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2018-11-03 13:13:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Its another purge then

2018-11-03 13:14:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

There’s also a bunch of people called furry

2018-11-04 11:50:53 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

cgp helped me pass my gcse's

2018-11-04 19:10:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Dimorac someone wrote in futanari

2018-11-04 19:11:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@СОЮЗ don’t speak in nsfw

2018-11-04 19:35:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@ing Gary will earn you free mod

2018-11-04 19:35:24 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Cba being a mod

2018-11-04 19:35:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Rather not have to deal with cp

2018-11-04 19:39:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Can’t blame ya

2018-11-04 19:39:34 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Just bully us whiteys, should help

2018-11-04 19:40:58 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Cuz the mods can do what they want

2018-11-04 19:41:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

He consented to this

2018-11-04 19:42:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

He could have posted it in cancer and got away with it

2018-11-04 19:42:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Mods don’t care what goes in there

2018-11-04 19:42:55 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Unless it’s dox or cp

2018-11-04 19:43:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Then you get hit with a ban

2018-11-04 19:43:28 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

And that

2018-11-04 19:44:21 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Furries are allowed in the server but they get tagged and bullied

2018-11-04 19:45:10 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

How tf did you get soy tex?

2018-11-04 19:45:52 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

The moment you like cat girls is the start of the downward spiral

2018-11-04 19:47:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I know someone who liked cat girls then a year later he started watching furry porn

2018-11-04 19:48:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Tbh stuff like furry and lol I should be classed as beastiallity and cp

2018-11-04 19:52:10 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Kriley74 you was septic

2018-11-04 19:52:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Says a lot

2018-11-04 19:53:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Never truly been septic

2018-11-04 19:54:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I’m semi active

2018-11-04 19:54:28 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I just add to convo and talk in vc

2018-11-05 08:02:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Morning dim

2018-11-05 08:03:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Must be

2018-11-05 08:03:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I’ve seen whiteys spam everyone and Gary

2018-11-05 08:05:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Got to go to a funeral. Today

2018-11-05 08:06:03 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

That’s fucking depressing

2018-11-05 08:07:03 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Choke the chicken

2018-11-05 08:08:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Yanking your yarn

2018-11-05 08:08:33 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Busting a NUT

2018-11-05 08:10:57 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Prostagma I don’t know, they hate apple?

2018-11-05 09:31:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@ ruger and he will give an explanation of the rules @bluey140

2018-11-05 09:32:19 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Yes, @ him for a meme

2018-11-06 07:25:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Tex would fuck a trap

2018-11-06 07:25:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

£120 for a ladder

2018-11-06 07:26:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I think I’ll just live instead

2018-11-06 07:26:58 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Octavia is a trap??

2018-11-06 07:27:19 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-06 07:29:13 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Pretty low tier meme even for a whitey

2018-11-06 07:30:10 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Well, time for UKIP

2018-11-06 07:30:18 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Get this shit sorted

2018-11-06 07:31:28 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I think when the leavers see this. UKIP are gonna go into full throttle and attempt to win the next election

2018-11-06 07:33:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

If we can’t get UKIP in then the votes might change how the other parties think

2018-11-06 07:33:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Look at 2015

2018-11-06 07:34:54 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Just like Markus’s case. Two years of nothing

2018-11-06 08:01:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

It’s being made into an electric current I think

2018-11-06 08:02:01 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Decay, rust, air, Chems all of them are affecting it

2018-11-06 11:33:01 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I started no nut 3 days early lol

2018-11-06 11:33:17 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I regret doing that

2018-11-06 11:34:35 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Did some calculations on the maximum amount of nuts you can do in a year

2018-11-06 11:34:50 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

It came out to 26.280

2018-11-06 11:36:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

A man can nut every 15 mins. Times that by 4 and then times that by 24. Then times that by 365 and boom 26,280

2018-11-06 11:36:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Fuck sleep

2018-11-06 11:37:23 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Nah I meant before the nut has recharged

