behind

Well we'd like to

no imposition is Australian

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