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2018-11-05 22:15:18 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

fuck this gay server fuck you

2018-11-05 22:16:54 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

remove him from the server

2018-11-09 17:55:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

stop the pings nibba

2018-11-09 17:56:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 17:56:50 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

shut fuck

2018-11-20 08:15:59 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

2018-11-20 08:16:40 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

2018-11-20 08:17:13 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

You mother fucker I was on nsfw having good time

2018-11-20 08:34:16 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

2018-11-22 16:31:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ”จ

2018-11-22 16:31:45 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ‘‘ ๐Ÿ”ซ

2018-12-20 10:58:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-20 10:59:59 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  
2018-12-20 11:01:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@SYN @ Ruger pussy

2018-12-20 11:01:15 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-20 13:09:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Nitro fags sold their souls

2018-12-20 13:12:26 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Titan stop betraying us fool

2018-12-20 13:16:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

<@&418222331958394880>s @ing <@&418222331958394880> is just an attempt to look better than the filth <@&418222331958394880> they really are

2018-12-20 13:19:31 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-20 13:24:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Hehehe *nigger* <:whitey:467822735624765441> <:whitey:467822735624765441> <:whitey:467822735624765441> <:whitey:467822735624765441>

2018-12-20 13:39:46 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent ๐Ÿ˜ก

2018-12-20 13:45:00 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

@Dimorac I know retard <:dribble:467327022641971211>

2018-12-20 13:52:08 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

Holy fuck how hard is it

2018-12-20 13:58:10 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

Damn man this doorman job is real shit, not much to do, can I resign?

2018-12-20 14:08:38 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

Oh god your name just makes me hate you, ironic or otherwise

2018-12-20 14:10:06 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

Just before you go in, just... Please don't say nigger in hopes of getting a decent rank

2018-12-20 14:15:15 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

@Several people wtf you doing here boi?

2018-12-20 15:15:00 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  


2018-12-20 15:15:32 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

An edji boi said something racist so I tagged him a bunch

2018-12-20 15:16:09 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

Just got unbanned, au reviour my friend ๐Ÿ‘‹

2018-12-20 15:16:40 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

2019-01-01 01:52:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Shat the fack up

2019-01-01 01:53:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2019-01-16 16:08:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I guess they never piss huh

2019-01-23 23:36:06 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

bonk has my vote

2019-01-23 23:48:59 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

its very clear by whos in the lead for voting that 90% of people here just use nsfw channels

2019-01-23 23:52:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Parpaing a vote for an underdog is a vote that is wasted

2019-01-23 23:55:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

can I... <@&418222331958394880>

2019-01-23 23:55:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

oh i can

2019-01-23 23:55:06 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

<@&418222331958394880> vote bonk

2019-01-23 23:56:57 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

<@&418222331958394880> Run "+giveme porn" in <#537756265707864085> to avoid the big homo

2019-01-23 23:57:35 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

they wont be gay

2019-01-23 23:57:58 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

+giveme pron all the say @Pip

2019-01-23 23:59:14 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2019-01-23 23:59:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

at least its not soup

2019-01-24 00:00:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@zalfir if you dont vote bonk he'll block you so you cant see his porn posts!

2019-01-24 00:00:27 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  
2019-01-24 00:02:57 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

vote bonk or he'll send you the porn you want every day

2019-01-24 00:06:48 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

A vote for anyone other than BONK is a vote for hillary in 2020

2019-01-24 00:11:50 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

the only vote @soup dad is getting from me is a vote of no confidence

2019-01-24 13:48:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2019-01-24 13:49:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2019-01-24 13:54:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Calling all <@&418222331958394880>, bonk needs your help to keep spamming the porn you jack off to every night. He needs you to type "+giveme porn" in <#537843722365304842> .

2019-01-24 13:55:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2019-01-25 07:07:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I think Evan gets it

2020-02-03 07:53:25 UTC [Outer Heaven #join-log]  

2020-02-03 08:13:31 UTC [Outer Heaven #improv-sentences]  


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