2018-11-06 11:38:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I passed my gcses leave me alone

2018-11-06 15:32:42 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

thought it was time to update the pfp

2018-11-06 15:33:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

<@&498259609316884520> stay away from my cat

2018-11-06 15:34:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

if you like women your gay

2018-11-06 15:35:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Concorbar good choice of alcohol

2018-11-06 18:28:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

pretty built

2018-11-06 19:52:36 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

why tf are you posting nothing but dresses

2018-11-07 08:07:23 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-07 18:19:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Whitey shitposting. It's more than cancer

2018-11-07 21:40:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Use nonut to get built

2018-11-07 22:06:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Wtf is this <#509825061083938836> thing about?

2018-11-07 22:08:59 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Why is this happening?

2018-11-07 22:10:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

The last one is great

2018-11-07 22:10:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

And true

2018-11-08 07:31:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I remember seeing 6k offline but I updated and I've stopped seeing it

2018-11-08 07:32:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Whitey humour is either ok or trash

2018-11-08 07:33:03 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I know

2018-11-08 07:33:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

My humour is pretty trash

2018-11-08 07:33:36 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

It's quite dark as well

2018-11-08 07:34:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Dino that's how you got soy

2018-11-08 07:34:55 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-08 07:35:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Morning tailed

2018-11-08 07:46:03 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Sleep is for pussies

2018-11-08 07:46:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Morning @Todd

2018-11-08 07:47:12 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Have you recovered from your brain hemmorage yet

2018-11-08 07:47:51 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Tailed Feature book some off time and relax

2018-11-08 07:48:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Fair enough then

2018-11-08 16:12:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Good guy dim offering Octavia a poppy

2018-11-08 16:38:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Titan paedo

2018-11-08 16:39:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Cuz you consented

2018-11-08 16:40:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@willo698 <#418492743547879427>

2018-11-08 16:41:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Fuck off <@&418479903571443713>

2018-11-08 16:42:45 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Loli lovers are pedos

2018-11-08 16:43:36 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Shoot the nonce in the bonce

2018-11-08 16:45:24 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Enjoy your ban @willo698

2018-11-08 16:46:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

This discord doesn't like you

2018-11-08 16:47:42 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

You consent to bullying. We aren't silencing you it's just your being a retard and are being called out on it

2018-11-08 16:48:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Cuz this server looks down on shota and you said you was 18 when you consented

2018-11-08 16:49:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I'm -5

2018-11-08 16:51:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

The mods only ban people breaking tos and server tos. They kick to mess with you

2018-11-08 16:51:45 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-08 16:52:26 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I've been kicked by nearly all mods but not one has banned me or stopped me from using this server because of my sperging

2018-11-08 16:53:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

And diced

2018-11-08 16:53:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-08 16:54:07 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

It is it's called the consent form

2018-11-08 17:19:19 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

three days grace is ok

2018-11-08 17:20:07 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

billy talent are good

2018-11-08 17:21:51 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

when nonut is done im gonna blow dim so hard that he will be able to feel his legs when he orgasms

2018-11-08 17:25:40 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

evenin gary

2018-11-08 17:25:48 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

why tf are you taking a bus

2018-11-08 17:27:01 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

what drugs you do gary

2018-11-08 17:27:55 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

what if im muslim???

2018-11-08 17:30:24 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@jeanie <@&498259609316884520>

2018-11-08 18:15:15 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

lol mods are fucking with dining room

2018-11-08 18:16:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

but they reduced the size

2018-11-08 18:17:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

ninja will give you his political views and his nigga shit

2018-11-08 18:18:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

torch you have something to do with it then???

2018-11-08 18:19:28 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

torch are you enjoying this??

