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i built my own comp, dm me if u need any assistance

@Polygon kiss my shiny metal ass

anybody here have no mans sky?

is it worth 24$?

my steam link is in my discord profile if u wanna see my library

yea i read a couple reviews that said come back next year and itll be a good game


@Deleted User so far they've done a really good job with pubg (performance increases, new weapons, new map, improved mechanics) and ive definitely gotten my money's worth already (250 hours of fun for 30$) if you compare it to almost any other early access game its miles ahead for its timeline



anybody wanna duo in astroneer?


are all of intel's chips affected?

or is it only certain generations?

even their most recent ones?


@SchloppyDoggo leave the graphics cards for gamers and just invest instead

i wish i had a setup 😒

mine are hd 598's and pxc 550's

my plan is to get a schiit stack and some hd 6xx or 650's


i won a duo today with 12 kills XD\

what game is that?


@SchloppyDoggo i cant tell if youre trolling lol

bro u bought a fuckin no name pos mobo online


try a new battery sometimes they dont use new ones

thatll reset the settings too in case its something in there

also did u put ram in it ?

not sayin ur a retard just dont see it in the pic

if u wanna go crazy you can get a fuckin ohmeter and test all the connections


dude u needa start buyin shit from like newegg

and best buy XD

2018-03-01 00:12:36 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

@Bearchoyboi u ever figure it out?

ping or call me if u still need help

If it’s new they’ll usually replace it

Yea he’s right u don’t need it unless ur case is a baby

Buy a 1080 bundle on massdrop or something

Prices aren’t complete ass

if anybodys got a copy of halo CE hmu

tryna get the full version without buyin some sus amazon bs

I got a 1080 for 550$ and I’m real happy with it



Evga gtx 1080 ftw


Before half the crypto

Like August


Not bad


theyre trolling its probably an old or broken board

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