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how does one obtain permission for the serious channel

will get right to it

Blessed United States

thats interesting

could have a sinus infection

quick question, do the majority of yall hate reddit?

oh sorry i couldnt tell. There weren't enough red circles

you're cringe

If y'all think they're antifa, you might be special

Buffalo guy attends rallies all the time, especially pro life rallies

He also did a podcast tinfoil hat podcast, which got banned from YouTube

Dyess has B1Bs and c-130s from my observations

I haven't seen many other aircraft

Pence probably blackmailed

It just have them an excuse to bitch out at most

The senators were slipped death threats I guess


The real war is with the globalists

Every enemy you see is funded/ propped up or blackmailed by globalists

Imagine being able to storm the Capitol of the most powerful nation in the world while also being completely unarmed.

Nationalists around the globe are inspired

Agreed, especially when he condemned the storming

It's the beginning <:TrumpSmile:690282313950429554>

Fax, all I know is it only escalates from here

And Buffalo man will be our figure head

Good morning lad

Can they hold off until Friday?

False equivalency, but nice try

Democracy is cringe

Free speech gay

hate new users

Are you willing to stop throwing weak b8?

You keep on try to b8

Because it's such a weak and low iq point that is meant to invoke a response from people chomping at the bit to engage

Yes, discrimination is natural. Not all men are created equal. That is a farce

I seriously doubt it

Liberal trying to shame me for disregarding the constitution? God's law comes first and foremost.

I didn't just say it for fun

You absolute oaf. The whole premise of God is faith. Asking for "proof" is silly.

Did you miss the faith part?

Because I was raised Christian and believe that Christ set up the best system of absolute morality

Probably, but that is irrelevant

It is mbarcy.

That's cool, but my faith is in the Christian god

Do you believe in relative morality?

What are you on about?

The new Testament is our guidance. Not the old, so by that logic, no the whole Bible is not correct. The Old testament is more for context

Read my fucking response

And you asked a question that was answered if you dug into it more instead of reading it, coming to some incredibly shallow conclusion and then shot your gums off again asking another question

Leviticus is old testament, nice try

Stop engaging this retard.


Holy shit, watching CNN for the first time in a long time and it's a fucking joke

Josef Goebbels wet dream levels of propaganda

Racism is a communist term

It literally is lmao

Can't handle the truth I guess.

Well that's for sure

Indeed, but in the end their global influence was already too strong <:pepog:707721739739594853>

The more I watch the news demonize the protests, the more I think they're demonizing the Nazis to an insane degree

That day is coming. the United States is already in the Weimar phase

That's true, there are far too many cultures at this point to achieve unity

Yesterday was a big step forward towards that goal

Timing was spot on. They're afraid now

Chase, BOA, AIPAC, Germany, the entire media, Israel, all vehemently condemn our movement and actionsm they are afraid.


The guy in the back looks kinda chunky, you sure it's not the natg?

Looks like the second guy in line has a patch that says FBI on the back

Am I seeing things?

I don't think there are any protests there rn

We install Barron Trump as the Monarch of the American people

But honestly I don't know what Castle Rock is

Other than a retired ship

Barron is huge brain, he is the only one who can take on and defeat the globalists

We need to change out voting system

Not everyone deserves the responsibility of voting

Disagree. If everyone has the responsibility to vote, then it is effectively media rule.

Can't control a retard

Maybe it's time to weaponize retards

Hopefully it's after my flight departs lmao

Waiting for my flight

I mean, history was literally made yesterday

And it really stirred up the swamp

Yeah I didn't see many of any Natgs or Marines in DC

Only yellow vests and riot cops

If Red2 happens in the next 2 hours, I'm going to shit the bed


Giving the cops the bird even at deaths door

She is a true champion

Of course not. All CNN says is that Trump "perpetuated the dangerous lie that there was election fraud" and that it fanned the flame

This reeks of a deepfake

theyre trying to break our spirit

Seems like twitter just secretly seized the account

and deepfaked a message for demoralization

1000 servers? Get a life



Fire is a jew confirmed

Its not about all Trump

Its about the how he was the person that nationalist could finally rally around

this guy gets it

Trumpers are already being radicalized

fake news

thats one chunky dude

I was gonna ask how to save 15%

but now theyre gone

lizard person

how is spartazon a zionist wat?

you like nike grim?

also that doesnt look "unscalable"


why is brex the only non-retard

aside from being british

the simps in VC calling me an incel is gold

Tha fuck are they even protesting

A jogger didn't even get gatted

Smh, retro gaming channel but no current happening channel

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