2018-11-08 18:20:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-08 18:21:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@King Julien goto <#418492743547879427>

2018-11-08 18:23:54 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-08 18:24:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

can we begin

2018-11-08 18:30:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Ninjaplusplus has an announcement to make

2018-11-08 18:42:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

tekkit is pretty good

2018-11-08 18:43:33 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

rip my discord

2018-11-08 18:43:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

oh nvm

2018-11-08 18:53:38 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

cuz ur deafened

2018-11-08 19:11:15 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

get exposed fag

2018-11-08 19:13:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

nice balls ruger, no homo

2018-11-08 19:13:35 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

no homo

2018-11-08 19:14:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

no homo

2018-11-08 19:15:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

ffs torch

2018-11-08 19:15:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@F1NN that was the mistake lol

2018-11-08 19:15:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

should have done that

2018-11-08 19:18:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@AstroTorch did you change my name????

2018-11-08 19:19:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

shouldnt have done anal

2018-11-08 19:20:06 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@ĭ-lŏjˈĭ-kəl you trying to get gulag???

2018-11-08 19:22:18 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@ĭ-lŏjˈĭ-kəl @ ruger and he will fix your issues

2018-11-08 19:24:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-08 19:26:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

do it

2018-11-08 19:28:34 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

i lost my meme folder

2018-11-08 20:33:17 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@󠀀󠀀AK spam scat in the server

2018-11-08 21:03:36 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

hippity hoppity niggers will always be property

2018-11-08 21:03:50 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

tex is gay

2018-11-08 21:04:13 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

tex has flirted with nearly all the traps and trans girls in this server

2018-11-08 21:04:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@The_Soviet_Scumbag fuck off cunt

2018-11-08 21:05:17 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@T e x is the gayest person here

2018-11-08 21:08:31 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@T e x has said hes gay more times than hes said hes straight


2018-11-08 21:09:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-08 21:13:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

ive not been single for 4 years so i aint

2018-11-08 21:14:34 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

couldnt really care about the wahmen in this server

2018-11-08 21:15:54 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

tex mate just accept it

2018-11-08 21:16:52 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

thats pretty fucked @Dimorac

2018-11-08 21:18:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

kinda ironic that the nigger is helping tex

2018-11-08 21:21:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

evenin @Octavia

2018-11-08 21:21:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

tex doesnt have standards

2018-11-08 21:21:47 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

he would go for <@&473111631946317824> , <@&498259609316884520>

2018-11-08 21:27:35 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

hipity hopity niggers are property

2018-11-08 21:28:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Big Catholic Priest that belongs in <#418492743547879427>

2018-11-08 21:28:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

to the gulag with you

2018-11-08 21:29:07 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Big Catholic Priest @ ruger and he will sort it

2018-11-08 21:29:53 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Big Catholic Priest @ ruger and you get soy

2018-11-08 21:30:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

nah im fine being a whitey

2018-11-08 21:30:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

unlike @T e x

2018-11-09 07:30:10 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

i got my constipated ass out of bed for this joke

2018-11-09 07:30:47 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

lgbt = liberty, guns, burgers, trump

2018-11-09 07:32:48 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

the whiteys are gonna get gassed

2018-11-09 07:34:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

pretty good qna

2018-11-09 07:34:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Deleted User are you more than 600lbs

2018-11-09 07:38:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

whiteys are fighting

2018-11-09 07:39:33 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

tex is a closet gay

2018-11-09 07:40:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

the kitchen is so loud

2018-11-09 07:40:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

my ears dont exist

2018-11-09 07:49:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

markus would behead a whitey publicly as an example to the rest

2018-11-09 11:05:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@OfficerOmnicide please end it all

2018-11-09 11:08:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@cig mouse to <#418492743547879427> with you

2018-11-09 11:08:19 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

sounds pretty gay

2018-11-09 11:13:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

ive been in a room full of indians

2018-11-09 11:13:57 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

they do smell like curry

2018-11-09 11:14:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

smells like more phones than toilets

2018-11-09 11:15:07 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

london 2025

2018-11-09 11:16:07 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

dont go to london you will be stabbed

2018-11-09 11:16:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

go north

2018-11-09 11:16:55 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

rip you its national express @Fyre

2018-11-09 11:17:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 16:06:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@AstroTorch your one step ahead of me

