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repost but it's actually a meme now

furries have been degenerates from the very start of the idea

ponyfags of course also count as furries

soph basedness is reaching singularity levels

that's what bitchute is for

ah, that song copyright-blocked in the EU

just dropping in to say one can be argentinian and understand the falklands invasion was even more overly optimistic than imperial japan's attack on pearl harbor

yeah pretty much that meme

but it was thatcher in charge

pow: i'm not spamming
also pow: the same thing over and over

i agree the globalist mass "refugee" importing scum should be islamized. but the honest hard working citizen? hecc no. no regular folk deserves getting islamized

oh wait. this pow guy is just trolling

he either trolling, he's from a different dimensional plane where the stuff he's saying makes sense and logged into the wrong universe, or he just ice cream cone on head retarded

accelerationist falls under ice cream cone on head retarded

that actually makes sense

i'm staunchly individualist. if racism is having different preconceptions about ethnic groups based on real life concrete data, i guess i'm also racist

i just don't expect everyone to fall neatly within the average of the ethnic group they belong to

so yes, people are different. but ignoring consistent tendencies is antiscientific

reality isn't nice, but can't do much about it while ignoring some bits because they're offensive or some pansy bs like that

me 2 minutes ago: i just don't expect everyone to fall neatly within the average of the ethnic group they belong to

racist jokes are funny

outside the US, having a car isn't subsidized to hecc and back, thus public transport is very relevant

1.60 US dollars?

convert to relevant currency

huh, gas where i lve is priced roughly the same in australia

thancc HECC i'm not in commiefornia

i'd actually rather be here in this 3rd world pisshole

there's drugs, crime and filthy-ass streets here too but at least i don't get libtard aids shoved on my face

tbf commiefornia cities suond even more filthy than argentina

at least here i'm only dodging dog turds on the street

living in agentina's actually pretty cheap. thing is argentinian purchasing power is pathetic

if you make local currency equivalent to 10k USD a year, in argentina that means you earning big

there's one thing argentina has much better than bulgaria tho: no eussr here

thing going to shit is 100% on traditional latinamerican incompetence

what's so awful about border checks? poorly implemented border checks i understand, but no border checks = you only a country in name. and not for long

any self-respecting nation will have some requirements to entry

i'm trying to comprehend how the same species that went to the moon on rockets guided by glorified calculators can descend to the point of a commie revolution fetichizing nordicboo trap

seriously tho. doesn't that degree of insane degeneracy require brain damage or something? even humans deserve better than purposely becoming a communism-idealizing trap

you say that as if it was a bad thing

so more high performance megalomaniacs?

i wouldn't mind that. makes for interesting stories if done right

nah, most people in argentina aren't weebs. unless football counts, then yeah it's a national cult

within weebs, in argentina you got a variety from the reasonable kind all the way to the self-described "otacos", which have a cringe inducing coeficient that should've died with teens using blogging sites several years ago

i don't know for sure but i'd be very surprised if **any** data provided by the chinese govt was truthful

weird flex but ok

tbf the reasons i don't have a waifupillow are too expensive on 3rdworld pisshole and me being stubbornly old-fashioned about select things

psure pow is enraged (or at least acting enraged) at all times

also posting oddly often. does he even sleep?

i find your lack of gnomes disturbing

late, but: i don't respect those that don't respect themselves. therefore i don't respect trans people

nah, resources aren't going to the middle east and africa. that's just the front for the laundering scheme

the real resource hogs are much closer

was that the one islamic middle eastern nation with economy that doesn't depend exclusively on oil?

then yeah i'd say that's a decent reason

much like indonesia, still awful 1/10 no liberty worth jackshit

indonesia's also an islamic majority nation and it's doing fairly mell. freedom's a dump stat for the indonesian build but other than that...

but who would enforce such a ban?

you gonna trust the UN to get something right?

tbf i only met one, but this one former yugoslav i know has a raging hate boner for western intervention

war is expensive. nobody goes to war if there's a more efficient alternative available

i'll always agree stopping islamic conquest = good. but when you a fucked up maniac, you a fucked up maniac


from what i can gather it's a mix of corruption and everyone hating everyone

that's when the ussr oficially imploded. obviously a LOT of shit was unsolved

even if the ussr didn't have a tradition of ignoring issues which couldn't be resolved without making it evident communism is shit, when a country implodes things generally go to shit on their own much harder than normal

a.i. channel is anime

top right, it's a heavily stylized pic from the ending

aw man it's a fake article? and here i was pleasantly surprised they had a barely decent idea for a change

desperation has a pretty easy fix: keep expectations at nil. not 0, that's just desperation with extra steps. **nil**

applies to about everything desperation-like, not just thirst

i was exercising to lose weight... and then my achilles' tendon didn't feel like cooperating no more >:[

already doing that

but weight loss via eating less is SLOW, also doesn't do squat about flabbyness

isn't 4 kilos a week *too* fast a weight loss? as in that weight's gonna come back with a vengeance

well, i'm also eating just as nondiet foods as usual. just way less amount
if i can't even have something that tastes better than cardboard i'd lose weight faster but also my sanity

dafucc is keto

also calorie counts are too obsessive even for me

i just don't drink sodas nor deepfry everything

i'm not that crazy. i'm already eating moderate portions only twice a day. fasting would just put me in the headache express

pfft 6 hours. those are rookie numbers

i don't count them either. it's just easy math, for example if i ate at around 6pm and then ate nothing until 11am the next day, that's 17 hours

what do you have, goals in your life?

fapping is literally hands being too idle. get something to do

i'm not the one getting off to chatting to niggers on discord

miss me with that gay shit

reading exclusively farleft propaganda *and* never, not even once using more than 5 braincells at a time, lest they achieve the basic cognition required to connect the dots on obvious crap

for example, if you so much as mention native europeans getting replaced without celebrating it in the process, leftards will call it a conspiracy theory and call you alt-right. but if you say it as an absolutely good thing, they'll celebrate the outbreeding of whites

same here, but integration is racist

"everything is racist and you gotta point it all out"
verbatim quote iirc

ain't nobody got the time for that

i'd rather not turn the planet into a shithole for generations in hopes it all gets sorted out on its own

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