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2018-11-25 01:05:15 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  
2018-11-25 01:05:17 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

evangelion is based

2018-11-25 01:05:20 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Welcome aboard

2018-11-25 01:05:42 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

We accept anime such as eva, champloo, jojo, baki, etc

2018-11-25 01:05:47 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Just no cute girl shit

2018-11-25 01:05:56 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

if that makes any sense

2018-11-26 02:06:38 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Join the channel

2018-11-26 02:06:40 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

You wanted in

2018-11-26 02:07:28 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

if u dont join in 1 minute its a ban

2018-11-26 02:07:58 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

faggot if u want in u gotta go through vetting

2018-11-26 02:08:14 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

u follow the same rules as every other nig here

2018-12-02 16:20:35 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Anime in your pfp

2018-12-02 16:20:46 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

We don't want you here

2018-12-02 16:20:48 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

goodbye faggot

2018-12-02 17:30:06 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

>kill them all

2018-12-02 17:30:08 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  


2018-12-02 17:30:52 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Sorry you are the biggest glowie there is. For the sake of the servers safety and the individuals in here I have to ban u

2018-12-04 13:22:45 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

We only consider those to be mutts if it's european/other ethnic dissent

2018-12-04 13:22:54 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

European mutts are still white

2018-12-04 13:23:36 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Can I ask your age?

2018-12-04 13:24:00 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Yea you would be surprised how many zoomers come here. The youth is definitely on our side

2018-12-04 13:24:02 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Welcome aboard

2018-12-12 00:20:33 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

why have you been here a few times

2018-12-12 00:20:37 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

has someone kicked you?

2018-12-15 20:45:41 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

@lebowski What do you consider "radical"

2018-12-19 05:58:34 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

bretty based

2018-12-19 05:58:37 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

welcome aboard

2018-12-19 19:00:08 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  


2018-12-23 05:15:49 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

1-6 skinhead

2018-12-23 05:15:56 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

What the fuck

2018-12-23 05:16:03 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

national socialist? Fascist? anything?

2018-12-23 05:16:07 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

What are you some kind of fed?

2018-12-23 05:17:57 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

but your a skinhead?

2018-12-23 05:17:58 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Ok cia

2018-12-23 05:18:01 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

enjoy the ban

2018-12-23 05:18:03 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

try harder next time

36 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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