2018-11-09 16:08:28 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Wish I had a dog but I’m stuck with a lazy ass cat

2018-11-09 16:08:50 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Ruger is 6

2018-11-09 16:10:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@coattailsandbowties you can’t make memes. Your a woman

2018-11-09 16:11:21 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Pretty good name

2018-11-09 16:11:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Not as good as the one I was given though

2018-11-09 16:12:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

He will jihad your shed

2018-11-09 16:14:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Those are some nice tits

2018-11-09 16:14:38 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

9/10 tits right there

2018-11-09 16:14:52 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Don’t matter @Tailed Feature good tits are good tits

2018-11-09 16:15:56 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 16:31:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

evening gary

2018-11-09 16:41:14 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

garys messing with dining room now

2018-11-09 16:43:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

i made the noise meme but i lost the original cuz my pc needed that fresh windows install

2018-11-09 16:44:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

its a glory hole

2018-11-09 16:49:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Deleted User have you really been demoted 21 times??

2018-11-09 16:49:54 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

might be quicker

2018-11-09 16:50:38 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

10k members and 90% are spergy whiteys

2018-11-09 16:51:24 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

shows how good the meritocracy is

2018-11-09 16:51:42 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Chunk E you're <@&473111631946317824>

2018-11-09 16:52:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

the mods could wipe half of this server with a click of the fingers

2018-11-09 16:53:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  
2018-11-09 16:56:23 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

the first server to goto when you join discord

2018-11-09 16:57:03 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 16:57:52 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

mike stuchberry joins and gets bullied

2018-11-09 16:58:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 16:58:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 16:59:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

thought there would be more


2018-11-09 17:03:33 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

why do you think people shoot up schools???

2018-11-09 17:06:40 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

dim your back i see

2018-11-09 17:09:33 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 17:09:56 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

whiteys cant post scat

2018-11-09 17:10:55 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@T e x we know you're gay you express it every day

2018-11-09 17:12:23 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Questgiver i passed english i dont give a shit anymore

2018-11-09 17:13:01 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

i got a c

2018-11-09 17:13:07 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

then a b in maths

2018-11-09 17:21:27 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

mods are truly the pure breeds

2018-11-09 17:23:38 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

tbf the tex one was the best

2018-11-09 17:25:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

ruger is the only whitey to have righteys

2018-11-09 17:28:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

bye ruger

2018-11-09 17:30:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

that would be the best bait ever

2018-11-09 17:30:51 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Deleted User i think it should just give them <@&498259609316884520>

2018-11-09 17:34:57 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

nice balls ruger

2018-11-09 17:37:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

and that is the story of how @Deleted User got to be part of the 1%

2018-11-09 17:38:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 17:38:31 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

what do you win

2018-11-09 17:38:58 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

im guessing <@&473111631946317824>

2018-11-09 17:41:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@Titan you got rank

2018-11-09 17:42:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@42 true

2018-11-09 17:43:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-09 17:44:06 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

im ready for the kick or gulag

2018-11-09 19:33:53 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I love anal prolapses

2018-11-09 19:37:15 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Pls no I don’t want <@&510514761990012939>

2018-11-09 19:38:10 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

<@&510514761990012939> lol

2018-11-09 19:38:55 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Rip that man

2018-11-09 19:39:17 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@coattailsandbowties some of that looks like gore

2018-11-09 19:39:42 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@coattailsandbowties is that what you do to cow

2018-11-09 19:44:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

@coattailsandbowties can be a sperg cuz she’s riding a mods dick

2018-11-09 20:19:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Give me a sec gotta get the pfp

2018-11-09 20:23:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

i am one with the slugss

2018-11-09 20:23:40 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

<@&510514761990012939> will rule this server

2018-11-09 20:24:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

who is the real atomikov

2018-11-09 20:24:18 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

are you though

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